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May 19th, 2015 – A Good Night

We had pool last night being Monday and all, and we did pretty well. We were evenly matched with the team we played, and I made some awesome shots I normally would not make.

I typed in the scores and major headings over the photos since it wasn’t super clear, but we won two rounds and overall we beat them by 8 points, even after giving them a total of four points for their handicap.

Last night's pool league scoring. We kicked some butt!

Last night’s pool league scoring. We kicked some butt!


This is the second week in a row I have shot a 29, which is my personal best score. My first game I won I banked the 8 ball in, which I’ve never done before. I think I’ve made one bank shot before that and I felt like it was just luck, but this time I felt more confident about it and took it. My second game I won, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get back to the 8 to put it in, but through dumb luck I brought the cue ball back to the exact place I needed it for a super easy out.

Jan and Laurie couldn’t be there to play with us last night, but I sent them the score sheet and told them we did good! Mattie’s decided no more drinking while we’re at pool because he seems to be less irritable and more relaxed and able to focus while just drinking ice water and it makes my game better tooo because I’m not expecting him to fly off the handle over something trivial- I’m more relaxed, so I play better.

I’m going to try to get some of my food diaries up from the past few weeks. I’m way behind on posting those and I stay on track better when I am more publicly accountable, so going to work on that tonight and tomorrow. I don’t want to make a flood of new “old” posts all at once.

May 18th, 2015 – Big Changes

I realized I haven’t posted in about a month and some big things have happened, so figured I’d pop in and share a few things.

First off, after Richard being more and more behind on rent for a year, he was given his 2 week notice and i feel that giving him two weeks was generous. By law because he is behind on rent, and also because he’s caused damage to the property (he’s left the water running and flooded his bathroom multiple times rotting out the floor), Mattie was only required to give him 3 days notice to get out. anyway, since they bought the pool table together years ago, Mattie forgave him a portion of what he owes in exchange for his share of the table, but he needs to either come up with everything he owes in the next two weeks or get out. I honestly hope no one helps him out and he needs to leave. I have so many complaints about him and honestly can’t say anything good about him being here. He’s said so many insulting things to me over the last 5 years and has been incredibly rude and disrespectful to us and to our friends. He “washes” the dishes putting them away still crusted with food after a brief rinse, and he cleans all the pots and pans and ovenware with oven cleaner. He doesn’t rinse anything off afterwards either. He constantly leaves the cutting board sticking out and I am always covered in bruises from walking into it in the middle of the night in the dark. He does approximately 20 loads of laundry a month- all of them set to extra large with second rinse. An average load of laundry for him has a single towel in it, or 2 pairs of underwear and a t-shirt. For comparison, I do 5 to 6 loads of laundry a month for TWO PEOPLE combined. The electricity to dry all those loads he does has to be a noticeable amount. He also takes 35 to 45 minutes showers, averaging 3.5 hours a week in the shower. We are in a drought! But no, let’s spend hours in the shower wasting that water! Great plan! Add in he’s like a hoarder and has completely filled the garage with his crap and completely buried the pool table, and list of complaints about him goes on. He also hates our dogs and constantly leaves the gates open as if he is hoping they will run away. So, fingers crossed no one helps him and he is gone two weeks from now. I’ll be happy to wash my own dishes, water the few still living plants, and clean up the dog poop. I’ll have to buy a coffeemaker too but that can be found cheaply enough.

My first crochet socks!

My first crochet socks!

Four days ago I had an issue with my Netflix account. I got an email confirming a change made to my plan, from 1 screen to 2. I contacted them because I never made this change. They reset all my devices and I reset my password. Then I discovered everything was set to Spanish language on my account. I contacted them again and they set it to English because there is nowhere on the site I can find to change the language myself. A few days later we found Mattie’s profile was also set to Spanish- all audio that had a Spanish option plus all the text on the website and app for the PS3. Two more contacts before that was rectified and the folks at Netflix were pretty adamant that I had to have shared my password for any of this to happen. Mattie does not even have my password and I’ve never signed into my account on someone else’s device.

I finished crocheting a pair of socks. My first socks. They turned out well though a little big big. I think going down a hook size next time with the same pattern would solve that problem though. I do really like how the yarn I used worked up and the colors were really nice- the colorway is called Grand Canyon and it was really fitting.

I also finished my previous project which will be a gift for a friend and am looking forward to being able to share it with you but as its a surprise, I can’t post photos yet. It turned out a little wonky but it still looks good and the colors are pretty and bright and overall I’m still happy with it. I think my friend will like it when she receives it though that won’t be for a few weeks because money is short.

Then I started on a mobius cowl using bouclé yarn, which I kind of hate working with. Casting on was a nightmare in bumpy, crappy sticking to itself yarny yuck but the actual knitting is going better. It’s still slow though.

Anyway, not much else to share now so hopefully will be back soon to give some more updates! See you next time!