Thursday Day EIGHTY-FOUR


Walked 1.31 miles, jogged 0.3 miles, biked 2 miles

Not a lot to say today. I went to the gym and while I didn’t do a whole lot, I did something and that much is good. I’ve been tracking my food every day and have something like 25 days in a row tracked though to be honest a few of those days are pretty shady. We’ve got to a few social functions and sometimes the tracking just goes out the window. Those are the days I don’t bother adding into my Food Diary blog and just skip over, but I do at least start tracking, and track whatever I can over the course of those days.

Tomorrow I am planning on hitting the gym again and maybe if I am fully functional early enough, get in there on Saturday too before we head out to friends’ for the late afternoon and evening. We’ll be celebrating a birthday and there will be food and drinks, and the hard part will be not eating all the foods, or trying to drink a little of everything. I am so envious of those of you who can go to a party and maintain your control and eat as sensibly as possible and not over indulge. Sometimes I feel like I did good at an event for me, but its not good in general. Just better than my usual.

1I posted a few pics to Instagram today, ranging from (several of) the dogs, to my sweaty post-workout self & my heart rate monitor, and the dog pictures are of course instantly popular. Sashi is the most uncooperative dog ever when I try to get a cute photo of her unless she is outside playing, and even then I have to snap dozens to maybe get one good one I want to share. Unless she’s asleep, good luck getting one!

This picture was probably only possible because she was resting, and because I wasn’t trying to get her to do anything. I wish I had a dog that I could pose with treats balanced on its head or something silly and fun like that, but I just don’t work with either of them enough to come close. Pretty much the only thing they have done is knowing they need to sit before I will give out cookies or dinner, and sometimes before they are allowed to come back into the house.

I’m hoping tonight to finish reading my current book, and maybe move onto the next Stephanie Plum novel but I’m not sure that is happening. I still have like 200+ pages left in the current read and being as I’ve been kinda tired all day, I don’t think tonight will be a read until 3am kind of night. I seriously cannot believe I’ve already finished 92 books this year though. I read 85 for all of last year, and 33 the year before that. It was halfway through last year that I got my smart phone and the books started adding up. More so after I bought my Nook at Christmastime.

Monday Day EIGHTY-ONE Grocery Haul

Frozen Foods $19.34

  • Tony’s Pizzas (2 x 2) $3.96
  • Lean Cuisines (5) $12.40
  • Popsicle (24) $2.98

Fruits & Veggies $29.32

  • Dole Fruit Cups (4 x 3) $5.94
  • Salad Mix (3) $4.74
  • Cucumber $0.68
  • Zucchini (3) $1.18
  • Tomatoes $2.28
  • Pineapple $2.98
  • Honeydew Melon $1.67
  • Canteloupe $1.28
  • Plums (5) $1.32
  • Nectarines (7) $2.53
  • Asparagus $2.74
  • Beets $1.98

Sauces & Condiments $3.50

  • Spaghetti Sauce $1.46
  • Yellow Mustard $0.58
  • Salad Dressing (4) $6.82

Pet Supplies $44.80

  • Dry Dog Food $42.99 (with coupon & on sale)
  • Canned Dog Food (x 3) (with coupon & on sale) $1.81

Beverages $10.07

  • Water (24) $5.18
  • Ground Coffee $4.89

Dairy & Ova $15.06

  • Cottage Cheese (2) $4.56
  • Eggs (12 x 3) $4.44
  • CoffeeMate $3.18
  • String Cheese (12) $2.88

Meats $13.18

  • Tuna (2) $1.76
  • Ground Turkey (2 lbs) $5.56
  • Polish Sausage $2.88
  • Bacon $2.98

Non-Food $1.86

  • Floss Picks $1.86

 Total Haul $142.37 + $4.71 Tax = $147.08


Wednesday, Thursday, and today I got to the gym and did some walking and biking. I also did some running today, which kicked my ass. Food has been good these three days and been right on track. Not much else to say now so just going to leave it at this.


Monday was grocery day, and I feel like I got a good haul. Only $15 of my total was spent on things that were not fresh, or dairy/ova, and that makes me happy. I love that with the exception of maybe a little couscous here and there I’m not buying pasta and rice anymore and that most o my purchases are fresh foods. Mattie asked for melons and pineapple this week, and it turned out they were cheaper than I expected so I got two melons and a pineapple. I almost never buy either of those things so honestly had no idea what to expect to spend on them.

I really wanted turkey thighs because the legs always have those inedible tendons, but all they had were legs and they were cheap enough, so I got 2 packages of them. Here’s what I got. I’ll need to go back later this week for hamburger or ground turkey for zucchini spaghetti. I thought we had some but we do not.

Meats $25.84

  • Chicken Drumsticks $5.16
  • Bacon $2.98
  • Turkey Drumsticks (6) $12.78
  • Tuna (3) $2.04
  • Polish Sausage $2.88

Dairy & Ova $14.65

  • Medium Cheddar $6.53
  • Eggs (12 x 2) $2.96
  • String Cheese $2.88
  • Cottage Cheese $2.28

Frozen Food $13.88

  • Lean Cuisine (x 4) $9.92
  • Tony’s Pizza (2 x 2) $3.96

Fruits & Veggies $31.30

  • Honeydew Melon (1) $1.65
  • Cantaloupe (1) $1.55
  • Celery (2) $1.96
  • Zucchini (1) $0.65
  • Tomatoes $2.28
  • Granny Smith Apples (5) $2.48
  • Plums (7) $2.55
  • Pineapple (1) $2.98
  • Green Onion (2) $0.96
  • Cucumber (1) $0.58
  • Broccoli (2 crown) $1.00
  • Salad Mix (3) $4.74
  • Fruit Cups (3 x 4) $5.94
  • Carrots (2 lbs) $1.98

Condiments $1.22

  • Soy Sauce $1.22

Total Haul $86.89

Monday night also brought the end of the season for our pool league, and I finished out the season for 12 wins. I set a goal after my first season that this time I wanted twice as many wins as I had last time and I succeeded with exactly 12 after last night. We are playing again next season and I am hoping to get at least 18 wins then. We’ll see.

Not a lot else to say at this point. The scale is coming back down but its happening slowly, and I’m still a little irritated that it went up so much after the BBQ we went to. All I can figure is the food was really salty because a 7 pound change over night is insane!