I’m going to sum up the first week’s experiment with Mod+ as a success. I am down 3.5 pounds and only rarely felt hungry. I did end up 5 points over at the end of the week, but that’s pretty negligible- less than a point a day. So far the only thing I am seeing that I am going to change is to make fat grams weigh in heavier. Last week I weighed a gram of fat in at 0.15 points, but this week I am changing the formula to weigh it at 0.3 points per gram instead- double what it was.

Of course applying this change to the formula gives me 4 more points per day to work with, but it also puts me at 29 points over for last week instead of five. The new formula weight things the following way per gram of fat, fiber, protein, and carbs:

Fat = 0.3, Fiber = -0.15, Protein = 0.10, Carbs = 0.15

I’m trying to push the formula towards leaning towards a low fat diet by way of weighing that part heavier. The problem is I tend to eat a lot of fatty foods because I’m not eating much in the way of carbs, and proteins can be expensive.

I figure I will still show a loss next week if I stick to plan, but it might be a little tougher since I made the adjustments. And of course over the next few weeks I will learn what kind of a buffer zone I have. I also decided to divide the number given by the formula by half- 26 is an easier number to work with then 52, and it gives a much more even step down into lower weight ranges then the previous numbers. It’s purely a “cosmetic” change.

I spent this weekend playing with clay a lot, and came up with a few cute things to add to my shop- I have over 200 items now- can you believe that? Anyway, pop by my shop at and see what’s new! I’ve been adding lots of fun polymer clay stuff over the last few days.

Food today was good. I stayed just under my goal and that was with a ridiculous breakfast, plus dessert later on. Dessert was jello, which is apparently my new thing. I guess jello is better than cake or even ice cream though-  lots of carbs but still fairly low compared to what it could be.

We took Mattie’s dad shopping on Saturday and got him a new phone because apparently his was not holding a charge. Well it was, but only for one day? I wasn’t aware they even made phones anymore that a charge would last for multiple days at a time. Guess I was wrong.

Not much else to say here. Thursday I will take Sashi to the vet to get her rabies shot after we have dinner. Hopefully we will be in and out quickly and with minimal stress- she does not like going to the vet’s at all.