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July 24th, 2015

Hello friends, and new visitors! This has been an interesting week so far!

Tuesday was Mattie and I’d 6th anniversary. We didn’t go out, but he cooked me dinner, and brought wine and dessert. He grilled steaks and pork, and we also had beans, red wine, and a cheesecake pie from Marie Callender’s for dessert. It was so good and we both ate probably way too much. The cheesecake pie only lasted a few days- it was so good and I love their sour cream topping they put on it.

Wednesday my mom picked me up and we went to Costco and I got dog food, a flat of water, a half a ham, and 4 pounds of low sodium bacon.I like bacon but I tend to not eat it much because I don’t like the saltiness, so hoping this will make me love it again. Mattie had pool league that night without me and he shot pretty well.

Thursday morning I woke up at 4 am with a painful, throbbing tooth. I went to the dentist at 1130am, and came home at about 2pm with a freshly done root canal. They briefly explained what a root canal was, and then I pulled up this video on YouTube to watch the whole proceedure so I could better understand it.

By watching the whole thing first, I was able to understand exactly what was going to happen and how it would be done, and since I could see my dentist pick up each new tool as he worked, I had a good idea of what part of the procedure he was at. I got my temporary crown put on and in two weeks I go back in for my permanent crown and a deep cleaning. I wanted to do the cleaning the same day but he didn’t have time.

Tomorrow we’ll take Mattie’s dad shopping and to run errands and get dinner, and then we’ll be heading out to Tracy and David’s afterwards. I’l looking forward to it.


I’ve been doing a lot of crafting lately too, and I unfortunately had to turn down what would have been a beautiful project when completed but I just couldn’t commit the level of time and attention it would need thru the time period it would take to complete it. One of the little things I did was pour a new switch plate for my craft room out of resin. I mixed some mica powders into it, a first for me, and it turned out so pretty! Way cooler than a plain creamy plasticy of white! Please ignore the dirty switch. I’ll have to address that some other day.

The mica powder, which mixed in, settled and swirled in an interesting way but I’m sure there are other ways to make a smother coloring throughout.

June 18th, 2015 – Tuckered Out

wallplateI’m still cleaning the house. I dusted the small tables where we have various living room electronics stacked and dusted the electronics, and vacuumed most of the underneath area of the little tables. I packed up the electronics we don’t use and put them in the closet- we don’t need the old media player hooked up nor do we need the PS2 set up since Mattie hasn’t touched it in literally 5 years. I took a rag and I washed the wall where the DVD shelves are and put away all the DVDs in their proper ABC order places, which took almost an hour. I used canned air to spray most of the heavy dust out of the display case with Mattie’s model cars but not too much because the glue on them is giving out and they are super delicate. I moved the small couch and vacuumed under it and found one of Sashi’s bones, threw away a slew of plastic bags that were under there for no good reason, and spent most of the in between time rocking out to Prince and dancing around the house. Sashi got super excited by my horrible dancing and singing.

I got the wall plate I ordered for Mattie’s Nerd Cave in yesterday and installed it. I love that the screw heads were printed as well so they blend in seamlessly with the design on the plate. I kind of want to get the matching outlet plates too but they aren’t cheap and I’ve spent enough money already lately.

shelvesI also finally solved the mystery of the Netflix account access from a person we don’t know and all of my preferences being set to Spanish. When I moved some stuff to my mom’s and briefly stayed there, my black Wii and all its accessories disappeared. I didn’t think much of it because honestly we don’t need it, but I realized last night it was set up to my Netflix account and that’s where someone, whoever took it, got into the account. At this point I’m thinking someone stole it right out of the trunk of my car while I was in the house bringing other things out.

This morning I took everything off of the shelves in the dining room, dusted them, and put everything back neater, save for a pile of papers Mattie needs to look at (probably trash) and some stuff I think should go out to the garage. The dogs of course got super excited because it meant taking all of their treats down so they got some cookies, and I also gave Sashi a new rope toy, but threw away an old one afterwards. I found some stuff to donate as well on the shelves- a game or two, Sashi’s old harness which doesn’t fit anymore, and a scented candle/holder.

I still feel like I haven’t made a dent in things but at the same time, I feel good about what I have done. I need to dust the electronics on the TV stand and clean the fireplace mantle and the living room will be basically done, save for Mattie getting a bookshelf to put his graphic novels on. I’ve really like to get rid of the wood box because we never use the fireplace and the chimney is damaged anyway but I doubt he will go for that.

In other news, the scale was down a bit from a few days ago! Finally it’s moving in the right direction! I need to update it in my tracker so I can see my progress.