Its been almost two weeks since my last post. On the surface, things have been okay. Food has been mostly good, and we tried a few new meal ideas. Two out of the three were good, but one tasted like crap. Jami and Jason tried it as well, and Jami agreed it was gross. So gross. I went to the gym once somewhere in there, and we’ve been out to eat a few times. Saturday night we had a bad movie night here at the house, and after the third movie, I don’t think we have any friends left. We watched Under The Cherry Moon, The Calamari Wrestler, and Birdemic. The first one was bad, the second one better but the last one was awful.


Yeah, the birds in the movie were all badly animated gifs. Absolutely awful.

I had a wake up moment late last week after breaking a bowl while washing dishes. You know how something might happen once in a while, slowly occurring with more frequency over time and you don’t even notice it as wrong, just as something that happens? It just creeps in? It was one of those. For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been having issues with a lot of things. Dizziness, general weakness, I’ve passed out a few times, blurred vision like I was looking through frosted glass, tremors in my hands, inability to grasp or hold items on occasion, muscle twitches, and if I am standing for more than about a minute I have to lean on something to support myself. All these things have been occurring more and more often, and with greater intensity, to the point some of them, like needing to lean on things, and general weakness are almost constant. Apparently all of these are side effects to the Wellbutrin I have been on for 6 years, but I was unaware of it, so for 6 years I’ve been saying no, no side effects. I feel like going to the gym is generally out of reach now because I don’t feel like I am strong enough to do anything. I worry I will hurt myself, or fall off of the treadmill, or any number of other things.

I called the mental health clinic and asked for a new appointment date since my next appointment is in November. They were able to move me up to this Thursday but it still seems so far off. I know its only two days away now, but I’ve been feeling rather panicked since realizing all of these things could be tied to my medication and they are getting worse. Previously I did not want to change medications, but now I really wan to get away from the Wellbutrin and stay away from it.


I have no idea what my hair is even doing here, but my neck was cozy and warm!

I taught myself to knit last Friday, and I made a little ascot-type scarf with a button in it, and started on a real scarf right afterwards. I only know how to knit and purl, but I figure I will pick up more as I go. I was really surprised at how easy it was to learn the basics, though I had to watch several videos about casting on to get that right. It doesn’t help that every video seems to use a different method to do it.

The weather is cooling off a little, but the temperature is going up again this weekend. We are suppose to be hitting the 90’s again. The last few days were super nice though and it was good to be able to turn off the air and just open the house up.

I spent an hour or so today making clay beads. I use about 6 different colors, and started of by just making plain round beads. Then I added textures to the surfaces and to most of them added other decorations- flowers, squiggles, polka dots, hearts.

Monday we had pool and it started off about as spectacularly bad as was possible. My first game I broke, and I only broke successfully by chance. I bounced the cue across the table, landing it in the middle of the rack, and bouncing of of the table. That should have been my clue that the game was going to go badly. I managed to get two of my balls in after too many tries, and then when my opponent had only the 8-ball left, I mistaked the 9-ball for the cue and fouled, giving him ball in hand to put the 8 in. It was just bad. My other three games went much better, netting me a 6 and 2 5’s, so I had an 18 for the night.

Anyway, not much else to say, so see you Thursday.


Well, today was a flop in the whole go to the gym department. I got caught up on Masters of Sex… and I watched a few episodes of The Lottery. I tried out one of the crock pot dinners I posted about after Monday’s shopping trip (it was a success), and I got my pattern I ordered in the mail for my Halloween costume. I also learned overripe pineapple begins to ferment quickly, and it ends up tasting very harsh and somewhat boozy. Its not good. I did find a solution for the upcoming relaunch of Kittyloaf Designs that will allow me to ship to other countries though so that’s a plus. Food was pretty much a bust today. I blame waking up at a very early hour and it throwing my whole day off, which I blame on the fact that I woke up with 5 huge and terribly itchy bug bites on my ankles. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better, more productive day!


Last night was our first night back at pool, and the start of the new season. We were scheduled to play what I think is going to be the best team there this season and we pretty much got our asses handed to us. I finished the night with 14 points. I normally finish with about 20. My last game I scored a 0. I had one shot because the guy I was playing knocked the cue off of the table with his break, and I missed my shot. He ran the table on me, and the game was over in less than 2 minutes. Add in I could not break for shit and it was not a good night. We went out for frozen yogurt afterwards to soothe our wounded pride.

polar09162014I made it to the gym today (yay me!) but I nearly didn’t. The last few times I used my HRM, it was acting kind of wonky. I figured it was either the strap and sensors were dirty and needed laundered, or else the battery in the sensor was going out. I washed it after the last time I used it, so when I was on my way to the gym this afternoon and it kept declaring me dead, I swung by Radio Shack for a new battery. I asked how much a new one would be, realized I did not have enough money in the bank, and went back home to scrape up some change. When I got back to Radio Shack, I presented the sensor to the guy behind the counter who looked at it and then looked at me, saying he didn’t think they had tools to open it.

slotFor those of your unfamiliar, this drawing is basically the back of the sensor. There is a large slot with a curved inner surface made to fit a large coin. There is a small arrow that normally points at the word “Close” and a few degrees off form that, the word “Open.” You literally take a quarter, slip it into the slot, and rotate it about 20° upwards. Then you have the back loose, and you use a small screwdriver to pop the battery out. Apparently this was extremely confusing to the guy, and I opened it myself then asked for a screwdriver. I paid for my battery, and he kind of shooed me off without closing the back again (I had no change now so had to lock it with my car key in the car) and headed to the gym.

I got in my car. I started it. It immediately died. I started it again, and tapped the gas when the RPMs dropped rapidly. The second I took my foot off of the gas, the engine died. Repeat EIGHT times. Finally it stayed running and I drove to the gym. My workout was uneventful and somewhat short, but I’ll take it. A woman there was fascinated with the idea of a HRM. Maybe she’ll research it and go buy one. I told her I love mine and can’t imagine working out without it now.

The good part to my day was coming home and and finally starting dinner- Teriyaki chicken wrapped in bacon. Pretty sure you cannot go wrong with bacon. We also had salad, and later after dinner I ate half a quesadilla. I’m finishing today under my calorie goal, but only because I went to the gym. The plan is to get there again tomorrow, assuming my car is willing to cooperate with the idea.


Today was a shopping day and while I spent more than I intended, I got some good stuff and I decided to prepare some meals ahead of time to stick in the crock pot later on. Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken, Island Chicken, Crock Pot Maple Dijon Chicken, Crock Pot Orange Chicken, Crock Pot Honey Garlic Chicken, & Slow Cooker Jambalaya are the ones I tried- That was six and I found two other I want to try but will need to make some room in the freezer before I go buy more meat. Tonight we are just having teriyaki chicken legs (or nachos? Will ask Mattie which he prefers for tonight) and whatever veggies I grab out of the fridge, but sometime this week I’ll pick one of the crock pot meals to try out. I’m not sure which one to pick, so maybe will let Mattie choose that one.

Fruits & Veggies $34.45

  • Red Onions (x3) $1.68
  • Celery $0.98
  • Canned Pineapple $0.98
  • Garlic (x3) $1.74
  • Apples (x2) $1.20
  • Mushrooms $1.98
  • Winco Black Olives $0.98
  • Winco Frozen Veggie Mix (x2) $2.24
  • Beets $1.98
  • Cucumber $0.68
  • Bell Pepper $0.48
  • Asparagus $3.82
  • Salad Mix (x3) $4.74
  • Pineapple $3.48
  • Tomatoes $2.28
  • Spinach $0.98
  • Jalapeno (x3) $0.27
  • Dole Fruit Cups (2×4) $3.96

Dairy & Ova $14.64

  • Block Cheese $5.92
  • Eggs (x24) $2.96
  • Cottage Cheese (x2) $5.76

Condiments & Sauces $9.80

  • Lemon Juice $1.98
  • Winco Teriyaki Sauce $1.08
  • Rice Vinegar $1.60
  • Spaghetti Sauce $1.18
  • Nacho Cheese (x2) $3.96

Meats $38.96

  • Chicken Thighs $5.13
  • Chicken Breasts (x8) $5.98
  • Ground Turkey (1lb) $2.98
  • Turkey Thighs (x2, 3, I can’t tell) $5.87
  • Bacon (x2) $6.96
  • Ham Steak $3.51
  • Chicken Drumsticks (x12) $5.81
  • Winco Tuna (x4) $2.72

Everything Else $22.69

  • Winco Water $3.68
  • Lean Cuisine (x5) $11.65
  • Flour Tortillas $1.78
  • Tony’s Pizza (x1) $2.25
  • Gallon Freezer Bags $1.85
  • Tortilla Chips $1.48

Total Haul $120.54

A lot of the veggies are already cut up and in bags in the freezer for the crock pot meals. The onions, celery, canned pineapple, a lot of the garlic, mushrooms and bell pepper disappeared fast in prepping the meals. I used up the last of my olive oil in the bags so need to put that on my list for next week before I forget. I’m also noticing pretty soon we will have every type of vinegar there is in the kitchen. Just means I need to find more recipes that use the stuff I guess.

We start the new season of pool league tonight, and I heard there is a new team playing this season. I have no idea who they are, but I kinda hope they are not very good… LOL! Maybe I’d win a few more this time around then. I want to win 18 games this season. I won 6 my first season, 12 my second, so why not 18 my third?

I ordered the pattern for my Halloween costume for this year so just waiting for it to arrive. Then I will be picking up fabrics the start of next month for it. The costume was picked to fit the theme of a party, and I think it will do nicely. I also have a bid in on another pattern for a really cute jumpsuit I want to try making with a few modifications.

Not a lot else to say today. Its hot as hell and has been all week, which is really a kick in the ass because its freaking September. It should be cooling down, not having one last hot hurrah. At 7am it was chilly but it was 90° by 10am. Blergh!