votedI know, not a big deal for some of you at all. You do this every time it comes around. But for me it was kind of a big deal. When I turned 18, my Grandma took me to vote for the first time. It was a horrible experience due to the fact that she spent the entire time yelling at me, demanding that I vote how she wanted me to vote, and when I asked why, insisting that it was the law that I do what she say or I would go to jail. Oh yeah. Great time there! From that time onwards, my mom threw away all of my sample ballots and anything else related to voting.

Yesterday I was talking to people, and found out that I could go go and vote on only the things I wanted to- I didn’t have to vote on every person or issue. That was news to me too. Anyway, long story short, I looked up my voting location and went down and voted. No one yelled at me, no one demanded I do it their way, and the people working the location were helpful and friendly and told me how it’s done. And I got a sticker. Stickers are cool, right? LOL

I fixed the lighter areas of my hair in the afternoon so the color is much more even (the conditioner trick works!), and I tracked my food. I walked a package down to the post office, which gave me a little exercise. Other than that I didn’t do a lot, but I feel like it was a good day anyway.


Its been a while since I did a grocery haul post, so I’m going to do one today. I had intentionally let the freezer get low on meat so we could use up stuff that had been in there for a while, but now it was time to restock. I spent more than I normally would, but since I had a coupon for my web hosting renewal, and I had a few dollars left in the bank from last week, I figured why not? Its all stuff we will use anyway, given time.

Here’s what I got for a grand total of $112.95.


  • Chicken Drumsticks (48 oz) $3.87
  • Chicken Breasts (48 oz) $5.98
  • Ground Pork (1 lb) $3.98
  • Ham Steak $3.94
  • Chicken Breast Tenderloins (48 oz) $7.72
  • Bacon $2.98

Dairy & Ova

  • Cottage Cheese (2) $5.76
  • Greek Yogurt (2) $5.28
  • String Cheese $3.48
  • Eggs (3 doz) $4.44
  • Milk $2.27


  • Flat of water $4.18
  • Coffee $4.98


  • Couscous (1.7 lbs) $2.92
  • Flour Tortilla s(20) 3.68
  • Pasta (1 lb) $1.10

Fruits & Veggies

  • Dole Fruit Cups (3 x 4) $5.94
  • Tomatoes $1.29
  • Cucumber $0.68
  • Salad Mix (3) $5.34
  • Beets $2.58
  • Apples (5) $1.92
  • Potatoes (2) $0.74

Frozen Foods

  • Lean Cuisines (5) $11.65
  • Tony’s Pizzas (2 x 2) $3.76


  • Beef Bouillon $2.56
  • Baking Soda (2.8 lbs) $2.98
  • Dog Bones $0.46
  • Turkey Gravy $0.58


  • 10 Cup Container $3.62

Total Haul $112.95


hair2The tenderloins were supposed to be a second package of breasts but I grabbed the wrong ones by mistake and of course my mistake was $2 more expensive. Oops!

After I got home from the store I decided to try making custard. I’ve never even eaten custard before, but its a recipe I’ve had bookmarked for a while and have been wanting to try. I’ve been crazy lately with wanting to bake and make everything I see- it might be getting a little out of hand. I followed the directions to a T, save for straining it because I don’t have anything to do that with, but I feel like I should have cooked it longer. Even after hours in the fridge, really only the surface was set and it was still pretty thin. Very tasty though!

I decided after that to make a lemon curd, which was also a new one for me, and while it did set up nicely in the fridge, I felt it was too sweet and not tangy enough. I spooned the lemon curd over the custard when I served it.

I just realized that I never shared photos of my new hair! I bleached my roots, dyed it the lightest blonde that Wella Color Charm carries short of the high lift blonde to even things out, and I then colored it with Ion’s Fuschia. The color did not turn out as even as I had hoped but overall its pretty good, and I still have most of a tube of color left that I could go over it again with.

Anyway, I am thrilled with the color and love it! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it, lots of old men flirting with me over it, and a few older ladies glaring at me as if I were the devil himself. Its kind of funny. I haven’t had my hair any sort of wild color in a long time I forgot how much attention it would get. Its still fun though.

I made a new purse over the last few days and I love how it turned out too. I used the leftover (well some of it) silver fabric from my Halloween costume jacket, plus the leftover black cotton broadcloth. It had a few hiccups but overall went very well. Its hard to get a good photo of it though because of the metalic fabric- the light shines off of it crazily.


The Doggie 500! Get your tickets!

The dogs have been having a crazy good time with the cooler weather, though I’ve been freezing my ass off the last few days and have busted out the extra blankets.

After dinner we went to pool and I won my first game, then got a 2, a 6, and a 3. Since 2 out of 4 games were good, and I got a win, I am pretty happy with the way the night turned out. A 21 isn’t so bad, and that gives me 6 wins for the season so far. I want to get 18 this season, so we’ll see. Even 12 like I did last season would be good though.

Coffee Break Meringue Cookies


My short baking spree of Saturday night resulting it me trying to make these cookies not once, but twice. I found a recipe and I read the reviews, which led me to alter the cooking times and temps a bit. It was a disaster. The cookies never set up, they were gooey and gross, and overly sweet. They also stuck horribly to the wax paper I baked them on and I could only peel off a few gobs of cookie, because contrary to what several people told me, wax paper and parchment paper are not the same thing. I ended up throwing the whole batch into the trash.

Of course that left me determined to get the damned things right, so I tried again. I baked them at a higher temperature, let them cool in the over for about ten minutes after I turned off the heat, and I baked them directly on the baking sheet, which while they stuck a little, it was nothing like the way they glued themselves to the wax paper.

Here’s the recipe I used, with my flavoring changes. Definitely do use the parchment paper to avoid sticking. I will the next time I make them for sure.

Coffee Break Meringue Cookies
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
  • 2 egg whites
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 heaping teaspoon instant coffee
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  1. Preheat oven to 300* F.
  2. Beat egg whites into firm peaks. Slowly add the sugar, coffee, and cinnamon a little at a time, continuing to beat the egg whites.
  3. Cover the cookie sheet with parchment paper, and spoon the egg white mixture onto the sheet into 12 cookies.
  4. Bake for 35 minutes. Turn off heat and allow cookies to cool in the oven.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 cookie Calories: 35 Carbohydrates: 8