Friday Day 918 & Saturday Day 919 Let The Weekend Begin!

Let the weekend begin!

We’d had some birds nesting in the eves around our back porch and today I noticed that the nest nearest the back door has its occupant peeking out now. The birds are doves, and the young one is on the right. Its about half the size of the parents, and almost fully feathered. They’re such pretty birds and while I love their cooing, I’m glad they aren’t fussing around the house all the time because it does get old after a while. Anyway, photos in this post today!

Let the weekend begin

Pretty doves in their nest by our back door.

Friday marks the start of my weekend, with Mattie being gone at WonderCon. He went with his brother, and I stayed home, which was fine by me because I don’t know that I could handle all three days of heavy crowds, and from a text he sent earlier, the place is even more packed this year than last year. I’m sure he’ll have fun though and come back with lots of random stuff he probably does not need. :P Its kind of weird though because we haven’t really been apart in almost 5 years. Pretty much since we got together.


Let the weekend begin

Lucy soaking up some sun. Ignore the poop pile behind her.

polar04182014After a quick breakfast, I started of my day Friday by heading to the gym. I wasn’t feeling very focused so I biked 2 miles, and then started walking. I didn’t do much in the way of walking hills, but I did my running intervals (all 4!) and they were easier than last time. I also did one on a slight incline because I forgot to lower it and by the time I noticed I was nearly done with the interval. I hope the next time I run them its even easier and hopefully in a few weeks I can made add a 5th interval to them. Either that or add 15 seconds to each one. I’m not really sure what the best approach would be there. Anyway, after my walk/run intervals, I did a bit more on the bike and called it good.

I’m also trying to see where in my week I want to fit in swimming. I probably should just dedicate on day a week to it, maybe Wednesdays, and make that the only thing I do that day. I barely made it down the pool and back 5 times when I tried earlier this week, but I figure if I add a few laps each time, eventually I’ll get up to a full mile again. It just might take a while. Still, I know when I was swimming a full mile a few times a week I felt like my fitness was pretty good and my body was really changing and definitely for the better.


Sashi walking right by her Holey Roller ball. This is only her second favorite toy.

Saturday night I went to a BBQ at Tracy & David’s, for which I baked chocolate zucchini bread and corn bread muffins. I held back a little of both for us here but most of it is going over. I also got myself a couple of beers to take over there. I ended up leaving at 11pm because I was tired and I didn’t have Mattie to drive me home afterwards. People seemed surprised to see me there without Mattie, which was kind of amusing. I did okay on food and didn’t shove all the things into my face for once. Anyway, it was fun and it passes the time quickly because I’m already feeling a little crazy being by myself. Aside from the baking I did last night, I also vacuumed and thought seriously about dusting.


Sashi with Flat Ball. It used to be a Jolly Ball horse ball, but she’s murdered it so severely it’s more like a pancake with large bites missing.

So, now its Sunday afternoon and my weekend is coming to a close. Friday and Saturday were fun, but I’m really looking forward to Mattie getting home this evening.

Wednesday Day 916 Its Break Time

polar04162014Short and sweet here tonight. Food was good- I only went over my daily allotment of points by ½ of one, and I made it to the gym. I even got in the pool and swam a few laps, which  have not done in years. Like 5 years. I also realized today really should have been a rest day because when I got to the gym, I found I had nothing to give. Tomorrow I’ll catch up on all my shows for the last week, call it break time, relax, and rest my tired muscles. The only things I will really have to do tomorrow is put up the laundry I washed tonight, which won’t take but a few minutes, and of course cook diner tomorrow night.

Mattie is having him a mini-vacation this weekend, and I’ve been busy making plans. I’m looking at a BBQ, and meeting other friends for coffee or dessert another time, and maybe something else will get mixed in too. I also intend to go to the gym, do some sewing, read a lot, and maybe play with clay while he’s away. I’m also going to eat food he doesn’t like and probably get my sleep schedule all jacked up and confused.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. I’ll see you all next time!

Tuesday Day 915 Let’s Keep The Momentum Going!

polar041520145 days back on track and I want to keep the momentum going. I don’t have a lot to report today. I got up after sleeping late (I stayed up late reading in bed), had breakfast, and went to the gym. I meant to do more than I did, but I ended up with 45 minutes of cardio, including four shot running intervals that started out easy enough but were fucking killer at the end. I wasn’t sure I would get through the last one but I told myself I’d do all four and I did.

Food was so-so today. We tried a new recipe for dinner, which I suspect has had so many modifications over time it no longer resembles its roots in any way. Mattie thought it was okay but I thought it was gross. There was cinnamon in it, and even though I didn’t use as much as the recipe called for, I think it made it nasty. Mattie can take the leftovers for lunches or I can throw it out. Not making it again, and if we want a veggie based dish like that again, I’ll stick with the zucchini lasagne I made earlier this year instead. That was freaking delicious though it was quite a bit of work.

Anyway, I’m finishing of the day 6 points into the weeklies. I’ve technically eaten 38 of my 35 weeklies already this week, but I’ve earned 14.9 activity point so its not as bad as all that. I want to earn at least 10 more AP’s this week, but preferably 15. Tomorrow is a strength training day, but I’m playing with the idea of going for a swim as well.

Next month I am hoping to make an order to for some special athletics fabrics to make some new workout clothes with. I’ve got patterns in my stash that should work well for what I have in mind with a few small changes.

Monday Day 914 Hello Sore Muscles!

polar04142014Today I got up, was informed I fell out of bed last night by Mattie while he was on lunch, which I have no memory of doing, and did my shopping. The shopping was uneventful, though I ended up spending $69.50 of my $70.00 budget and there were I think 2 things I did not get that were on my list. One of them I realized I already had once I got home though so no big deal.

After I came home and put the groceries away, I got changed and headed to the gym where I biked 2 miles, hit the weights, then walked 1.1 miles and even ran a little. That part surprised me that it was an easy as it was, though I didn’t push hard or long. Maybe I’ll actually add in running intervals here the next time I am on the treadmill. I really do want to get back to the great workout plan I had written up before I quit the gym a few months back. Have I ever shared my workout plan I made? This is what I came up with previously.

Thoughts? It looks like a lot on paper but its really not and I almost wonder if I shouldn’t be doing more, but as I’ve found out in the past, even this can leave me pretty sore muscles.

Description Sets Reps Description Sets Reps
Bike Warm-up 1 15 Mins Bicep Curls 3 10
Tricep Extensions 3 10 Leg Curls 3 10
Leg Extensions 3 10 Crunches 3 10
Lateral Pulldowns 3 10 Leg Presses 3 10
Bodyweight Squats 3 10 Planks 3 1 @ 1 Min
Wall Push-Ups 3 10 Bridges 3 10
Description Sets Reps Description Sets Reps
Bike Warm-up 1 15 Mins Walk Hill Intervals 1 30 Mins
Run/Walk Intervals 4 1 Min/3 min Walk Cool-down 1 10 Mins

Yesterday I didn’t blog here, but I did post my food diary, and it was not pretty. We had our normal Sunday bacon and egg breakfast, followed by turkey for lunch, and then we went out to dinner at Olive Garden with friends. Even adjusting for my activity points I earned on Sunday, I still used 27.8 of my 35 weeklies in one go. I only ever order one thing at Olive Garden (the mushroom raviolis with white sauce instead of red), and I know the bread sticks are killer in terms of points, but I still managed to put away 35 points worth of food while we were there. Ouch! Still, dinner was crazy good and we only go there maybe once or twice a year. I just have to stay on track for the rest of this week, and earn plenty of activity points. I’m hoping to get at least 25 of them this week. So far I’ve got 9.9 so I’m almost halfway there.

Anyway, that about sums things up here for Monday, so see you next time!