Grocery Haul Monday Day SIXTY

So, I still can’t manage to keep myself on track to save my life, though I’ve done an okay job at tracking lately. Mattie brought up that we are both not eating well and asked what happened to my gymspiration. We decided to do away with the few temptations we had in the house and get back to eating lots of fruits and veggies. Today’s shopping trip was a bit success, and I stocked up big time on produce. I still have produce left over from last week (fresh beets, broccoli, and green beans)and got tons more this week.

I cut up the celery into sticks and put them into a container, and I also dumped some carrots into a container for easy munching. Tonight I’ll be doing chicken breasts with salad and the green beans, and during the rest of the week I want to do a stir fry with cabbage, carrots, and broccoli, do zucchini spaghetti, and also make cabbage soup. That alone will use up a bunch of carrots, the head of cabbage, the broccoli, the zucchini, and of course the green beans. The spaghetti and the soup will also give us a break from chicken, though I was going to do the spaghetti with turkey.

Dairy & Ova $22.02

  • Coffeemate $2.98
  • Cottage Cheese (2) $5.56
  • Eggs (3 dozen) $4.44
  • String Cheese $2.88
  • Block Cheese $6.16

Meats $15.34

  • Chicken Breasts $4.61
  • Ham Steak $3.61
  • Tuna (3) $2.04
  • Chicken Drumsticks $5.08

Frozen Foods $20.28

  • Popsicles $2.98
  • Lean Cuisines (5) $13.10
  • Hot Pockets (2 x2) $4.20

Non-Food $0.38

  • Bubble Mailer $0.38

Carbs $1.95

  • Couscous $1.95
Fruits & Veggies $37.83

  • Stewed Tomatoes $0.58
  • Salad Mix (3) $4.74
  • Green Cabbage $1.77
  • Asparagus $4.26
  • Zucchini (2) $0.72
  • Carrots $1.98
  • Celery $0.88
  • Cucumber $0.58
  • Bell Pepper $0.78
  • Tomatoes $2.28
  • Bananas $1.12
  • Dole Fruit Cups (3 x 4) $5.94
  • Oranges $3.86
  • Apples $2.81
  • Honeydew $3.87
  • Nectarines $1.66

Beverages $10.07

  • Water $5.18
  • Coffee $4.89

Condiments $2.28

  • Hummus $2.28
 Total Haul $110.15

Getting back to the gym is on my list of things to do, but more important is getting my food back in track.


The last few days have been good but fairy non – descript. Food has been good one day and crappy the next. I got a logo job I might have mentioned last time that I finished up and that gave me some unexpected money which of course I’ve mostly spent on fun stuff because it’s been a while (or at least it seems that way) since I’ve treated myself. I ordered a book on micro macrame from Amazon, some knotting cords, and some tools for working with polymer clay. I had a fun idea regarding the clay the other day and I can’t wait to try it out and see how it goes. I also got some new clay, paint brushes, and some acrylic paints over the last few days to use with my clay.

Friday evening Tracy and David came by to get their brakes done and also to have a BBQ with us. The guys were drinking so when they needed a lug nut for the car, we went to get it. Unfortunately the guy who helped us at the parts store was brand new and didn’t know his job so sent us home with the wrong stuff. I had to go back ten minutes later with David to get the right nut.

We BBQ’d brats, and chicken thighs, and also had baked beans and broccoli and potato salad. I may have had an entire bottle of wine to myself Friday night as well as cookies. The wine was good and I was feeling pretty good by the end of the night. After Tracy and David left we went to bed though I was up for a while mentally bouncing off of the walls. I can never sleep with alcohol in my system.

Saturday I slept late then went back to bed later and slept most of the afternoon away. I had a very mild headache but had gotten over heated in the night and had horrible nightmares about rats of all things. Eww! Either way I did not get a good night’s sleep.

In the evening we took Mattie’s dad to do his shopping and after we got home I went out to the beauty supply store and bought bleaching powder, developer, and a tube of hair color and came home to get to work on torturing my poor hair. After being bleached very heavily and then coloring it, my hair is now almost the same shade as Mattie’s. Part of me kind of wanted to go lighter but I was afraid it would look weird. Oddly enough what I ended up with is pretty close to my natural color around the time I was 11 or 12. It turned out way better than expected and doing it properly eliminated the harsh tones that using the drug store home color kits always leave in my hair. Maybe I will go lighter later on. I need to give this some time to get used to it first. I’m definitely not looking forward to upkeep though and doing my roots in 6 weeks or so.

Anyway I ended up with a blonde that my hair actually was when I was 11 or 12 years old. I like it but its weird too because I’ve never been able to pull off anything even close to a believable blonde before.

Sunday I fixed us bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we had a meatloaf for dinner. I had to make a run to Walmart in the afternoon because when I was doing my hair last night the joint on the hand shower in the tub broke and I didn’t realize it was actually broken- I thought it just popped off. I got a new hand shower and installed it this afternoon.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up the week and weekend. Tomorrow I’ve got shopping to do, more bills to pay, and have to buy dog food. I swear all the girls do is eat eat eat! Well, Sashi anyway. Lucy thinks we are trying to poison her half the time.

Tuesday Day FORTY

Because of the 4th of July holiday, my bank transfer got pushed back to Tuesday so I had to do my shopping and pay the first part of the month’s bills a day later than planned. I had a little extra money though so splurged on a few things, and still have some left over. I think this week’s shopping was pretty successful, though a few items went way up in price this week and I’m not happy about that! I saw Winco had goat meat available so I snatched some up and threw it in my cart. Goat meat if you’ve never had it tastes a lot like veal, and its one of the healthier meats out there. This is the first time I’ve seen it in a store that I actually shop at, so that was kind of exciting.

Frozen Foods $17.93

  • Hot Pockets (2 x 2) $4.20
  • Frozen Spinach $0.87
  • Lean Cuisine (5) $11.98
  • Frozen Peas $0.88

Fruits & Veggies $26.25

  • Fruit Cups (2 x 4) $4.66
  • Garlic (2) $1.16
  • Asparagus $2.26
  • Bell Pepper (2) $1.16
  • Beets $1.98
  • Green Beans $2.48
  • Cherry Tomatoes $2.28
  • Celery $0.78
  • Cherries (2.23lb @ 2.98/lb) $6.65
  • Green Onions $0.96
  • Sliced Mushrooms $1.88

Carbs $7.22

  • Wheat Bread $0.98
  • Poptarts (2) $3.36
  • Flour Tortillas $2.88
Meats $31.18

  • Beef Roast $6.97
  • Pork Chops $7.71
  • Sausage Links $3.18
  • Goat Meat $7.52
  • Hillshire Farms Dinner Sausage $2.98
  • Tuna (3) $2.04
  • Hot Dogs $0.78

Dairy $11.95

  • Block Cheese $6.09
  • String Cheese $2.88
  • Coffeemate $2.98

Sauces & Condiments $6.62

  • Spaghetti Sauce $1.18
  • Tomato Sauce (3) $0.90
  • Salad Dressing $1.98
  • Chicken Bullion $2.56

Beverages $5.18

  • Aquafina (24 pack) $5.18

Total Haul $106.33

Anyway, food was good today and while I still have not made it in to the gym, I feel like I’m not straying too badly. See you all tomorrow!


Where to begin? I haven’t posted in weeks! Things have been busy with a lot of going out, eating out, hanging with friends, and in general making really fun but bad choices. There have been lots of bowls of ice cream and frozen yogurt, a calzone which was filled with mozzarella, cream cheese, artichoke hearts and spinach, burgers, seafood, a trip to Tokyo Steak House where they cook the food in front of you at the table (AWESOME BTW!), and probably my healthiest meal out, a bowl of turkey chili in a sourdough bread bowl. We made a day trip to the Natural History Museum, and we’ve passed through a few Monday nights at Sharky’s shooting pool. Last Monday was Mattie’s birthday (36!) and two weeks from now is our 5th anniversary.


T-Rex and Triceratops skeletons on display at The Natural History Museum.

Our day at the Natural History Museum with Mattie’s dad was a lot of fun! I took a ton of pics and we had a great time. After we got done at the museum, we drove home, missed all the nasty LA traffic, and went out to Claim Jumper for dinner where I had the aforementioned calzone.


I think this was another T-Rex skeleton.

We had a party on the Saturday before Mattie’s birthday for him and his bother (their birthdays are close together) and we had a fun night for the most part.


A Giant Sloth… This thing was seriously freaky looking!

I took him out on the following Wednesday for his birthday to mixed results. We started off the night with an early dinner at The Thai then headed to Palmdale to play mini golf. We played one round and got some water because it was really hot. After we drank the bottle, I started feeling sick and by the time we finished our third round of golf I ended up puking in the bushes. We headed out to the car and Mattie checked my tires because on the way over my car started shaking really badly. My left front had a huge bulge and chunks of tread were ripping off of it. He put my brand new donut on and found my donut had no air so we had to call AAA to come air it up. We finally got home, I puked some more and we went to bed.

The next day he took my tire to The Tire Store where they replaced it for free because it only had two or three thousand miles on I our TN later that night we went out to dinner, this time at Louis Burger, and later went out for froyo since he had wanted to go the night before but I got sick.

Aside from me getting sick, the whole last week was a lot of fun! ow to get myself back on track again!