So let’s see. Saturday night Mattie and I went to a Halloween party which started out fun but ended up being not fun at the end through absolutely no fault of the hosts. My costume was a hit and I had a lot of fun wearing it. I’m still not sure if we are going to pass out candy this year but I really do want to do pumpkins. I haven’t carved one since I was like 7 and I think it would be a lot of fun.

Sunday night we had dinner at a new to us restaurant with some friends which was a disappointment. Our friends are great but the food was cold, mediocre, and the service was crappy. I gave them a crappy two star review on Yelp and we won’t be going back.

I stopped by the beauty supply store Sunday afternoon and I picked up my next hair color. It was cheaper in the store than online but the other things I needed were cheaper online. It took a few days for everything to arrive, but I wasn’t in a huge hurry to color it. Bleaching my roots, toning it all to an even shade of blonde, and then coloring it the color I want is a long and boring process.

Late Sunday evening I got fed up and took the keyboard out of my laptop to discover that as I thought, all my keys are cushioned with a heavy mat of dog hair which explains why half of them don’t work. ┬áIt took me about ten minutes to decide to order a new keyboard and just replace it rather than try to pop up every single key and try to clean it all out. I attempted to pop the keys off and clean under them but I broke my Z and X keys so just ordered the replacement part.

Monday was uneventful. I went shopping, got dog food, and in the evening decided to put my costume on and go to pool dressed up. I shot kinda crappy but we played a good team, and while two of my games were awful, the other two were actually okay.

Today I mailed out a package, and stopped by Micheal’s to look for yellow clay. They had the light yellow shade but not the golden yellow I wanted to so I left empty handed. After that I swung by the beauty supply store to grab some other stuff for doing my hair. I was happy to see when I came home that my packages had arrived about the same time, so I could install my laptop keyboard and start on my hair.

The laptop keyboard was so easy to put in! It literally took me about a minute to install it. Its so nice to be able to actually type and not have to hit the keys 4 or 5 times and hope it finally works. No more typing “cray” instead of “crazy”!

My hair took about two and a half hours to do, and then I had to redo a small section that I missed somehow. There are a few areas where the color didn’t take as well as I’d have liked but when it fades a bit in time it won’t be that noticeable at all I don’t think. I’ll see about getting a good photo to put in my next post, but its raspberry pink. Poor Mattie! He hates pink and now his GF has pink hair! :p

I did finally step on the scale today and it was not pretty which means I really need to get myself back on track again. No more excuses, and no more backsliding. Of course this means divorcing myself from Netflix which I just signed us back up for again.


The last few days have been full of crafting, website tweaks, and bad eating. Like really bad- donuts, fast food, ice cream. I’ve added new items to my shop, combined my sewing and crafting blog into the Kittyloaf Designs website, and I moved my posts from my food diary, and recipes site into this site. I think streamlining them single sites will help me better keep up with putting new content on each of them. Its much easier to keep up with 2 sites instead of 5!

Tomorrow we are going to a Halloween party, and I am so excited! I can’t wait to get dressed and head out for it. Halloween is my favorite holiday and its so much fun to get dressed up as someone else and have a fun night out. I was hoping to get some accessories besides my wig for my costume but there’s no time really and besides that, I’ve spent enough on it already.

I baked apple muffins this evening to take with us tomorrow. This is a recipe I largely created myself and its really, really good. If you make it, do not leave out the apple pie spice! That’s what takes these from meh to tasty! After that, I had a jewelry idea for my costume tomorrow and busted out the clay again. I love what I came up with, and I’m looking forward to wearing it tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some good photos of the whole get up tomorrow that I can share with you.

Not much else to share tonight so signing off now and calling this good. I’ll see you all early next week and share some photos too!



Last Sunday (the 12th) we went to an old friend of Mattie’s to watch football. He said to watch the game. The implies a specific single game. We were there for like three games and eleven hours. All my toys I brought with me had dead batteries by the halfway point and I didn’t bring my chargers, but luckily they had one that fit my phone. Heaven turbid I be forced to actually socialize with people for an entire day. This Sunday he went back again but I stayed home. I was supposed to get together with Tracy, house remodeling allowing, but that didn’t happen so I stayed home and played with beads instead.

Last Monday night we had pool and I ended up with the same score as last week – a 31. I got two 10’s, a 6, and a 5. My last game was the 5 and I had to work for every ball but I feel really good about the whole night. I feel like I’m finally playing at my real level since cutting the dosage on my Wellbutrin and am really curious to see if my game improves further when I am completely off of it. Hoping I shoot equally well tonight.

I announced the relaunch of the Kittyloaf Designs website and have spent several hours working on the SEO for my items. It’s taking ages but I have almost three quarters of them done at least to an okay level. That’s way better than it was but there is always room for improvement.

MLPRDI’ve spent quite a bit of time in the last week working on new beading patterns and working on making a few of them up. These little ladies, amongst other new creations, are in my shop now waiting for someone to buy them. Thy turned out really well and I love them! I am hoping to dd at least 3 new designs (finished earrings and the pattern) to my shop this week.

I started a contest on Facebook to give away a free pair of brick stitch earrings from my shop. Its going, I’m getting new likes and new views, comments, and a few shares, but some people are having a really difficult time time following the directions. I have a feeling I will have very few actual legit entries. *sigh* That makes me sad but I’m not going to police all the people who have commented and remind them to follow the rules either. Next time I will use Rafflecopter I think and make the thing they have to guess more difficult. So far no one has put in a wrong answer.

I will be heading out to do my weekly shopping in a bit. Wish me luck tonight!


Monday was a day of how fast can I make all my money for the week disappear. I paid bills, bought groceries, and drove to Palmdale to look for fabric for my Halloween costume. In short, I made $375 vanish in a few hours. My day started off on a sour note though as I tried to renew my car registration online and kept getting an “invalid info” error. I drove to the DMV, and got in line. I got a number, and then saw they had a kiosk in the corner to pay your registration. I went to the kiosk, scanned my paperwork, slid my debit card, and was given an error message saying my “financial institution” forbade the transaction. I tried my card as both debit and credit with the same result. The guy standing nearby to help people informed me it won’t work with cards from my bank for some reason. Yay. After an hour of waiting I was able to pay my registration at the counter. The woman who took care of me also commented that their kiosk won’t accept cards from my bank when I paid.

I had already paid my Amazon bill and car insurance for the month before I left the house so now I went to fill up my gas tank. As I pulled into the pump, I saw a woman drive away while still attached to the pump. I’ve never seen someone look so horrified as she did when she realized what she had done. Before I left, she had gone in, ratted herself out, and was helping to fill out a report of the incident. I went to the bank and deposited a check for survey earnings.

Winco was a quick trip. I got a lot of good things and not much questionable stuff. I love when I can feel good about what I bought while grocery shopping and I did feel good about it, save for the donuts I bought myself as a treat. I got laundry detergent, cottage cheese, pasta sauce, Mattie’s lunches, fruit cups, ground turkey, Polish sausage, breakfast sausage, ham steak, salad mixes, pineapple, fresh beets, eggs, onion, salad dressing, bell pepper, green onions, string cheese, avocados, zucchinis, celery, broccoli, olives, and some other veggies. When I went to check out, the cashier accidentally hit the cash button, so she had to call over a manager to help her with actually charging my debit card and making sure her drawer would balance out.

After Winco, I brought my groceries home to be put away. I rechecked my bank balances and drove to Joann’s to look at fabrics. I had my pattern picked out for Halloween already, but with a slight change in the theme of Tracy and David’s party, I needed to rethink my fabric choices. I ended up finding what I needed, but it far exceeded my original spending plan of $60 for fabrics. I ended up spending quite a bit more. I ended up with three different fabrics- some darkish red satin for the skirt of my dress, a ton of black poly cotton broadcloth for the petticoat, blouse, and jacket lining, and some crazy reptile textured silver pleather for the jacket. Crazy is not a strong enough word for this stuff! The cashier had to double check with me on the amounts as she entered them into the computer because she wasn’t sure that 12 yards of the broadcloth was correct. ;) I’m actually really excited about the jacket. I saved $37 between one fabric being on sale and having a coupon to use on the broadcloth, but I really wish I had had a second coupon to use on the satin as well. It would have been nice to save another $10 or so. Still, Halloween is the one day a year I can go a little crazy, make a crazy outfit, and just have fun with it. :) I budgeted for $60 for fabric, but most of the extra $35 was covered by my survey check. Tracy said I didn’t need to go all out, but when else do I get to make and wear something insane? :D

I was hoping to get to pick up some crazy hair color this week as well but that doesn’t look like its going to happen. $5 doesn’t really give me that many options. Maybe next week I will have some extra. I’d like to go a bright pinkish purple or maybe just purple. I’m slightly undecided.

Monday night we went to pool and I shot better than I ever have. I ended the night with 3 7’s, and a 10, for a total of 31. My previous best was a 26, so I felt really good about that. I really should have won three of my games last night but barely missed the 8 and left it perfect for my opponent. Whoops! We went out for froyo afterwards, and they had a new flavor- banana. I mixed the strawberry and banana and added coconut to it. It tasted really good but I was burping banana all night after that.

I think part of why I shot so well was because for the first time in years, my hands were not shaking. Its only been a few days since the dosage of the Wellbutrin was cut in half, but I feel stronger, I’m not shaky, and the weirdest thing is I am falling asleep almost immediately after going to bed and I’m sleeping better. Its good, but it kind of sucks too because I’m so used to having a few hours after crawling into bed to read or play games on my Nook and now that time is gone. Hopefully I see more improvement and when I go back to see the doctor he will take me completely off of it, barring anything happening in between.