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January 27th, 2015 – A New Look

So aside from really sucking at posting regularly, and completely neglecting to track last week save for I think 2 days, I’m doing good, and this week I am tracking everything. Since closing my credit union account, and opening a new account at a bank, I’ve been inundated with emails from my old CU telling me all about their various services they offer, and my new bank nudging me towards using their mobile banking, which I am already using. I swear if they actually monitored my activity like I figure they would, they’d know the emails are going straight to my trash can because I don’t need to read about said service.

I’ve also discovered that it apparently takes a full week to transfer from the CU across town to my new bank where before from CU to CU it took 24 hours. Rather annoying, but I can work with it. I’m trying something new with how I handle my money in February, and hopefully it will work out better because having one transfer a month to worry about when they take so long will be easier I think then worrying when my money will appear several times a month. Anyway, I guess I’ll learn how good I really am at managing my money… LOL.

I was over my goal for food the last two days, but not terribly so. As long as I don’t do any worse over the week and I have a few days that are more spot on I should be fine around the little wiggle room I gave myself.

I’m also thinking I am not going to get on the scale for a while. Today Jami and I went to the gym, though unfortunately she had to go early because the twins were very unhappy and making a big fuss. While she was there, we did manage to get in a half hour on the recumbent bikes before she had to go. I biked 10.4 miles, and then moved over to the weight machines where I moved a total of 14,800 pounds. I did bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral pull-downs, ab crunches, leg extensions, leg curls, and leg presses, doing 4 sets of 10 of each. Tomorrow I want to go back and get a few miles in on the treadmill as well as bike another ten miles or so. I think the key to getting in there regularly lies with me getting up when Mattie leaves for work, since then I have all morning to do whatever, can go to the gym in the early afternoon, and then I have the whole day to do things around the house- clean, craft, make dinner, watch TV.

Let’s see. What else… Oh! Yes A new theme for the blog today! It took some tinkering but I quite like it and think I’ll stick with this for a while. I like the colors and how clean it is, but I do which the menus went further across the page so I didn’t need create child menu items to make it all fit nicely on a single row.

Tomorrow is my birthday- I’ll be 34. How did that happen already? Jeez. Time just races by now that I’m an actual adult! I’m currently reading a novella- well, really a small collection of short stories marketed as science fiction fairy tales, in exchange for a review. I love that the internet makes it so easy for authors and publishers to reach out to perspective readers and give us a first shot at a new work. I’ll most likely be finishing it up tonight and will review it on GoodReads and Amazon, but honestly I can already say its a great collection. Division: Science Fiction Fairy Tales (affiliate link) is the name of the collection.

I don’t have anything else to share right now, and I need to photograph a few items for the Raeosunshine Pets Auction on Facebook tonight so I can submit the photos for my other items. :)