Day 169 – 231

I’m down 1.3 pounds this morning, and down 1/4″ off my bust, and a 1/2″ off of my thigh. Not too shabby! And looking over the month of March, it was pretty good too. I only lost 2 pounds in March, but I lost 1″ of of my bust, 1.5″ off of my waist, and 1″ off of my thigh. That’s no small feat. :)

Today, although my rest day from the gym, has kept me busy. I got up and cooked lunch for Mattie & I to share at his work, then I came home and vacuumed the house. Halfway through the canister was completely full, so I dumped it and did it again. Filled it again. I sorted and put my laundry away, put the blankets away (off the couch) and put his laundry away. Then I vacuumed the couch.

So, the house is cleaner, though I never got around to sewing up the holes in my pretty pillows that Sashi decided to chew up. Tomorrow.

We had some excitement tonight too. Around 7p we were next door at Dee’s and this stray dog came wandering up. Mattie decides to go out to run her off. She decides he is her best friend. Super friendly, well fed, clean, healthy looking. Collar, but no tags. Anyway, eventually we go home. Later, I double check to make sure she is gone and let our dogs out to pee. Two minutes later, the stray came running up to our back fence. Our dogs went ballistic, and Sashi nearly escaped through a small gap where the back and side fence meet. I finally get ours caught and in the house.

I head inside to ask Mattie to come help me fix the gap in the fence. I open the back door, and the stray is sitting on our porch. She came in through the gap. I put her out the side gate. Two seconds later, she’s back in the yard again, presumably over the gate- which is 7 foot. This dog is like 45 pounds. She’s a German Shepherd, maybe some malamute or husky in there, mix. Obviously she is athletic. And she wants to stay with us.

I tell Mattie to put his beer down, that I’m putting her in the car and we’re taking her to animal control. He doesn’t want to go. The mutt wants to sit in my lap while I drive. He’s going. He had to sit in the back with the dog to keep her out of my way. Animal control. I ring the night bell. The guy on duty asks for my ID and goes back in to write up paperwork on the dog. He then comes out with a microchip scanner. She has a chip. That’s a good sign at least. She has an owner somewhere. We leave and head for home. Ugh. Not what I wanted to do this evening.

Food was pretty good today. Nothing extravagant, or too bad. I ended up getting a few bags of frozen veggies from Walmart today to tide us over til Tuesday when our produce box comes. I’ve gotten used to having some sort of veggie at least once a day and the last few days have been weird without much greenery.

What Calories Fat Calories Points
Asian Helper Chicken Lo Mein (2 Cup) 480 108 10.2
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 72 18 1.4
Reduced Fat String Cheese 70 36 1.7
Chicken Thigh (6 Oz.) w/BBQ Sauce 350 135 8.3
Great Value Cheddar Broccoli Rice Mix (1/2 Package, no margarine) 313 27 6.0
Great Value Broccoli Stir Fry Mix (1/2 Bag) 90 0 1.0
Raisins (1/2 Cup) 216 0 3.8
Great Value Ice Cream Sandwich 160 5 3.6
Total Calories From Fat 329
% of Daily Total
Food Totals 1751 19% 36
Exercise Calories Points
Exercise Totals 0 0
End of Day Totals 1751 36.0

I forgot to weight my chicken with dinner, am pretty sure I over-estimated it, but I’d rather over-estimate the food and under-estimate the exercise.

Anyway, its time for me to curl up with my book. Its been a busy day here at our house!

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  1. Kenlie

    You are doing so well! Keep it up, Deb!

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks! I just have to remember to look at all of the numbers- the scale might not show much change but the change is there in other places. :)

  2. Andrea - Making It Healthy

    Congrats on the loss Deb! You’re doing so great. Sorry about your ordeal with the dog.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks Andrea. I just felt so bad about the poor girl, but I am glad she was microchipped- she has a good chance of going home. She was such a nice sweet dog too. I couldn;t stand the idea of her getting hit by a car or something.

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