Friday Day 364

Okay, best tweet of the day today. Its nothing profound or amazing, but it totally made me smile. Apparently WordPress’ native tweet embedding has ceased to work and I have to use a plug-in for that now. Oh well, what’s one more for some fun functionality?

Food was actually pretty good today, though because I finished off last night’s pork for breakfast, I really can’t give exact numbers. I think I mentioned it yesterday that we tried out a slow cooker sauce from a market research group, and I have no idea what the nutritional content may have been. What I do know is its freaking delicious, I loved it, Mattie loved it, and if it makes it to market, I would totally buy it. I have another of the slow cooker sauces to try out in the next few days; that one is for beef.

Mattie feels a bit better over what happened with the car, and thankfully has his appetite back again. Apparently I am turning into my grandmother and if you don’t eat my food, I go away upset. :whistle: I made chicken fried rice with tons of carrots and broccoli in it for dinner, and between the two of us, we cleaned up. The dogs got lucky, and each got 2 bites of chicken with their dinners. To say they were happy about that is an understatement.

The scale was down a little more this morning, so as long as I don’t screw up on Saturday, I am expecting a decent loss from the last time I officially weighed in. The last two weeks I have been getting more and more off-track, and last weekend’s 3 day eating extravaganza didn’t help me any- I don’t track sodium, but I am pretty sure some of the food we had over the weekend was loaded in it because I did sneak a peek at the scale on Sunday I think and the scale was up something like 7 pounds.  Holy crap, Batman! I knew I didn’t eat anywhere near that many calories to cause that big of a gain in 2 days, but I didn’t want to look at the scale for a bit either. Scale shock. Not cool.

It does feel a little weird with this half-ass tracking over the last few weeks, but at the same time, its kind of fun and is keeping me on my toes- do I really want to load up on carbs today when I probably haven’t stayed within my goals? Nope, probably not. Today I had a lot of protein, the pork for breakfast, followed by yogurt and coffee, and then the chicken fried rice for dinner with lots of veggies. There was probably more veggies and chicken than there was rice in our dinner. I also discovered I am not the soy sauce snob I used to be. I picked up some store brand soy sauce a while back at the store because it was half the price and did you know it tastes almost exactly the same as my usual brand? :angel:

Amazingly I’m still having totally regular bowel movements thanks to the Dr. Schulz’s Intestinal Formula #1. I keep waiting for it to stop working, but its been great. There have been two days I didn’t go hardly at all, but the next day it all came out. Of course on those two days I felt so bloated and full, and just not good. It’s amazing how I went years more than I can count only going once every 7 to 10 days, and I never noticed any discomfort, probably because I’d lived with it so long it just ceased to be noticeable anymore. I guess its like anything else- live with it long enough and you get used to it, and it just fades into the background. I’ll definitely be sticking with this supplement. You have no idea how much better I feel and have felt over the last few weeks. I still want to try the Intestinal Formula #2 which is supposed to loosen and flush out all the old built up gunk out of your intestines and colon, but that will have to wait a while as I am way strapped for cash and will be for a few months.

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The plan for the rest of the night is to watch Minding the Monsters while snuggling on the couch, and I will probably have some more yogurt. I’ve had a hell of a sweet tooth this week, but yogurt seems to do just fine at satisfying it. Mattie is talking about having popcorn, since we finally got a new microwave, and while I may steal a few pieces, it won’t be much because the last half dozen times I’ve had popcorn its given me terrible heartburn. Yuck! :sick:

So, that’s a wrap for today, and tomorrow I should be seeing you again. There won’t be a weekly wrap-up post though, because with all the mysterious food I’d had this week, I can;t make it even close to accurate. I will promise a complete weigh and measure on Sunday though!