Wednesday Day 369

Good evening friends! I’m starting to feel more motivated the last day or two to actually do something besides sit on my ass. What did I do today? I slept too late, but since Mattie’s accident and me basically staying up all night with him that night, my sleep schedule has been totally whacked out. I realized I can make my yellow vintage fabric halter top I made a month or so ago actually wearable in just a few seconds. Basically, the back gapes hugely after like an hour of wearing because the fabric weave loosens up. I realized that stretching and sewing a strip of elastic across the back would pretty much solve that problem. I still might redo it, shorten the elastic up a few inches and tighten up the back, but not sure yet. Overall it’s a pretty good fix.

Anyway, I stayed pretty much on track today with food, though I was a little high when all was said and done. Still, considering I hadn’t really tracked the last few days, I think I did pretty good. Okay, since I didn’t track at all the last few days. We had froyo last night, and I was really surprised to see the scale was at a nice low number this morning. Of course it probably doesn’t hurt that over the last two days I’ve pooped about a dozen times and I don’t think there’s anything in me that shouldn’t be there right now. :whistle:

Tonight is the season premier of American Horror Story, and I’m watching it in about five minutes. Hopefully Mattie will be home in time to watch it with me but if not, well, maybe next week. Kind of sucks that his pool league is Wednesday night, but I think there’s something it could interfere with pretty much every night. Anyway, here’s today’s eats.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Kroger Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt (6 Oz) 170 2 6 31 3.6
Ramen (1 Block) 380 14 8 52 8.4
Spaghetti 823 32 51 103 18.3
Fudge Pop (1) 40 1 1 9 0.9
Total Calories From… 468 264 820
% % %
Food Totals 1483 32% 18% 55% 32.9

Maybe tomorrow I will work on the skirt I cut pieces for last month. It should stitch up really quickly, save for the buttonholes down the front, which I do not look forward to at all. I hate buttonholes and I can never get the buttonholer foot to actually work- other people can, so I knows its not my machine, but I can’t. Ugh. I can however stitch a tight zigzag in a rectangle. Same thing, though not quite as neat.

Okay, enough rambling. Its time for my show!

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  1. missmarisol

    I am glad that things are regular now… hee hee

    1. Deb (Post author)

      hahaha Yes! Me too!

  2. Liz

    I love how disciplined you are keeping track of your intake…so accountable! Thanks for stopping by my blog…and hope the treat you made was delish!

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks Lisa, I’m usually really good about writing down everything. And the cookies were delicious! I think I ate about 1/3 of them myself and then gave the rest to a neighbor before I ate them all! haha

  3. Lisa

    Sometimes going “off plan” and not tracking helps reset. I think the body can get stuck in a rut when you eat the same amount of calories, same foods, etc each day. At least, I’ve noticed it for me that I often see a weight loss when I least expect it because I was eating “more” than usual. Of course, this doesn’t mean every day and going totally nuts! But once in awhile! :)

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Lisa, I understand what you mean, but my last week has been a disaster when it came to food. The above mentioned cookies, the going out to eat, the party with tons of junk food (2 people brought cake balls if that clues you in) Saturday night… The scale is not liking me right now. Today though was a lot better. I did stay on track and I didn’t feel deprived, at least not for food.

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