Wednesday Day 390 Food Diary

Good evening friends. I had an appointment with my psych doctor today, and I also needed to reschedule another appointment, which I believe is for my yearly review at the mental health office. I got there and checked in, then asked about rescheduling my appointment. The woman with who my review appointment was with apparently is the only one in the office who makes her own appointments so I had to meet with her directly to reschedule, but I did get it taken care of. I bet you’re tired of reading the word “reschedule” now too, right? My appointment with my doctor went well. Nothing changed and I’m on the same medications so I’m set until the next time I go in. Hopefully this next six weeks will go smoothly as the last six did.

Not much else happened today. I did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping, and picked up something for myself. What did I get? I got Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #2. You might remember me ordering and trying out Dr. Schulze’s – Dr Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 about two months back. Since I ordered it back in September, I have taken one capsule after dinner every day. And every day I have a normal bowel movement. Before I started taking that, I was only having one maybe every 7 to 10 days and it was always really difficult. Now its easy, painless, and more importantly, regular. So what’s with the formula #2? This one is supposed to clear out all the old stuff that’s really impacted into your intestines and colon. There are success/horror stories on the internet about people literally being stuck on the toilet all night long and after spending a week taking this formula, being 20+ pounds lighter. I’m not expecting anything that dramatic but I am hoping it really clears something out. :whistle:

Okay, enough about pooping (and not pooping). Let’s talk about food. Food was good today. I thought I was going to starve to death before I made it home from my errands this afternoon, but luckily once I got home it was pretty much time to start dinner. I had a crazy craving for bread so I picked up a sub roll from the grocery store while I was there and had that with my dinner instead of the rice I fixed. Bread has never tasted so good as when you haven’t had any in months! I think I could have died happy in that moment, as sad as that is to say… lol. Seriously, all that fuss and happiness over a hunk of bread?

Moving along to the food diary now.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Kroger Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt (6 Oz) 170 2 6 31 3.6
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Green Beans w/Margarine (1 Cup ) 104 7 2 10 1.9
Chicken, Breast, Honey Mustard (6 Oz) 349 6 53 17 7.5
Bread, French Roll w/Margarine 466 10 16.9 81.3 9.4
Kroger Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt (6 Oz) 170 2 6 31 3.6
Total Calories From… 270 336 721
% % %
Food Totals 1329 20% 25% 54% 27.7

The yogurt after dinner was the end choice made after trying to decide if I wanted to finish off the ice cream. I think I made the better choice of the two, since I probably would not have stopped at the 1/2 cup serving of the ice cream an I think there’s about twice that left.

I didn’t get any exercise today except for the little bit of walking I did on my errands (I did park far, far away every time) and I did even less when I was home- I may or may not have watched multiple episodes of Castle on my laptop this afternoon and evening, but I did manage to get in more than one day in a row of good eating.

See you tomorrow!