Tuesday Day 396 Food and Exercise Diary

Brrrrrr! What the heck happened? A few days ago it was a little chilly, but not like this. We’ve been getting down to the teens the last couple of mornings, which while not unusual, was still a surprise as the weather has been really mild this year. We finally lit the pilot on the furnace and turned on the heat, which was nothing short of fantastic waking up to a warm house today.

I tried to be somewhat productive this afternoon, and after putting the produce box (they sent popcorn still on the cob as a free extra this week! and we got sweet potatoes!) away, I went out back to my craft room and put all the patterns I had in a box into the appropriate drawers, put the fabric I bought this last time away save for the fleece I’m theoretically going to make a bathrobe out of (there’s no room in my storage drawers for it), and then took the vacuum out to pick up the tons of tiny fabric scraps and string and thread and dirt. I also threw out some boxes, papers, and emptied the trash back there and the room looks a lot better. Its like magic! :p

After that I vacuumed the rest of the house and put the laundry I washed on Sunday away and picked up the dirty clothes and put them in the basket.

food and exercise diaryAfter Mattie got home, he sent me to the store to get some Epsom salt for soaking his feet, and while I was there he asked for french fries. I told him we have a bunch of potatoes at home- I’ll just make them myself. He said okay. We ended up having sloppy Joes and french fries for dinner, and while I think I estimated the calories a little on the high side, I know I’m still way over where I wanted to be, even accounting for the exercise I got.

In the early afternoon I walked to the post office to mail a package, and then after dinner I played DDR for almost an hour. My total calorie burn was 825 for the day, but it really should have been about 1,000 to match up with everything I ate. I stopped at that point because I was shaking from playing so hard, especially after briefly trying the game on “normal” instead of the “light” mode I usually play in. Don’t let the name of the mode fool you- light is not exactly easy. You still have to move fast and some of the songs have a shit ton of jumping around, which I usually just ignore and stomp around for a few seconds instead. I hate jumping. Blergh! :sick:

I also talked with a friend about doing some custom beadwork for her for Christmas gifts for some family members. I worked up a few pattern ideas, and we came up with two designs she likes. I’ll be starting on those tomorrow, and hopefully doing some sewing during my breaks from beading. I’d like to finish the skirt I cut out months ago. That would be really nice, especially if I could wear it over the holidays.

Anyway, here’s today’s food and exercise diary.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Kroger Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt (6 Oz) 170 2 6 31 3.6
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Chicken & Pasta Alfredo w/Carrots 527 20.5 34.8 44.9 11.6
Sloppy Joes & French Fries 1117 69 47 119 27.3
Total Calories From… 849 351 820
% % %
Food Totals 1884 45% 19% 44% 44.2
Exercise Calories Points
Walked 16:21 208 2.1
DDR 53:14 617 6.2
Exercise Totals 825 8.3
End of Day Totals 1059 36.0

Tomorrow will be a better day. I know this because I have no tempting, delicious, high-calorie leftovers in the house, and at most I’ll have a small bowl of oatmeal along with my yogurt and coffee for breakfast. I don’t know what I’m making for dinner- maybe soup. I have a beautiful big head of green cabbage in the fridge just begging to be eaten. Or maybe I’ll just be lazy and make chicken lo mein chicken helper and put a ton of cabbage in that- its delicious with added cabbage and ginger. 8) (Yes, I try to dress up any of the helper meals we eat here if I possibly can.)

Alright, I’m going to finish this up and maybe do some reading of my own tonight- catch up on your blogs, and maybe read some of (finish?!?) the issue of Asimov’s I’ve been stuck in for weeks.

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  1. missmarisol

    Whoa check out that calorie burn! Way to go! It’s been freezing up here too.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Yeah, “attempting” to play in normal mode kicked my ass for a few minutes there! Really got my heart rate up!

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