Wednesday Day 418 Food Diary

ONEderland, baby!

Do you all see this? I mean really see it? Yes, I totally took a picture of the scale readout this morning. I also cropped it down because you know those photos of items on eBay where the person taking the pic has their naked reflection on the shiny item? Yeah, this was one of those pics. :whistle:

I am in ONEderland! ONE-der-land! My next mini-goal is 3 pounds away, when my BMI will say I am merely overweight and no longer obese. When I reach that one, I will be at the lowest weight I have held since getting fat in the first place. 196 is where I stopped even trying to lose when I did this all before, and then started gaining again. Mattie told me ONEderland doesn’t count until I weigh less than he does. 😮 He weighs about 185, so looking forward to getting there too. I told him he’s in trouble when I am smaller than him because it means my wardrobe will have doubled because I’ll be able to wear his clothes too. He wasn’t very impressed by that comment, but all of my lingerie fits again too!

I also added another goal to the measurements section of my fitness goals sheet- for my natural waist to measure smaller then my starting thigh. I didn’t start measuring my thigh until I was 14.5 pounds down, but at that point, it was 29″. I’ve lost about 4″ off of my waist for every 20 pounds I’ve lost so far, and I’ve got another 50 pounds to go still- I should have no problems reaching that goal. But one thing at a time. Baby steps.

In losing this 50 pounds, I’ve noticed somethings about my body. When I lay down in the bathtub, my stomach isn’t the part of me that sticks up the most anymore. In fact, I can almost see all of me with my head only slightly elevated. When I exercise, I don’t sweat like I used to when I started. In fact, I barely sweat at all (comparatively). When I started, walking to the post office would leave me both damp and out of breath. Now I stay dry walking there and back, and I’m only a little out of breath if I walk really fast. I sleep better than I did when I started, and I usually feel rested when I wake up, unlike before where I was constantly feeling fatigued. Everything is just easier.

Food was decent today. I conducting a cooking experiment this evening using ramen noodles, pork, ginger, and teriyaki sauce (and unfortunately red cabbage) and it was delicious (except for the cabbage part). I took about 12 ounces of pork loin chunk into small chunks, and cooked it in teriyaki and a lot of ground ginger. Then I added three busted up blocks of chicken ramen (and the seasoning) with about 2 1/2 cups of water and the unfortunate cabbage and cooked it with the lid on until the noodles were cooked and most of the water was absorbed. It literally tasted exactly like the Chicken helper chicken lo mein meal. Really tasty, but a lot higher in calories and probably just as high in sodium.

After dinner I had an orange for a snack that we got in the box on Tuesday, and it was really good. Could have been a little more flavorful, but definitely worth the time it took to peel it. :) Here’s today’s food diary.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Kroger Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt (6 Oz) 170 2 6 31 3.6
El Monterey Chicken Bean & Rice Burrito (1) 210 5 9 32 4.2
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Teriyaki Pork & Ramen Noodles 917 37 61 78 20.8
Orange, Medium (1) 59 0 1.3 14.4 0.6
Total Calories From… 422 309 662
% % %
Food Totals 1426 30% 22% 46% 30.9

I could have kept things a little lower, but I’m not really worried about it. Tomorrow will be better because there won’t be any super-calorie laden ramen based dinner- if Mattie gets home close to on time, I might do salmon, pasta, and some sort of veggies. It depends on how long of a day he works and how hungry he is when he gets home.

I also discovered that the Banquet meals Mattie takes for lunch are $0.76 each instead of $1.00 like they are everywhere else, and they have yogurt for only a penny more than the Kroger brand I usually buy form Food4Less. I’m thinking I’m going to have a few dollars extra each week if I keep shopping there. 8) That makes me happy!

I’m still waiting on a $51 check from one of the survey companies, and then I can go and order my new contacts. I really want to get a new pair of glasses too for emergencies, but that may take a while longer. I could go to somewhere that accepts CareCredit and use that for them but I don’t want to charge anything else if I don’t absolutely need to. I’m trying to reduce my debt, not add to it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today, so see you tomorrow!

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  1. missmarisol

    Whoo hoooo! So awesome. I think if you focus you can totally be overweight before 2013. Sounds funny to say that but you totally can.

    1. Deb

      LOL “Hi! I’m Deb and my goal is to be overweight!”

      I’m hoping. Def. going to put in a good effort. :)

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