Monday Day 423 Food Diary

I know this is a day late, but I had no time to do this stuff on Sunday morning. I ate pretty badly last week, so I was shocked to see a loss this week, though I’m pretty sure that was mainly due to having a messed up stomach from eating tons of sneaky hot salsa yesterday, then a really greasy dinner. I was in and out of the bathroom a lot last night and this morning as everything came racing through. Greasy food always does this to me since I pretty much stopped eating fast food/diner food, and the heat from the salsa probably didn’t help things.

I had yogurt and coffee for breakfast, and a little while later I was still hungry so I sliced up two apples with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and ate those. Not my favorite snack, but I have quite a few apples right now, and who doesn’t love peanut butter? I was still a little hungry, but I decided to lock up the house and take a walk instead. I walked down to the Blvd, over to the next main street, all the way down to the far end of the neighborhood, and back around to the house, totally 1.7 miles in just under 25 minutes. I averaged 4mph, which kind of surprised me because I didn’t feel like I was walking that quickly. That lets me cross off my “walk at 4mph” goal off my fitness goals page. After I got home, I put in a load of laundry, including my HRM strap, and did some more dishes. Richard was gone all weekend and I didn’t want to leave a sink full of them for him when he came home.

Food was pretty good today too. I finished a little high but not too badly, and I did have pretty healthy snacks when I had the munchies. The walk I took didn’t burn as many calories as I had hoped, but it did do a decent amount, and I was pleased with my average speed. All in all, those parts added up to a good day.

After dinner, my mom called and told me Verizon has been trying to reach me all day via her line, which makes no sense because I have the primary number on the account. I called the automated messaging service, and got to find out that because my friend who has one line of my account can’t seem to pay her part of the phone bill, the bill has been past due for about 6 months and will be shut off tomorrow if its not brought up to date immediately. She says it will be paid up tomorrow. I frickin’ hope so because I cannot afford reconnection fees for the other three lines. Its the only phone Mattie and I have, and while I don’t need it so much, he needs to be reachable by his dad at any time, and my mom needs the phone to call home and check up on my grandma multiple times during the day. I am not a happy camper right now. In fact I’m kind of a pissed off camper right now to be honest. Guess this is what happens when I try to help someone out, huh? Her contract expires on the 22nd of this month and you can bet she will be getting her own service account at that point.

Enough ranting. You guys have seen me bitch my ass off the last few days and I feel a little bad about that, but at the same time, I pay the hosting here and that makes this my playground and I can do whatever the fuck I want here!

Here’s today’s food diary.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Fit & Fruity Yogurt, Blackberry (6 Oz) 150 2 6 28 3.2
Apples & Peanut Butter 370 17 8 56 8.0
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Pork Loin, (6 Oz) 347 16 49 0 8.2
Salad w/Italian Dressing 377 24.4 30 22.2 8.8
Pasta Roni Shells & White Cheddar (1 Cup) 290 12 9 39 6.4
Total Calories From… 662 408 621
% % %
Food Totals 1604 41% 25% 39% 36.3
Exercise Calories Points
Walked 24:57 Mins 287 2.9
Exercise Totals 287 2.9
End of Day Totals 1317 33.4

I’m going to go read or something and try to cool down. Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow I go see the lady doctor my my annual female check-up and a new Rx for birth control pills.