Thursday Day 426 Food Diary

polar12132012I busted ass at the gym today, and it felt great! I did 30 minutes early in the day, and burned 370 calories, then later went back to the gym and did another 458 calories in 38 minutes. My calorie intake for the day seems high when you first look, but most of it was healthy choices, and I did burn off 800+ at the gym. I also managed to get a well-rounded workout in there too, so I feel really good about that. I also did some vacuuming (its rained pretty much all last night and all day today) because Sashi tracked muddy paw prints all over the carpet twice, and I did some sewing. The sewing was… well, I’m not all that pleased with it. Long story short, I think I must have been drunk (unlikely in reality) when I cut the dress pieces because nothing lined up properly and it just looked like shit. All I could save from the project was the skirt- I ripped out the stitches holding the bodice in place, and tossed that hot mess, and just treated the skirt of the dress as a skirt. I think it might be wearable if it doesn’t undergo too close of scrutiny, but we’ll see how it holds up when I throw it in the wash. I’m not happy with it at all but I couldn’t bear to scrap the whole thing, so I salvaged what I could of it. Maybe I’ll post pics later. We’ll see.

While my workouts at the gym were really good, I had my doubts that I should have left the house both driving there, and driving home. On the way there, I watched a rig flip a bitch in front of me, then cut me off to get into the left turn lane ahead of me. Yeah, you’re huge, but don’t be a dick! We sat through three cycles of the light before he managed to get his rig rolling and through the intersection to make the turn. Then as we went down the street (another main street with plenty of traffic), the driver suddenly swerved hard into the left lane, and slammed on the brakes. All surrounded traffic screeched and slid to a stop. Then the driver made a right turn from the far left lane. He never signaled, and I’ve been enough enough rigs t know they make wide right turns, but not so wide as to need to be in the left lane- the center lane is more then enough.

Coming home from the gym, it was pouring rain. I made it to the turnoff for my street without a hitch, and the everything went to shit for a minute. AS I waited in the left turn lane for about 2 minutes due to heavy traffic on the street, I noticed two vehicles on the opposite side of the street I was on, both waiting to make a left turn. Having the right of way once traffic cleared, I started my left turn, only to have the first vehicle (a 1/2 ton pick-up) fly out into the street and cut around me, nearly taking of the front end of my car in the process. He actually smiled and waved at me as though he thought he did me a favor. I started to make my turn again as traffic was still clear, and the car that was behind the truck before it cut me off suddenly flew out into the street, with the driving hanging out her window, screaming obscenities at me and flipping me the bird. She also veered crazily at my car, and missed me by maybe a foot. I can turn now, right? No. Now I have to back up to avoid being hit by the 200 cars coming down the street again and wait for my turn… again. When the traffic cleared, I had to wait on two bicycles, both of which slowed down dramatically to cross the street, almost causing me to have to wait a third time for traffic to clear. I already don’t much like the holidays, and people magically forget how to drive this time of year, making me like them even less. *sigh*

But hey! No more bitching! Let’s talk about my workout! I just copied my tracker from Fitocracy and knocked off the points, and the walking was mixed with the running (sure you can figure which was which), but here it is.

  • Walking/Running (treadmill)
    0:05:08 || 0.3 mi || 3.5 mph || 164 BPM
    0:02:40 || 0.2 mi || 4.5 mph || 190 BPM
    0:05:08 || 0.3 mi || 3.5 mph || 164 BPM
    0:01:20 || 0.1 mi || 4.5 mph || 190 BPM
    0:03:25 || 0.2 mi || 3.5 mph || 164 BPM
    0:02:40 || 0.2 mi || 4.5 mph || 190 BPM
    0:09:36 || 0.6 mi || 3.5 mph || 164 BPM
    0:15:00 || 0.9 mi || 3.4 mph || 162 BPM
    0:02:00 || 0.15 mi || 4.5 mph || 182 BPM
    0:05:00 || 0.2 mi || 3 mph || 162 BPM
    0:05:00 || 0.3 mi || 3.2 mph || 162 BPM || 3 % grade
  • Machine Triceps Extension
    40 lb x 15 reps
    40 lb x 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl
    10 lb x 15 reps
    10 lb x 15 reps
  • Leg Extensions
    40 lb x 15 reps
    40 lb x 15 reps
  • Lying Leg Curls
    50 lb x 15 reps
    50 lb x 15 reps
  • Lat Pulldown
    40 lb x 15 reps
    40 lb x 15 reps
  • Ab Crunch Machine
    30 lb x 15 reps
    30 lb x 15 reps

So, I could have done more with the weights, but it was my first time back doing them in longer than I can remember, and while I don’t mind being a little sore, I don’t want to be in outright pain, so I left it at two sets or each machine.

Now, here’s the food diary.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Yoplait 99% Fat Free Yogurt 170 2 5 33 3.5
Eggs w/Carrots & Onions 232 17 13.1 7.4 5.6
Kroger Chicken & Rice Soup (1 Can) 150 4 5 27 3.3
Pear (1) 103 0.2 0.7 27.5 1.3
Spaghetti 803 29.7 49.6 101 17.7
Apple, Small (2) 154 0.5 0.8 43.2 2.3
Fit & Fruity Yogurt, Vanilla (6 Oz) 160 2 6 29 3.4
Total Calories From… 488 321 1072
% % %
Food Totals 1772 28% 18% 61% 37.1
Exercise Calories Points
Walk/Run 30:05 Mins 370 3.7
Walk/Run/Weights 38:07 Mins 458 4.6
Exercise Totals 828 8.3
End of Day Totals 944 28.8

My breakfast was crazy delicious! Half a shredded carrot, and a small purple onion sauteed in a tablespoon of margarine, then mixed with two eggs, scrambled. I would definitely eat that again, and maybe I will tomorrow morning. After dinner, Mattie and I watched Big Bang and Two & a Half Men, and while he had a shit ton of popcorn, I had two granny smith apples and a yogurt. If the worst thing I ate all day today was that big plate of spaghetti, I feel like I did really well and I don’t have any regrets about it.

Going to sign off now. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is just as awesome! See you then!

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    Fantastic burn!

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks! Felt great too!

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