Thursday Day 440 Food Diary

Can you believe how close we are to the new year? It seems like the further along in this year we’ve gotten, the faster its gone by. There’s four days left, and then it will be 2013! We don’t have anything planed for New Years, and it will probably be the same as the last few years- we’ll stay in and share a bottle of champagne and call it good. I’ve already bought the champagne, and its chilling in the fridge. We’re not big partiers, and neither of us are big fans of being surrounded by the drunkies, so just spending it together is nice.

I’ve also (if you hadn’t seen it yet) published my list of goals to work towards for the year 2013 a few days ago. A few are recycled from this year, and some are downgraded a bit because I’ve tried to reach them multiple times and they’ve just been way out of reach, but I think I’ve chosen some good ones, and I stand a chance of meeting most of them or at least coming close. The page is listed in my top navigation menu, under the 2012 Yearly Goals link.

Food today has been pretty good. Not outstanding, and I know it could have been better (I did not need the second cup of coffee or the hot coco at the end of the day), but it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be after a couple of days of not tracking at all and just eating what I wanted. I’m obviously not going to make my goal of entering 2013 as “overweight” after the slight backsliding I did, but I do feel good that it wasn’t like last year’s- I gained about 5 pounds back over the Christmas holiday last year.

I really only did one productive thing today (besides mailing some packages) and that was work on making up our dinner menus for the next few months. I have three main goals in mind when I do this. 1. Don’t repeat any meal in a given month. 2. Steer away from Helper meals as much as possible. 3. Try a few new recipes each month. I have all of January & February finished, and most of March. I’ve also tried to add more fish into the mix. And thanks to your awesome people on Twitter, I’ve discovered some new recipe sites that I’ve spent some time scouring and bookmarking recipes from. I’ve also tried to group meals fairly close together that use items we have to buy a lot of at once (hamburger buns for one) so we actually get to use most of them instead of throwing some out a week later. I also made up a grocery list for the items we don’t always have on hand for each week as I planned the dinner menus, so when that week comes up, I have my list halfway made already.

Anyway, not much else to report today. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Calories Fat g Protein g Carbs g Points
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Fit & Fruity Yogurt, Vanilla (6 Oz) 160 2 6 29 3.4
Ramen (1 Block) 380 14 8 52 8.4
Pumpkin Cornbread Muffin (1) 168 5.8 3.2 26.6 3.6
Coffee w/Coffeemate 70 3 0 10 1.7
Beef & Broccoli w/Noodles 542 27.4 41 33 12.4
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix (1 Envelope) 90 2 1 16 1.8
Total Calories From… 515 237 706
% % %
Food Totals 1480 35% 16% 48% 33

It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. Like I said, the two extras in there creep up and I ended up about 100 cals (or one hot coco) higher than I wanted to be. Tomorrow I am planning on a breakfast of yogurt, coffee, and eggs, to go to the gym or at least walk the neighborhood, and we’re definitely having leftover ham and some beans for dinner. I had planned on that for tonight but then I forgot and cooked something else instead. Oops!

Anyway, have a good night friends! I’m going to catch up on my blog reading before bed. See you tomorrow. :)

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  1. Mary (A Merry Life)

    Happy new year Deb! :)

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks Mary! I hope your new year is fantastic!

  2. Donna

    Happy New Year!! May all of your goals be reached.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Happy New Year to you too Donna! I think I will do much better oon them this year!

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