Wednesday Day 467 Food Diary

scaleThis was the scale this morning. I am down another 0.6 pounds from the other day, and now only 1.3 pounds from my next goal– to have a BMI in the overweight range instead of obese. I’m 0.2 BMI points from that goal. So close! And I’m still super stoked to see the scale starting with a “1”. Can’t get used to it yet.

I’ve been careful weighing and measuring my food the last few days, something I haven’t been as careful with as I should have been lately, and as of yesterday I’ve limited my carbs a bit more than normal. I’m still eating carbs of course, but its mostly at dinner, and like I said, they’re being carefully measured. The scale has been trending downwards this week since I started back to P+, but its also that time of month and my doctor changed up my birth control Rx so not sure if that may be playing a part in it.

polar01232013I fixed a shepherd’s pie for dinner, which while carb-heavy with the mashed potatoes, wasn’t as big on P+ as I was kind of expecting. Then I went for a walk, where I worried about it raining on me before I got back home, but instead what I should have worried about was almost getting bit by a dog.

Some idiot standing on a street corner talking to some other people had his dog on a leash, but wasn’t holding the leash. The dog was wandering all over the block, and as I walked by it, it freaked out and snapped at me. Not that big of a deal, but it was a big dog. And what the hell is the point of putting your dog on a leash if you’re not even going to hold the damned leash? I mean seriously! Its not that hard to hold on to the leash, is it?

Aside from that, I’ve got nothing. Here’s today’s food diary.

Fit & Fruity Yogurt, Blackberry (6 Oz) 4
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Apple 0
Cottage Cheese & Peaches 5
Orange 0
Shepherd’s Pie 18
1/4 Cup Mint Cookie Ice Cream w/1 Tablespoon Chocolate Chips 4
Food Totals 32
Exercise (Calories) Points
Walked 31:10 Minutes 312
Exercise Points Totals 4
End of Day Totals 28

Have a great night people! See you tomorrow!