Monday Day 472 Food Diary

After this weekend’s celebrating (which I still do not regret at all & loved every minute of it), I had to get back on track today. I burned through half of my weeklies yesterday with two big servings of lasagna at dinner, and a few beers. Today’s plan was to get as close to being right on target as possible, without going into what’s left of my weeklies. I didn’t make my BMI under 30 goal today, but there’s still a chance I can make it before the month is out if I stay on track for the next few days. 8)

Now I thought I was setting myself up for failure on that today because when I woke up, I had a thing of yogurt, and then half of the leftover lasagna for breakfast. I was worried that in an hour or two, I’d be hungry again, would eat something, and screw up the day. But after eating the lasagna, I didn’t feel hungry at all until dinner time, which was right about the time I realized I forgot to buy stuff for tonight’s dinner when I went shopping. I could either go back to the store or find something else to make, and since I had a big can of peas (I never have veggies left on Mondays) I had a vegetable, we had chicken, and I fixed some rice to go with it. It was all good, and I ate every bite, and amazingly I wasn’t hungry for more afterwards.  =]

Now, today was my actual birthday. We celebrated over the weekend, but today was the day. The dogs did not bother me one time during the morning when I was asleep, though instead of that giving me lots of peace to sleep until whenever, it made me suspicious about what they might have been doing instead of harassing me.

I wanted to take a walk today, but it never happened because its been miserable cold outside all day, with a nasty, icy wind. Even the poor dogs don’t want to go out! Lucy hates rain, and Sashi hates wind. Pretty much all I did was go grocery shopping, watch last week’s episode of New Girl, and transfer a bunch of files onto my hard drive for the media player and delete them off of my computer to make more room. I also spent some more time tweaking this theme a bit, and while there’s still two things about it I really don’t like, one I’ve found a half-assed workaround for and the other I may need to get some outside help on. If anyone is really familiar with the Montezuma theme, and knows how to get the excerpts to show on the front page and still retain their original formatting, let me know! I’m considering using my old theme to make a copycat of this theme but with more flexibility.

I also redid the Summary page so it just shows the weights and measurements for the first of each month. With the change in theme, I don’t have the ability anymore to hide a sidebar on certain pages, so instead I had to reformat the data.

Not much else to say, so here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Fit & Fruity Vanilla Yogurt 4
Lasagna 15
Peas (1 Cup) 0
Chicken Breast (6 Oz) 6
Creamy Four Cheese Rice (1 Cup) 8
Food Totals 33

That’s all I’ve got right now, so heading off for the night. See you tomorrow!

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  1. missmarisol

    Happy Birthday! You had fun & now it’s time to get back on track. I still think you can make your goal by 1/30 as you were so close.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thank you! Yup, and I am back on track! Really hoping for nicer weather tomorrow afternoon. :)

  2. Donna

    Happy Birthday!!

    I see you’ve been redecorating again. 😀

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks Donna! And yes, yes I have been! LOL

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