Tuesday Day 473 Food Diary

Its late, and I should be in bed, but I got up because I have a terrible sinus headache from whatever bug Mattie had, and in short I feel like crap. I’m also upset because apparently my own mother can’t remember my birthday. My birthday was the 28th, and while I got a great response from my friends (you guys are awesome!), I really expected to at least get a “happy birthday” text or email from my mom if not a phone call, but instead got nothing. Sadly, I’m not all that surprised. Before my dad died, we fought constantly, and over every little thing. After my dad died, she did a complete 180° and was friendly, but basically ignored me. And since I moved out 3 years ago, she hasn’t even called me once just to talk. The only time she ever contacts me is when she needs help with something- normally the computer. The last couple times I have called her, I’ve basically been left talking to myself because she was too busy watching TV to hear anything I said. This does not make me happy, and really makes me wish I had a better family. I sent her an email this evening asking if everything is okay, in the event there is a logical reason why she hasn’t contacted me since last week, but I have my doubts there will be one. xD

Anyway, enough rambling about my shitty family life. Food today was not great. It wasn’t even good. Between just making bad choices, feeling like crap from this bug, eating my feelings, and eating garbage to try to make myself feel better, its been a f’ing disaster. I’m not even going to try to say I did good today because I screwed up across the board. I asked Mattie to take the last of the lasagna to work today so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it, but he didn’t, and of course I ate it. Then we had pasta for diner, and ice cream after that so the carbs (and fat- we’ll get to that) just kept piling up. 😮

gsp1This was my crazy delicious dinner tonight, which tasted amazing! Considering the ingredients, there is absolutely no doubt that it would. The sauce the shrimp are cooked in and the pasta is tossed with is pretty much pure fat- a ton of butter, some olive oil, and lots of garlic and Italian seasoning. That’s pretty much it. Super easy and quick to make. You can see the recipe here on my cooking blog. It was high in points, but we’d definitely eat it again and love every bite.  That also makes I think my 7th new recipe I’ve cooked this year, and its only January!

After dinner, there was some fruit. And then there was ice cream. The fruit wasn’t a bad idea, but the ice cream… I was hoping maybe (and I know this is ridiculous) my head would feel better afterwards when all it did was make my head ache worse. I tried drinking some hot teat too but it didn’t even taste good to me and I couldn’t finish my cup. :(

Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Mandarin Oranges 5
Lasagna 15
Garlic Shrimp Pasta 16
Broccoli 0
Orange 0
Apple 0
Breyer’s Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream (1 Cup) 7
Food Totals 42

I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day in terms of food and that I hear something back from my mom. I’m almost hoping something did go drastically wrong and that’s why I didn’t hear from her- not that she either forgot about me or that she just decided to blow me off. And I hope with the leftover lasagna gone I will have no choice but to make better decisions in food. I’m planning on fruit and cottage cheese for a late breakfast, followed by coffee and fruit for a snack if I get hungry later, and I think we’re having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tomorrow night. I’m planning on going light on the pasta, heavy on everything else, and only snacking on fresh fruits if I find myself hungry between meals.

I did have one good thing happen today though besides dinner. I found out the phone bill, now that Mel is off of it, will be about $5 a month less than I guessed. Five bucks may not seem like much, but its five bucks I can put towards debt or maybe buying a bottle of wine for dinner one night.