Wednesday Day 474 Food Diary

meatballsI slept late today, and even though my sinus headache finally cleared up, I woke up with a really sore throat and a stuffy, snotty nose. Still, it beats the pants off of the sinus headache of yesterday, no matter how stuffy and snotty I was today. I started off the day with cottage cheese and fruit, and I’m still not sure I’m sold on the little mandarin oranges mixed with cottage cheese. Peaches are always a winner, as is fruit cocktail, and pears would probably be great, but just not feeling the orange segments. Still, I’ve only got two more little cups of them left, so I can change it up to something else soon. I’m looking forward to my next trip to the store.

I finally got an email back form my mom, who reported that everything is fine, she’s just been busy. She reported that I got some mail there, maybe something for a class action lawsuit, and that my uncle turned up to visit my grandmother, and she had some questions about adding new photos to Rafael’s website that weren’t included in the first set of instructions I sent her the other day. No mention of forgetting my birthday or anything. To say I am disappointed in her over this is an understatement. I’m extremely upset and while I’m sure you guys are getting sick of hearing me harp on it, I can’t help but voice how I feel. Besides, this is my blog, and its my place to say that stuff.

I had some fruit later in the afternoon (and an extra cup of coffee) and tried out a new recipe for dinner. I made turkey & spinach meatballs, which I served with spaghetti, and while I thought they were really good, Mattie declared them “not good,” because apparently you’re supposed to toss them in the spaghetti sauce, which I did not know, since I’ve never had meatballs before. He only ate 2 of his 6, so tomorrow morning I’ll probably have his leftover ones for breakfast. Good for me, sad for him! LOL I’m disappointed that the recipe won’t make our regular menu rotation, but we’re tried many others that did make the rotation. Speaking of, I need to add in the ones we’ve recently liked to the next few months and remove the ones we didn’t care for.

I don’t have much else to say today, besides my disappointment in my mom, my stuffy nose, and that I ate pretty well today. I stayed within my P+ allowance, and actually have one P+ leftover, but I won’t be using it. I had so much to eat at dinner with all those meatballs, I’m still full hours later. I might have an orange or an apple later if I feel hungry, but I honestly see myself in bed before that happens. So, here’s today’s food diary in all its on-target glory.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Mandarin Oranges 5
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Apple 0
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Spaghetti & Turkey Spinach Meatballs 23
Food Totals 31

Of course I’m looking at this now and I’m kind of laughing at seeing almost all my P+ in one meal, and hardly anything in the rest of the day, but that’s how most of my good days are- hardly anything all morning and afternoon, and lots at night.

And now I’m off to read your blogs and spend the rest of my evening doing a lot of nothing. :)