Friday Day 476 Food Diary

AKA I’m Still Sick & This Sucks (& Food Diary)

Hi all. I’m still sick, with the not being able to breathe, sneezing all the time, constantly blowing my nose, and on and off sinus headaches, and I really wish this would pass already because I’m tired of feeling like crap. I literally slept through my alarm going off for 35 minutes this morning without a clue, and all I did today was watch more of Grey’s Anatomy season 6. I’m about to start episode 18, in case you’re wondering.  😉

Food was good today. I went 2 P+ into the weeklies because I decided at the end of the day I needed to try the Yoplait Boston Creme Pie flavor for dessert. Tomorrow I need to vacuum the house and I’m hoping dinner turns out good. We’re having Salisbury steak, which I had iffy results preparing last time so many moons ago. Mattie liked it though, so trying it again. Just gonna post the food diary and be on my way today. Here it is.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Mandarin Oranges 5
Avocado (3 Oz) 4
Apple 0
Chicken Enchiladas 15
Refried Beans w/Cheese 6
Apple 0
Yoplait Boston Crème Pie 4
Food Totals 34

Oh! I also updated the newly formatted progress chart for the month of February. I swear I am always tinkering with something on this site to keep up with the constant changes I seem to be making here. Have a good night friends!