Weigh and Measure Sunday Day 478 Food Diary

food diary

AKA Call Me Captain Fat -Ass

This week’s weigh-in was a big surprise for me. I used all but one of my weeklies last week and I still managed to show a 1.3 pound loss. I honestly have no idea how that even happened, but I’ll take it. I changed up the weigh-n-measure graphic a bit so its not comparing to last week, and it just showing change and the current wek’s stats. Its simpler this way.

Today was, as you all probably know, the Super Bowl. Some of you may have watched the Puppy Bowl instead. I wouldn’t blame you if you did- the Puppy Bowl is overflowing with cuteness. The Super Bowl is overflowing with people screaming and yelling pretty much non-stop, or at least that’s how it is in my house. Sean from across the street was here watching it with Mattie & Richard, and I was huddled up on the couch under a blanket watching Grey’s Anatomy on my laptop with headphones on. For the record, I finished up season 6 and have gotten started on season 7 now.

Being the Super Bowl, Mattie wanted to have pizza tonight as a special treat, to which I (probably stupidly) agreed to. Pizza is my biggest, worst trigger food. I cannot stop eating it to save my life so long as its in the house, and I ate way too much of it. I literally ate 4 pieces, later had an apple, was still actually hungry, and had 2 more pieces. Yeah, I ate 3/4ths of a large pizza on my own. 😮 I’m not too proud of that, but it happened, its done, and tomorrow I will have money to go grocery shopping so I can restock the house with good, healthy food, though we’ll probably be having pizza for dinner again tomorrow night.

I’m still sick, but not as sick as I was two days ago, and I am feeling better. Except for the fact that my nose won’t stop running, I almost feel up to exercising again. I’ve also been shopping eBay lately, and have found a few things I needed. I ordered the two bras I mentioned yesterday. I also ordered new panties from a Hanes reseller, (and some naughtier ones too!) and I have bids in on shaving razors. I know what razors I like and I also know my ass is cheap and I found several auctions starting at pretty low bids so trying to win them to save a few bucks. Oh, to have a silky smooth [insert body part] again! haha 😀

I don’t have much else to report today. I watched a lot of Grey’s, I ate too much pizza which I tried to counter with apples, and I did some shopping online. That pretty much sums up my day. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Tuna w/Italian Dressing 2
Yoplait Key Lime Yogurt (6 Oz) 4
Apple 0
Little Ceasars Hawaiian Pizza (4 Slices) 29
Apple 0
Little Ceasars Three Meat Treat (2 Slice) 19
Food Totals 56

Yup, Captain Fat-Ass is right! xD

Have a great night friends! I hope if your team played today, that they won, and if your team didn’t play, you still enjoyed the game (if you even watched it).

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  1. Yum Yucky

    That darn, tasty pizza. It’s my trigger, too. I do much better nowadays but it can still trick me into overeating if I don’t stay in stealth mode.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      LOL I don’t think I have a stealth mode when it comes to pizza- I either don’t touch it or I want to eat the whole thing, completely out of control. My “solution” is to only eat it two or three times a year!

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