Tuesday Day 480 Food Diary

polar02052013I finally got my haircut today after 6 weeks of trying to find an extra $10 and was able to get to the beauty school. Mattie had my car, and he was expecting to work late, so I hoofed it there and back. The girl did a good job on it- it turned out nice. Maybe I’ll get a pic of it tomorrow.  That walk earned me some APs and I did good on food today, and I would have finished perfectly on target even without the earned APs.

The veggies this week made me kind of sad. We got oranges and lemons, but no apples. The pink lady apples we have been getting are amazingly good and sweet, so I was disappointed not to get any of them this time. I do need to see about figuring how to use some of the greens we have in the fridge- maybe I can make a salad out of them or something.

I didn’t do much else today besides my walk and haircut besides watch Grey’s (one episode left of season 7!) and cook dinner, which was slightly experimental but pretty good. I was happily surprised to see the P+ values for my diner were lower than I expected, seeing as it was mostly pasta. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Tillamook Light Dark Cherry Yogurt (6 Oz) 4
Cottage Cheese & Mixed Fruit 5
Apple 0
Orange 0
Chicken & Pasta Stuff 18
Broccoli 0
Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon (2 5 Oz Glasses) 1
Apple 0
Food Totals 27
Exercise (Calories) Points
Walked 27:43 Mins 346
Exercise Points Totals 5
End of Day Totals 22

I have plans to make tomorrow as successful of a day as today was! Are you with me?

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  1. missmarisol

    Hey can you link me to the post on how you wash your hair? I was thinking of giving a try with the AVC.

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