Wednesday Day 481 Food Diary

I had a funny story I meant to share yesterday but I completely forgot. Mattie and I were sitting in the living room, and all of a sudden Sasha gets all her hair up on end, and starts growling and snarling like we might actually be in danger. She then rushes to the back door, and keeps snarling. Lucy gets up, calmly walks to the back door, and looks bored. I get up and go to the back door to see Sashi having a cow at a black plastic bag that’s caught on the bottom of the gate. I go out, pick up the bag and hold it up to the door. She continues snarling. I bring the bag in the house and show it to her. She panicked, racing backwards, then stopped, made eye contact with me, and wagged her tail looking embarrassed. Our dog is a ‘tard, but she’s so funny when she gets all worked up over nothing!

My friend Marisol also left a comment asking me about how I wash my hair. I’m going to go ahead and post this here, because its long for a comment.

I’m not sure if I have a post where I really explained it, but basically I take what looks like too much baking (lol) soda and mix it with a little water in a bowl into a fairly thick paste, then apply it all over my head. It doesn’t disperse that well, so I’ll usually put a little water over it to move it around some more, then massage it in really good. It even kind of lathers. My hair is oily, so I usually leave it sit for about 5 mins as it seems like the baking soda absorbs most of the oils that way. Then I rinse really well, and condition with a small amount (maybe about 1/3rd of a cup) of apple cider vinegar. I let that sit for a few minutes too after I’ve worked in through my hair. There is a very slightly smell from the vinegar that remains after you rinse it out, but its pretty mild.

If you don’t get all the baking soda out before you apply the vinegar, your head will fizz up like a kid’s volcano project, which is actually pretty giggle worthy. And also, if the vinegar accidentally gets in your eyes, it doesn’t burn exactly so much as just makes a weird heating sensation. I’m not going to say its pleasant, but its not really painful. I’d still try to keep it out of them though!

Anyway, I’ve been doing this with my hair since the beginning on June 2012. I’m still trying to perfect my technique, but overall I think it was a good change to make. A huge box of baking soda costs about $2 at the store, and lasts Mattie and I months. Both of our scalps have stopped producing so much oil as when we were using shampoo, and he can easily go about 2 weeks between washes before its noticeably oily. He just rinses it a few times a week in between. My scalp, which producing a lot less oil, still mandates my hair be washed about every 5 days. I also use to have (this is gross) sores all over my scalp that were constantly cracked, bleeding a little, and unbearably itchy, and those have gone I’d say 95% of the way away.

The biggest drawback I’ve found since switching to this method is that it tangles really, really easily, but switching to using a wide tooth comb helps quite a bit in that department. Using a brush just rips an insane amount of it out every day.

Let’s see…. what else? Mattie had me drive him over to the collision center this afternoon after he got off of work to pick up his car. They checked everything out, and tried starting it dozens of times, and it started fine every time, so we’re still stuck at square one of not knowing what the hell is wrong with it. Hopefully the problem will either stay gone or it will reveal itself to what’s causing it.

Food was okay today. I had a hungry day. All I wanted to do was eat. Amazingly I managed to keep myself in check, and was only 2 P+ into flex at the end of the day. I’m still hungry though and wish I had a big, fat, juicy burger right now! That would be so good! Anyway, here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Mixed Fruit 5
Fit & Fruity Vanilla Yogurt 4
Tuna w/Italian Dressing 2
Orange 0
Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Shells 17
Frigo Fontinella Cheese (1 Oz) 3
Breyer’s Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream (1/2 Cup) 3
Food Totals 34

Tomorrow I need to go buy some milk as we’ll be out, and I should probably figure out what we’re having for dinner tomorrow night here soon too. This week’s menu plan got a bit turned around to say the least. I’m thinking BBQ chicken legs. :)

All righty! See you guys tomorrow!

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  1. missmarisol

    Thank you for the explanation. My scalp has been dry & flakey and it’s more noticeable when i use my hair dryer. It also gets very oily by the second day. Do you use any hair products while styling?

    1. Deb (Post author)

      No problem. :)

      No, no styling products, but the most I do with my hair is put it in a pony tail… lol. I haven’t used a air dryer since my mom used to dry my hair after a bath as a little girl.

      Hopefully you can find something that works for you and improves your scalp!

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