Thursday Day 482 Food Diary

Today has been interesting. I was gotten out of bed this morning by some religion peddlers knocking n my front door. I answered the door in my bathrobe, glasses maybe half on my face, one eye opened, and squinting. We had this conversation.

Two girls: How are you today?
*I glared at being woken up for absolutely no good reason*
TG: Would you like to know the truth?
Me: We’re not religious.
*I start closing the door.*
TG: What?
Me: We’re not religious.
TG: Oh, you’re not? That’s so sad! Would you like some reading material to entertain yourself with?
*I closed the door.*

This happens several times per month. We have churches everywhere here and someone is constantly trying to peddle their (extremely unwanted) beliefs to us. I saw a thing online a while back- “Religion is like a penis. Its okay to have one and be proud of it, but don’t try to shove it down my or my children’s throats.” I can’t agree with that sentiment more. I’ve been an atheist since I was 4 years old, although I didn’t know the word for it then. I was sure of this when my grandmother threatened me for the 1000th time that I would go to hell if I didn’t say I believed in god. The entire concept was so absurd to me then and still is. I’m not sure I ever had an imaginary friend when I was a child and I definitely don’t need one now. Your religion is your business, not anyone else’s. ^_^

I caught up on a few shows (Bomb Girls & Castle) and then it was time for Mattie to get home from work. A little before dinner I decided to check my mom’s boyfriend’s website to see if they had succeeded in adding content to it themselves yet, to see an entirely black screen with the words “Hacked by [name]” across the top. Obviously this is not what is supposed to be there. I was able to log in to the site with my mom’s user name and password combination, but not mine. Unfortunately her user name does not have administrative privileges so that was next to useless. I went into the SQL database manager at the web host and pulled up the users table. My email address had not been changed, just my password, so I requested a password reset. Once I was logged in with an admin account, I could see all the content was there, but somehow my theme had been compromised. I reinstalled the theme I was previously using, removed some files from the home directory that did not belong there, and then re-installed WordPress over the current installation. That put everything back how it was supposed to be. Then I created a new admin user with a more random name and completely random password, and using the database admin, deleted the user that had been compromised. The entire thing took about ten minutes, but had I panicked, who knows how long it may have taken. At least the defacement was extremely superficial and all the data was still intact. Of course my mom thought I was some kind of internet god because I was able to tell her exactly when the site was taken down by checking the date stamps via FTP as I was looking for things that appeared out of place. :p

Food was good today. I was 1 P+ int my weeklies at the end but I made most of my snacks today healthy ones and the only thing I kind of regret eating was that piece of cheese- a roughly one inch square piece of cheese seems so small for 3 P+ and kind of a waste. I mean it tasted good (Come on! It’s cheese!) but still seemed like a waste. I also finally vacuumed the house and after going over all the carpet multiple times, I emptied the canister twice, and clogged the vacuum, pulling out probably another canister of hair out of the hoses. I vacuumed last about 10 days ago- this should tell you how much hair the dogs are losing all the time. Its ridiculous. Anyway, here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Mixed Fruit 5
Frigo Fontinella Cheese (1 Oz) 3
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Chicken Legs (2) 8
Pasta Roni Four Cheese Corkscrew Pasta (1 Cup) 9
Broccoli 0
Orange 0
Cottage Cheese & Pineapple 5
Food Totals 33

I think that pretty sums it up for today. Hopefully I will get to all of your blogs this evening before we head to bed. Have a great night and see you all tomorrow!