Monday Day 500 Food Diary

wm-02252013I’m pretty sure you know this is not the loss I was hoping for this week. I really screwed up my weigh in by having that small binge late Saturday night, and to be honest my eating wasn’t very good for most of this week. However, a loss is still a loss, and I’ll happily take it. I just wish it had been 1.8 pounds instead.

I did lose a half an inch off of my waist though, so really happy about that, because I was honestly expecting to be a bit bloated in my middle due to not having as good of bowel movements as normal the last few days. We also had all that cabbage last night with dinner and I was expecting to be gassy still this morning from it.

Food today was… Well, it wasn’t so much eating as feasting all at once. I woke up a little late, did some reading in bed, realized it was already about 2pm, and I’d be making dinner soon. I had some coffee, and about an hour before dinner was ready the rest of my current can of pineapple. I was also baking a fresh loaf of bread during this time, that we planned to eat with dinner.

When the bread was done, I let it cool a bit as dinner wasn’t quite ready yet, eventually slicing it into 12 pieces. I served up a bowl of stew to each of us, and I ended up eating 4 slices of bread, and Mattie ate 5 plus a second bowl of stew, leaving 3 in the bag for another day. I do not have to worry about throwing any of this bread out because it went bad, as I think we can manage to eat 3 slices over the next few days. I may send the rest of the bread to work with him tomorrow or I might save it and have French toast in the morning for myself.

Lisa made a post on her blog at 110 Pounds & Counting today that was interesting to read. It was about how different meal sizes/numbers work differently for different people. A lot of people subscribe to a 3 meals a day plan, and others subscribe to eating 6 small meals instead. Some people snack, and some people don’t. In my case, I tend to eat a very light breakfast/lunch combo, and then a big dinner. I think this says a lot about my relationship with food, and how far it is from being a healthy one. Once I start eating, I literally feel like I can’t stop. Because of this, I usually have some sort of light dairy such as yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, and coffee in the late morning or early afternoon. If I get hungry before dinner, I may have some fruit. Then I eat almost my entire day’s worth of calories at dinner time because, as I said, once I start, I can’t stop. Because I’m eating almost my whole day’s worth of food at once, I’m stuffed, and rarely have an desire to eat again that night. Obviously this is not the best way to consume my calories, but its what works best for me right now.

As I told my friend Tracy this evening, right now I have three dietary goals.

  1. Stay within my Points+ limits each week.
  2. Eat the “dirty” carbs (pasta, bread, potatoes, rice) only once a day. If pasta is the main part of the meal, I still try to limit myself to 1.5 servings of it.
  3. Eat at least 2 servings of fruits/veggies every day. As you can see on my goals page for this year, I’ve been successful at this about 80% of the time.

These 3 things are helping me to lose the weight, and as I cement these into my lifestyle, I’ll start working on something else. Here are some things I’d like to incorporate in the future.

  • Eating fish or seafood once a week.
  • Get more exercise, preferably multiple times per week.
  • Make sure dinner each night includes a vegetable. Some nights we don’t have any veggies with dinner at all, and I honestly, I feel guilty when that happens.

Anyway, today ended with me slightly over my P+ goal, but its not some horrible amount, and I really don’t feel bad about it. I really only ate one meal today, and yes, I may have eaten more responsibly if I had eaten earlier (besides some pineapple) but I didn’t. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Pineapple 0
Beef Stew 20
Homemade Bread 14
Food Totals 35

I’d also like to say I started my class in Social Media today and so far its been interesting. I’m still trying to look over all the media for this week’s material, but it looks like we are going to be doing a lot of interacting via Twitter for this class.

I don’t have anything else to report today, so going to wrap this up and see you all tomorrow!