Wednesday Day 502 Food Diary


See who finally went to the gym after how long? And I ran!

Good morning friends! Wednesday started out a really, really lazy day. I did not want to get out of bed, and instead chose to lay in bed, without getting dressed, alternating between reading and staring at the backs of my eyelids. :sleep: I did eventually get up and had the next to last piece of bread and some coffee for breakfast, and poked around online. I ended up putting on make-up, and heading to my doctor’s appointment a half hour earlier with my book, where I read in the waiting room, and was actually called in earlier because the person before me was a no show.  The appointment went well, and ended with him using his iPhone to look at the correct pronunciation of the word “insatiable”, since it comes form the word “satiety”, which really doesn’t sound much like it. My pronunciation won, by the way. 8)

After that I came home to read a bit more, and eventually Mattie was off work, and more or less on his way home.

194 pounds.... Compared this to my first pics on the Photos page!

194 pounds…. Compare this to my first pics on the Photos page!

Before he got home, I took this photo of myself. I don’t know if you remember, but back in August I made this shirt. I posted pictures of it on my sewing blog, with me modelling it, and to be honest, while it did technically fit, it was a snug fit and I didn’t like the way it showed off some of my more unwanted curves. You can see the original pictures here. I don’t have a side view of that top from August, but I do have one now, and check that out! My stomach does not stick out more than my boobs! That’s something to be proud of, especially considering my boobs are freaking giant!  Haha! My next “visual” goal is when I lay down in the tub, I want to be able to see my pelvis, not my fat little tummy poking up instead.

When Mattie made it home, I told him I had planned on making hamburgers for dinner tonight, but I found out he had burgers for lunch so he didn’t want to eat them again for dinner. I ended up switching up the days for this week’s menu plan and making spaghetti instead, which while delicious, wasn’t what I wanted- I was really looking forward to a burger and maybe the rest of the salad from last night. Still, spaghetti is always good, except when you do what I did after dinner.

I decided an hour or so later, when Mattie left for pool league, that I’d change clothes and head to the gym. I slipped into my yoga pants (which I wear for everything) and a t-shirt, put on my HRM, and headed to the gym. When I got there, the parking lot was so full I had to park in front of the next building, and walk back. That’s not so much as issue as a “I don’t want to walk across a mostly dark parking lot at night alone” kind of thing. Luckily, when I got into the gym, I saw most of the people there were ladies for the zumba class. I cannot see the appeal of it at all, but I’m also someone who pretty much despises the act of dancing and will do pretty much anything to avoid it.

I got on the treadmill, walked for about 5 minutes, ran 0.10 miles, walked a bit, ran another 0.10, walked, ran another one, and walked until 30 minutes had elapsed. I really wanted to do more but I found I’d forgotten my water bottle on the couch at home and I knew once I stepped off of the treadmill I wouldn’t want to get back on again tonight so I told myself 30 minutes and you can go. I managed to burn almost 400 calories according to my Polar HRM, and figured that was pretty good for 30 minutes.

That’s all I’ve got for today, so here’s my food diary.

What Points
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Homemade Bread 4
Apple 0
Spaghetti 23
Cottage Cheese & Pineapple 5
Food Totals 32
Exercise Description Calories
Walk/Jogged 30:00 Mins 371
Exercise Points Totals 5
End of Day Totals 27

As you can see, I had cottage cheese and pineapple as my post-workout snack (mini-meal?), because 1) its delicious, and 2) its filling without making me feel heavy.

Okay, enough rambling! See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Lisa

    You are looking great! You’re making such great progress!

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thank you Lisa! I can’t wait to cross off a few more mini-goals. :)

  2. Yum Yucky

    Spaghetti! Now I want some for dinner. I planned on no pasta this week. See that! This is all your fault. I must haz some spaghetti. ((gurgle))

    1. Deb (Post author)

      LOL Sorry! I’m just glad we’re gonna have those burgers I wanted tonight!

  3. missmarisol

    Look at you girl! You look fantastic.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thank you Marisol!

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