Friday Day 504 Food Diary

Today started off with me waking up and feeling some major DOMS from the last two day’s running after (yes, I checked my calendar) 2 months without running at all. No wonder I hurt today! My glutes are the worst of it, and there is no comfortable position to sit, stand or lay in. The soreness started setting in last night as I slept, and as a result, I did not sleep well. Because I didn’t sleep well, I totally spaced on today being the first and doing my weigh and measure for the month of March. I’ll be doing that tomorrow instead. That might be for the better anyway, because I had that big dinner last night so the scale probably had bad things to say this morning anyway! :whistle:

I had cottage cheese and pineapple for breakfast, and then read some of the March issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. I read one story sitting on the side steps out in the sun, and one on the couch. I’m hoping to finish it up before bed tonight. I finished The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite last night; I can’t remember if I mentioned that or not. Next I’m not sure if I want to read 50 Shades of Grey, Don’t Panic : Taking Control of Panic Attacks, or Alone Together, the book I got for my social media class.

I also want to recap some of my goals for this year. As it stands right now, I’m 14% of the way to my goal of reading 35 books this year. I’ve eaten at least two servings of fruits and veggies a day 82% of the time so far. I’m 42% of the way to meeting my cooking goal, and I’m 40% of my way to meeting my Kiva loaning goal. My other goals really haven’t made much (or in some cases any) progress this year, which I am hoping to work one in particular over the next few months. If you’ve looked at my sidebar, you can see I added another goal for the month of March- to not charge anything to my BillMeLater account this month, and also to cancel my Visa. If I can avoid doing that, I can have it paid off in full by May, which means I can turn more money over to to Visa and work on getting that paid off as well. I looked at my yearly summaries for the Visa and saw how much I spent on it over the last two years. I spent almost $700 more on it in 2012 than I did in 2011, and my spending in 2011 was too much already! My biggest problem is in trying to pay it off, I feel like I can’t have anything fun that I want, and I end up charging crap. What I want to try over the next two months is allowing myself a few dollars more each week for groceries or whatever I want, to see if having that little “extra” helps keep my spending in check. It means less money is going towards paying of the balances, but it will hopefully also mean less is being charged. I actually just sent off an email to my gym inquiring about switching the charges from my Visa to my debit card instead, so I can cancel the Visa- then I can focus purely on paying it off and not be able to charge anything new to it.

Food was pretty good today, though as I’m typing this post-dinner I feel a little too full. However, most of dinner was vegetables, so there was quite a bit of fiber in my meal and the carbs were pretty low with plenty of protein. I’m not unhappy with my food choices for today though as I really did keep things in check and made good decisions. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Pineapple 5
Orange 0
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Fried Rice w/Chicken & Veggies 17
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Food Totals 24

Not a lot else to say so closing for now. See you all tomorrow!