Monday Day 507 Food Diary

polar03042013Yes, that shot of my Polar HRM may show the lamest workout attempt ever. I literally walked down my street, jogged down two other streets, walked to the next one, jogged two more, and walked the rest of the way home because apparently it being 73° this afternoon was just too hot for me to handle. Seriously. So yeah, almost 15 minutes of walking and jogging and mentally complaining the entire time that I was too hot. I’ve got a bad feeling this summer is going to be brutally hot if its already in the 70’s and we’re barely into March. I’m not looking forward to that at all.

I spent about half of my day cleaning out old files I have backed up elsewhere that I rarely access, running scans, fixing things, and finally am confident my laptop is being its normal, non-never-gonna-boot-again-self. The terror I had last night when it wouldn’t boot at all was bad. We’re talking like I almost had an anxiety attack, this is nearly as bad as getting in a huge fight with my boyfriend bad. I was envisioning my days with no internet access, no money to get the laptop diagnosed or repaired, and my pending internet withdrawals. My life was going to become an insane cycle of sleeping, reading, working out, baking (lots of baking), cooking meals, reading, and some crafting through in here and there to mix it up. I was going to become the biggest patron of our local library, and I was going to cook my way cover to cover through every cookbook I got my hands on.

Food today was just bad. I literally had a cup of cottage cheese for breakfast and went grocery shopping where I spent almost all my money and forgot to get one of the most important items (which I forgot to ad to my list). Yeah, water is kind of important. I drink a lot of it. I’ll have to find the money to go get some tomorrow as well as a few other minor things. I was also unhappy to see there were no varieties of dog food our girls eat that were on sale. Feeding a good food is worth it, but the amount of money we spend on dog food is insane! Anyway, I had an apple and then didn’t eat until dinner, which while delicious, wasn’t filling at all and used up almost 40 P+ of my daily 31 P+ allowance. Seriously. :(

I also continued my efforts to gain those new 100 followers on Twitter. As it stands at the time of me typing this, I need 83 more to reach my target. I’ve even gone so far as to make tweets like this one:

I’m hoping eventually one person with a mad following will give me a RT and I’ll get a good amount of follows, but I’m not holding my breathe. If it happens, great. Either way I’ll be begging follows on my own and spending a lot of time chatting it up with everyone about everything. I think I have chatted more on Twitter today and yesterday than I have in the 2 weeks previous combined. Still, it seems to be working albeit slowly, and I am meeting some new and interesting people and I hope to meet several more in the near future. Give me a RT if you’d like and maybe some of your followers will become our followers!

Here’s a note just for Chris. BOOBS. I told him I’d talk about boobs in my post I made last night, but I forgot so here it is today. BOOBS.

And here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Apple 0
Chicken & Biscuits 36
Food Totals 42
Exercise Description Calories
Walked/Jogged 14:37 Minutes 184
Exercise Points Totals 3
End of Day Totals 39

Points-wise, this was just not a good day no matter how I try to look at it. I can only hope that the fact that I never felt even remotely full is a sign of the scale not being up in the morning.

I also started a new book today. Yes, I started reading 50 Shades of Grey. I’m 80 pages into it and it’s… bad. Like the writing is on par with the Twilight books kind of bad. There’s been one elevator whore kiss so far, and a lot of sexual tension, but really nothing has happened except to tease this poor girl with something she knows nothing about. :straight: Its just… Well, I will probably finish this one and doubtful that I will read the two sequels. I think my friend Nikki is reading this one now though so maybe we can discuss the horror of it over texts one night.

I don’t have much else to say here tonight, I just hope tomorrow’s eating is better and I’m going to try to head to the gym too. I need to do better than that craptacularly short walk/run I took this afternoon.