Tuesday Day 508 Food Diary

Tuesday began with me waking up at an amazingly decent hour, and deciding to stay in bed reading for a while. I had fully intended to stay there until the veggies came today, but instead the dogs started racing back and forth through the house, barking and growling and wrestling with each other. After they spent a half hour outside, I finally let them in, and this is what they did for pretty much the rest of the day.


Yes, they slept on their couch all day, moving only to stretch their legs and adjust their head’s positions. We may have the laziest dogs in the world, and they truly believe that couch belongs to them and only them. (Yes I am aware the cover on the couch desperately needs mending and a good washing!)

After bringing the dogs in, and having breakfast, I spent most of my afternoon watching videos for my Social Media class, which there are a lot of in this unit. Most of them are long- about 40 minutes, so its takingĀ  while to get through them. I actually only got through two of them before getting kind of bored with sitting there, and then Mattie was on his way home. Before he came home though, I called and cancelled my Visa. I’ve been determined to pay it of and it just doesn’t happen because I keep running it up again. Now I’ve no choice but to pay it off.

I opted to try out a new recipe for dinner tonight, which I had had doubts about but he wanted me to try to make. It was actually really good, and I posted the recipe on the cooking blog, but as seems to happen a lot, I forgot to take photos of the food when it was done. I didn’t even take any while it was cooking. It was kind of high in points, but nowhere near the monster that last night’s dinner was. After dinner I fed the dogs and read some more of my book. Its trashy novel time again, and I’m reading the first 50 Shades book- I know, I’m months behind the trend! I’m not going to say its a good book, because its really not, but it is a easy read and kind of fun, though I have yet to be shocked by anything in here so far… whatever that says about me and my tastes! LOL

I also took some time to update my 2013 goals page this evening, and have made some progress in a few places, though its been small. I’ve done good though on trying new recipes, staying on track with my reading, and eating my 2 servings of fruits/veggies almost every day. What I really need to work on is my workouts goal- I’ve done a horrid job of that one so far.

I don’t have a lot else to say today, so I’m going to post my food diary now. Here it is.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Apple 0
Creamy Pork Saute 22
Orange (1) 0
Food Totals 29

I did pretty good today I think. :) See you all tomorrow!