Weigh and Measure Sunday Day 513

weigh and measureI am not happy with this week’s weigh and measure, but I expected it. What I don’t understand is how it happened. I stayed well within my limits, and even if giving last night’s dinner a exorbitant amount of points, I would still have plenty left over. But all week, from Monday on, the scale has been up. At one point it was up by almost 4 pounds and I just don’t understand how or why. :( I really hope to see a good loss next week because this makes me sad, and I just wish I knew why it turned out this way.

I’ve also found I have some more time to grab my 100 new follows on Twitter. My actually assignment on this is due I think on the 25th, so I basically have two more weeks to accomplish this. I’ve gotten 32 new follows in the first week, if I get 34 over each of the next two weeks, I will reach my goal!

I do warn you though- I will talk about nearly anything on my Twitter, though I do keep cursing to a minimum. Tonight there was a lot of talk about boobs- if things like that offend you, you probably should not follow me!

Food today was okay… kind of. I felt like I ate a lot, but I never really felt satisfied all day. I drank too much coffee, ate a lot of pineapple, and dinner was a total bust. It was such an epic failure that Mattie barely ate any of it, and I ate it only because I was hungry. He joked about going to Wienerschnitzel, and I kind of wish he would have! Basically, I made sweet n sour pork, which is typically tasty. But we couldn’t find the normal brand of sauce mix I usually use, so we tried this other one. I added a little white vinegar to it, and that was literally the only flavor in the whole thing. I also only used half the amount of water called for on the packet, and no matter how long I cooked it, it was like soup. Bland, tasteless, disappointing soup. After dinner I made blueberry muffins that we’d be wanting for a few days, and I ate two of them. After that I ended up having a slice of cheddar cheese, which helped me feel more satisfied than anything else i had eaten all day.

Here’s today’s sad little food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese & Pineapple 5
Coffee w/Coffeemate 2
Pineapple 0
Sweet n Sour Pork 17
Coffee w/Coffeemate 2
Betty Crocker Wild Blueberry Muffin (2) 9
Cheddar Cheese (1 Oz) 3
Food Totals 38

Tomorrow Mattie will have my car all day, and then after work he’ll be taking his dad to a doctor’s appointment, leaving me to fend for myself for dinner again. It means I have to put off my grocery shopping until either Tuesday afternoon, or do it late on Monday evening,, so it will probably be Tuesday. I don’t like going out in the evening unless we’re going to dinner or maybe friends’ houses if I can help it. I still need to work on my shopping list, though a few items that would have been on it have been taken care of by Mattie over the weekend- I actually have creamer for my coffee, which is a splurge for me, and he had plenty of snacks and cereal for this weekend.

I also need to get back on track with my dinner menus for this week as everything got all mixed up over the last two weeks, and I’m not even sure how. I tried to get back on track this week but I ended up buying all the wrong things and just kind of winging it through. I’m not even sure how on track we can be this week as we’re going to be ordering from Omaha Steak and getting us a freezer full of meat… which means I really don’t have a meat budget after that for the rest of the month, and aside form two turkey legs we’re having on Tuesday, all I have in the freezer is chicken and I think one meal’s worth of salmon. Ugh. This whole month is screwed up financially, but I’m still glad I cancelled my credit card, eve if the timing could have been a little better for it.  I can’t wait for next month, though I’m a little apprehensive about it too because I know the interest-free promotional period on my BillMeLater account is coming to an end and I’m not sue how much I will need to pay to stay in the interest-free zone. But hey! By May that account will be paid in full, and in June my dental bills will be paid off. Its a way away still, but July will make things look a lot better, and then I can start making lager payments towards my Visa account.

I don’t have much else to say today. I did the laundry, and I still need to put it away. I’m really preoccupied with money right now and hoping to drag through the next few months until I can relax a little. At the end of this month, I will have that check coming for almost $30 which will go towards my BillMeLater account, and in the next week I should have a $10 Amazon.com credit, so I’m going to use that to get myself something I want, not need. Hopefully I can cash out on a few other survey companies soon too.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. missmarisol

    The gain could be from sodium in the food you ate at the party. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just try to up your water intake.

    $ can be so stressful. Hang in there.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Maybe. The scale has been crazy all week, and now that I’m past my weigh in, its where it should be again. WTH? lol

      Just a couple months of things being really tight and I’ll have some wiggle room. Just gotta stick it out a while.

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