Monday Day 514 Food Diary

Hi friends! Today started off rough on food and I honestly didn’t hold a lot of hope out for it going well. I usually go shopping on Mondays, but Mattie needed my car to take his dad to a doctor’s appointment after work, so it was delayed until tomorrow. We have nothing I really wanted to eat in the house, though now that I’ve had my dinner I have all kind of breakfast ideas in my head, and I ended up fixing a box of beans and rice for breakfast, followed by one of the blueberry muffins I made last night. I really wanted another one, but  stopped myself at one. When I got a little hungry later, I had what I counted as two oranges- it was actually 1 smallish one, and 3 tiny ones, all of which had really thick peels. Then I vacuumed the house, and amazingly the dogs stayed on the couch the whole time and didn’t try to “help” me like they tend to do. I also got the rest of the laundry I did last night put away, though that was a challenge in finding enough hangers because I swear Mattie’s t-shirts multiply in the wash.

For dinner I fixed a chicken helper because I hate cooking for myself and only myself, and I ate about half of it, packing the rest up for Mattie’s lunch the next day, and called it good. I did decide to boil that head of cauliflower I had in the fridge to mash, as well as bake the baby butternut squash I had in the fridge, for another day- probably tomorrow. I kept forgetting they were both in there and finally remembered when I didn’t have something else to do, and I know once I cook them I will actually eat them. So many of you swear by prepping most of your food at the start of the week and its something I should do at least in part.

Since I did manage to stay out of the kitchen for most of the day, I’m happy with my food diary. Its not exactly how I wanted it to go, but all things considered, its not horrible. I had a end of day splurge of that boiled cauliflower with a little cheese and butter mashed in, and some garlic powder, which put me into my weeklies pretty well, but I’m not worried about it. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Rice-a-Roni Red Beans & Rice (1 Box, no margarine) 13
Betty Crocker Wild Blueberry Muffin (1) 5
Orange (2) 0
Chicken Helper Whole Grain Lemon & Herb Chicken (1 Cup) 14
Cauliflower w/ Butter & Cheese
Food Totals 41

So far this week has had me going into my weeklies quite a bit, but tomorrow I know I will be back on track. I’ll have my normal cottage cheese for breakfast, maybe eat that last orange, an wait for the produce delivery to arrive. Then I can go grocery shopping.

Tomorrow night we are having turkey drumsticks, mashed potatoes, gravy, and salad as I have a crazy amount of lettuce in my fridge as well as some other salad greens. I might cook up the mustard greens I have in there as well. I’ll be picking up tomatoes and some cucumber at the store tomorrow as well to fill in a bit. I’m also thinking that I am going to take the spaghetti squash and some potatoes across the street to Shawn’s and let him have them. I won’t eat the spaghetti squash (Oh! How I desperately wanted to like you!) and we have potatoes coming out our ears to say the least. I could probably part with a few other things in the fridge as well while I’m at it.

I also took a few minutes earlier to update my 2013 goals page and adjust things as they have progressed. I was upset to see that my debt is currently less paid off than it was a month ago, but that’s why I cancelled my Visa- so that doesn’t happen any more. Some of my other goals actually do show some positive progress. I also pulled the cover off of the couch and threw it in the wash, and the dogs think I did something crazy.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’m signing off for now, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!