Tuesday Day 515 Food Diary

Tuesday, as you (probably) know by now, is Abundant Harvest Organics delivery day. They supply us with most of our produce, giving us gorgeous fruits and veggies to last us through the week. I also had this week’s grocery shopping to do still, but had to wait for the delivery to get here first. I got my squash I baked last night out of the fridge and heated it up, but it just didn’t taste good to me. It was kind of bitter, which was weird because butternut squash is sweet, so I tossed it out. I ended up having a bowl of cottage cheese and some coffee, and settling in to finish watching The Road to Wellville, and then catching up on Lost Girl. I had the two most recent episodes of that to watch. The veggies still hadn’t come by 1pm, so I started another movie, Better Off Dead. Its one of the movies I have that Mattie refuses to watch on the grounds that it has John Cusack in it. Still, I like some of his movies, especially the old 80’s stuff. SO cheesy but so much fun!

I also spent more time in the bathroom than I ever wanted to today because apparently everything I’ve eaten in the last week (okay, not really but it seemed that way) decided it was time to exit my body. I was feeling a little backed up a few days ago, but not any more! But hey, yay for stuff moving through! Months ago I purchased a container of Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2, which I still haven’t had the chance to use. Basically, I’ve read you will be spending most of the week you’re taking it in and out of the bathroom- which means I need to do it on a week that I will be home. I don’t have any doctor’s appointments or anything over the rest of this week, so I started it today. I took the first dose of it when I came home from shopping, and its flavorless, as people reviewing it have described, but it doesn’t dissolve, and you really do need to add it to a jar or bottle that you can shake the living hell out of repeatedly to keep it sort of mixed and actually drinkable. I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes.

I also discovered that one of my friends has been scheduled for jury duty the same week I am here in town, so if we both get called in, we’re riding together. Kind of funny how that works, you know? And while I could certainly use the little bi they pay you for serving, at the same time I don’t really want to do it. The whole getting up super early in the morning and having to spend all day at the courthouse, maybe for many days, is not an appealing prospect for me, so I am really hoping I don’t actually get called in or am sent home the first day. I know, I know, I’m supposed to do my civic duty, but damn it I don’t want to!

Dinner was turkey drumsticks, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a salad- mine with avocado and Mattie’s with cheese. We ended up eating really late because he had to go check out a friend’s car when he got home from work, after finally fixing his own car. There’s a story there too! Back in December, Mattie got his car back from the body shop after having it repaired from his accident. After about a week of it running fine, it started not starting about once a week. This went on for about a month and soon it started starting less often, until about a month ago it stopped starting altogether. From the beginning, I said “I bet its the ignition switch.” He kind of blew it off, and over the following weeks, testing pretty much every aspect of the ignition system, and found nothing wrong. In the process he did learn a few new things, but he didn’t solve the problem.  Finally, today, he got a new ignition switch and installed it. The car started up just like normal, with no issues. I immediately marched outside to demand he tell me I was right, which he did… lol. I got to gloat about it a bit, and he has his car running again, so I’m happy- more so because it is fixed then for the gloating.

Food was fairly decent today. I really did indulge at dinner with a turkey leg, mashed potatoes and gravy, a big salad, and an avocado. After dinner, I followed it with my next dose of the cleanse powder, which only sucked a little because I had just eaten and then had to chug 12 oz of liquid and my stomach was like “Screw you! I’m FULL!” Because of the cleanse using juice (which I am cutting in half with water), I’m consuming more liquid points for this week, so will probably be over my P+ allotment for the week no matter how careful I am. Its just one week though and I do hope I see a good result. I haven’t had my last dose yet tonight, but I’ve figured it in to my food diary already so I can get this set up to post before the very end of my night. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Coffeemate 2
Orange (2) 0
Cleanse w/Newman’s Own Limeaid 3
Avocado 0
Turkey Drumstick 5
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 9
Salad w/Thousand Island Dressing 3
Cleanse w/Newman’s Own Limeaid 3
Cleanse w/Newman’s Own Limeaid 3
Food Totals 34

I don’t have much else to say for today, so going to call it an end here. Tomorrow I will have 5 doses of the cleanse in my system at the end of the day, instead of today’s 3, and I will try to eat a less decadent meal. I do have an insane amount of salad stuff which I am desperately trying to use up this week, so it will probably involve that quite a few times. I also gave a big bag of potatoes and a spaghetti squash to our across the street neighbors as I have potatoes coming out of my freaking ears and I don’t like spaghetti squash.

Okay, enough of me! See you all tomorrow!