Friday Day 518 – Intestinal Cleanse

Friday is my third full day of the intestinal cleanse, and I’m seeing a pattern about now. After the 4th dose in a day, I start feeling really heavy and bloated. The 5th dose makes me feel not so hot (like I just ate an entire pizza in under ten minutes), and when I wake up in the morning, I still feel heavy and bloated, but shortly after a huge bowel movement follows and I feel good until the end of the day again. I honestly have no idea if this is doing me any good, or if I’m just drinking silt for no good reason. The hardest part for me right now is staying away from the scale because the cleanse is filled with things that draw in and retain pretty much everything- liquids especially, so I am literally retaining water like a sponge right now and its making the scale go all over, despite the fact this also has me peeing literally every 40 minutes for as long as I am awake. I have no idea what in this is acting as a diuretic, or if its just because every few hours I am chugging down almost an entire bottle of water, but its getting annoying. No one mentioned constant peeing in the reviews, and I’m finding the ongoing need to go is driving me crazy more so than any other aspect of it. I’m also wondering if my idea of a “heaping teaspoon” as directed for use for each dose of the cleanse is more than they think a heaping teaspoon should be- I have a feeling the jar is going to be used up before I get the last 8 doses out of it. In fact, I am sure of this.

Food was good today right up until the end, when I decided I was hungry after dinner and Mattie suggested ice cream. I went with it, ate too much and ended up over on Points+ for the day yet again. I also think if I had just waited another half hour and taken my last dose of the cleanse for the day, I wouldn’t have felt hungry until I was ready for breakfast on Saturday. Here’s Friday’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Coffeemate 2
Orange (2) 0
Chicken, Breast (6 Oz) 6
Pasta Roni, Garlic & Olive Oil Vermicelli (1 Cup) 9
Peas & Carrots 0
Cleanse w/Mixed Juice (Pure- No additives) x5 0
Coffee w/Coffeemate 2
Orange (2) 0
Ice Cream (1 Cup) 9
Food Totals 34

I really didn’t do much today except talk about doing things- Mattie did get the badges ordered for Wondercon though, so we are official! I’m looking forward to it a lot, though I know I’ll come home beyond exhausted. I’d also like to dress up but no idea who or what as. Any ideas that can be done on a tight budget?

Anyway, that’s all for today. See you all tomorrow!