Grocery Haul Monday Day 569

groceryhaulToday was a small grocery haul Monday. I stocked our freezer so well last month we really id not need any meat, but I grabbed some chicken thighs because they’re hella cheap, and a package of bratwursts because they taste so good (but insanely unhealthy) squeezed out of their casings, crumbled, and cooked with Zatarain’s dirty rice mix. I got ice cream because I had the extra money this week, and its something we eat more of when the weather is warm. Today, however, was not warm. It was rainy, cold, and windy. I pretty much froze my ass off all day today, though because I was holed up in my craft room all day, I really didn’t notice it. I also didn’t notice today that at 6:45pm, I still had not eaten anything at all, and made an “emergency” run to Subway. I was initially planning on going to Jack in the Box, but all of a sudden I thought of Subway and it won out, no contest.

Here’s today’s haul. Its the first week of the month so it includes dog food. Not included is the $30 I put in my gas tank today.

Miscellaneous $50.57

  • Dog food $49.04
  • Coke Zero (20 oz) $1.53

Dairy $15.28

  • Hy-Top Shredded Mozzarella $1.48
  • Dryer’s Ice Cream $3.97
  • Dairy Fresh Cottage Cheese $(2 @ $2.18) $4.36
  • Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches $3.97
  • Yoplait Yogurt (3 @ $0.50) $1.50

Carbs $11.54

  • Rice a Roni (3 @ $0.88) $2.84
  • Hy-Top Rice Mix $0.76
  • Pasta Roni (3 @ $0.98) $2.94
  • Nutrigrain Bars (2 @ 2.50) $5.00

Meats $8.24

  • Bratwursts $3.18
  • Chicken Thighs $5.06

Total Haul $85.63

I also got a call from my mom today telling me I had a letter there from High Desert, one of the hospitals here. I had her open it because I had no idea what it might be as I haven’t even been there since 2009, and was really surprised and confused when she read what it was. The letter was informing me of my appointment in June with a nutritionist, as per my referral. I have no idea who referred me, or why, and that’s more of what I want to know than anything else. I feel like my diet is overall good. A typical day of eating looks like this for me:

  • 120g protein
  • 20g fat
  • 70g carbs
  • 10g fiber

I only eat bread if we go out, which is about once a month, I greatly limit sugar, I rarely eat beef, I eat fried foods maybe 5 times a year, I don’t use artificial sweeteners, I don’t drink soda save for a Coke Zero about every 6 weeks, and I eat fruits and veggies every day. If I eat much differently from that, I end up feeling extremely sick- this is what works for me. I just don’t see why this appointment was made for me, but apparently if I want to reschedule, there is a six week waiting list. :blink:

Food today was… well, I honestly forgot to eat at all until almost 7pm, and then I went and got Subway, and that was it. Yeah, all I ate today was a sandwich. See?

What Points
Subway Turkey on Wheat w/Honey Mustard & Provalone (12 Inch) 22
Food Totals 22

That’s a great way to go. Not. Tomorrow I will make sure to eat like a normal person, even if I hole myself up in my craft room all day. :angel:
I don’t think I will be though as tomorrow the veggies come (I hope) and I’ll need to be where I can hear the come to the door. I’m supposed to be getting my refund from last week tomorrow as well. Tomorrow I’ll post pics of what I sewed today too!