Friday Day 587 Food Diary

B5011-frontI didn’t post yesterday. I can’t remember why, but I did track, and I did go way into my weeklies yet again. But I tracked everything and I did much better today. I also spent some time in my craft room today, and whipped up this top. I am especially excited about this top because I made it with a small cut of fabric I have had in my stash since the beginning- about 1994 or so. There was barely enough to make this top, but OMG I love it! I’ll be wearing it to Tracy and David’s BBQ next Saturday. You can see more about it here at my sewing blog. I want to do some sewing tomorrow, but we’ll see what I can get done between getting up and people coming over for the evening. I’ve got two ideas I want to work on but one is still pretty up in the air.

As I said, today’s food diary was great compared to yesterday’s. I ended up one Point+ into the weeklies today, leaving me with 15 extras for the week left. We’re BBQing here tomorrow night, so I am going to try hard to stay on track during the day and not go overboard at dinner time. I have no idea what anyone else who is coming will be bringing, but I always seem to go overboard at these things despite my best intentions. Right now I am so tired of seeing the scale up though and I want so badly to stay on track as well as I can through the end of the week, and obviously for the weeks to follow.

Anyway, here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Beef & Bean Burritos 17
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 1
Peach 0
Salad w/Chicken & Italian Dressiing 13
Food Totals 31

No snacking today besides a peach, and even though I had a terribly high in points breakfast, I managed to save the day with a light dinner and no obvious carbs. Tomorrow morning its going to be cottage cheese, maybe some fruit, and if there’s coffee, some of that. That will put me at about 7 P+ for the morning, so it will give me plenty of room for the evening.

I’m also going to be showing some clothing items here over the weekend- things I loved, but I never wear, and maybe some of you guys would like them. Some of the is almost brand new and only worn once or twice. I will just ask that you kick me something for shipping as I really can’t afford the costs of mailing out a bunch of stuff out of my pocket. :)

That’s all I’ve got today, so setting this to post in the AM and see you tomorrow!

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I’m an on-again, off-again Weight Watchers tracker, and live with my boyfriend and two large dogs. I sew, do bead work, play with polymer clay, and read to keep myself occupied. I read a lot.