Monday Day 590 Food Diary

I know, I did it again. No posts for what, 3? 4 days? I do have a food diary here for you for today, though yesterday’s food diary I’m not going to post. I will tell you how many Points+ I burned through though. Saturday night we had friends over for a BBQ, and Mattie grilled up a bunch of boneless beef ribs and chicken thighs with some BBQ sauce on his new smoker grill. Tracy, David, Emi, & Tre were all here, and we had a great night of delicious food, and plenty of fun hanging out and playing Cards Against Humanity. The dogs were amazingly really well behaved, and mostly stayed out of the way and didn’t get into too much trouble. I honestly aren’t are what all I ate on Saturday- I had a beer, chips, cookies, potato salad, chicken, ribs, beans plus whatever I ate earlier in the day. I didn’t track on Saturday.

Sunday was better in the sense that I tracked, but I’m pretty sure my eating was actually worse on Sunday than it was on Saturday. Mattie and I went out to Wendy’s for a late lunch/early dinner, and then we headed to the movies to see the new Star Trek. Go see this people people! It was fantastic! It was better than the first one, and definitely better than Iron Man 3, which was the last movie we saw before this one. We didn’t get popcorn or soda at the movie, but we watched more TV and movies when we got home and had snacks with those, so the P+ really did add up fast over the course of the day. I ended up eating a total of 62 Points+ for the day- holy crap!

Today was much, much better, but I am betting the scale is still up from the weekend’s over-eating. I don’t even want to get near it for a few days, because honestly, I am afraid to. I feel fat again, which is not something I ever want to feel, and the skirt I made this evening (I’ll get to that in a few) is snugger at the waist than it should be. I ate a lot of potato salad today, because its in our fridge and its freaking delicious and I honestly can’t stay out of it. I think there is only one serving left though, so it will be gone Tuesday. The leftover BBQ chicken is gone too now (I had the last piece with some potato salad for breakfast today) and I ate all the leftover chips last night while we were watching TV and movies. The cookies I finished after breakfast today, and that wraps up all of the party junk food in the house.

Here’s today’s food diary with all its warts and hairs.

What Points
BBQ Chicken Thigh 6
Potato Salad (½ Cup) 5
Chocolate Chip Cookies (2) 6
Potato Salad (½ Cup) 5
El Monterey Chicken Bean & Rice Burrito (1) 5
Apple (1) 0
Fudge Pop (1) 1
Banana (1) 0
Food Totals 29

ivorySo, I’m within my limits, but I need to find my mojo and stay on track all week. Saturday night we are going to Tracy and Davids for their BBQ, and I have my duds all picked out for the day. I won’t tell you what I’m wearing besides that floral red and white shirt I made the other day, but I’ll be bright and colorful. I’m trying to incorporate more solids into my wardrobe as well as lately I’ve been all about the patterns.

I also did some shopping on eBay over the last week that I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I’ve got a few packages that should be arriving Tuesday in the mail. I have some patterns from a big lot I won for super cheap coming in, new panties (Yay! The ones I bought last time are a little too loose), fabric tube turners (which lately would have been great to have already had), and I also have a few books, and some sunglasses (one pair which I will wear to Tracy & Davids if they come in on time) which I keep meaning to replace since I broke my last pair… 2+ years ago.

redThe sunglasses above I ordered in ivory and in dark brown, and these snazzy cat’s eye frames I got in red, just as pictured. They are the ones I will be wearing to the BBQ this Saturday if they arrive on time. We’ll also be helping Mattie’s dad move on Saturday afternoon, so it will be a busy day for us. I’ll be taking my car over separately and hauling a load over in it to make things go faster. He doesn’t have a lot of stuff so it shouldn’t take too long. Then I’ll be home to shower and off to Tracy and David’s we’ll go!

I’m also going to start doing my weigh and measure days on Friday mornings. Especially now that its summer and we’re doing a lot more, we’re spending a lot more time doing food-centric activities on the weekends. I’m tired of seeing the scale go up the night before my weigh in and being frustrated with what it says come Sunday morning. I think that’s all I’ve got for today though. Tomorrow will be my grocery shopping day after the produce comes since today was a holiday so my bank transfer didn’t come through yet.

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  1. Sarah Scott

    Good luck getting back on track – you can do this :)

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks. I need someone to follow me around with a cattle prod and zap me every time I get off track! haha

  2. Donna


    It did sound like you guys had loads of fun.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      We did! It was a great weekend! :)

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