Ten Things Tuesday Day 591

tenthingsLast week’s Ten Things Tuesday went okay. Not great, and I could have done a lot better, but to be honest, I didn’t try very hard at any of it. Before we recap last week though, let’s look at this week’s ten things.

  1. Finish reading Burning Chrome.
  2. Finish sewing my bordered 1/2 circle skirt.
  3. Sew my blue polka dot top.
  4. Vacuum the house twice.
  5. Lose 1.5 pounds.
  6. Have 30 Points+ left over at the end of the week.
  7. Brush the dogs twice.
  8. Decide what to do about some of the clothes in my closet I will probably never wear.
  9. Add five new things to my shop.
  10. Do not keep shoveling food into my face at Tracy & David’s BBQ this Saturday.

Now that that’s done, let’s look at last week’s list. I managed 5/10. 50%. That kind of sucks. Its not even a passing grade. :shocked:

  1. Read 50 pages in The Trouble With Islam Today. Nope. I didn’t even touch it and I actually took it off of my reading list and listed it for sale.
  2. Vacuum the house twice. Done!
  3. Brush the dogs twice. Done! They’re still super sheddy though.
  4. Start a new sewing project. Done! I made a pretty Hawaiian themed tank top. I also finished a green 1/2 circle skirt, and started another 1/2 circle skirt with a contrasting border.
  5. Reach a feedback score on eBay of 270. Done!
  6. Lose 1.5 pounds. Nope.
  7. Go to my mom’s and pick up my old sewing projects & shoes. Done!
  8. Try a new recipe. Nope.
  9. Have 30 Points+ left over at the end of the week. Nope. Not even close.
  10. Don’t bid on anything else on eBay! Nope. I bought a tube turner and some new panties, among other things.

I spent quite a bit of tome in my craft room tonight, and have a new project a bit more then half done I am hoping when I got to line up the sides it will actually match up- I’m a little worried about it, but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I’m done for tonight.

Food was good today with me coming in just under the wire. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Coffeemate 2
Turkey Spaghetti 21
Food Totals 29

I bought bananas at the store but they aren’t ripe enough yet, so even though I really want one right now, I’m out of luck. Either way, its after 9pm, so the kitchen is closed!

I also received some stuff I bought off of eBay and from Fabric.com today, and spent some time sorting through a huge box of patterns (one of the things that arrived today) and listing a good portion of them for sale in my shop. After the new month starts, I’ll pick a few to list on eBay and see if I can’t move them that way. If I can sell 15 of them for $1.25 a piece, I make back what I spent on the whole box of 60 of them.

Anyway, that’ all I’ve got. Tomorrow there should be some new photos on the sewing blog. :biggrin: