Ten Things Tuesday Day 598

tenthingsIts Wednesday afternoon and I’m only just getting to this post- Oops! I did pretty lousy on last week’s Ten Things Tuesday, finishing only 5 of them. A few of these, as usual, will carry over into the next week, but there will be a few new ones on the list as well.

Here’s last week’s Ten Things.

  1. Finish reading Burning Chrome. Nope… I’m about 1/3rd of the way through it.
  2. Finish sewing my bordered 1/2 circle skirt. Done!
  3. Sew my blue polka dot top. Nope. Didn’t even get started.
  4. Vacuum the house twice. Done!

  5. Lose 1.5 pounds. Hahaha! Did you see my last couple of days?
  6. Have 30 Points+ left over at the end of the week. Um… Highly doubtful, especially as I’m not sure of what all I ate on Saturday night.
  7. Brush the dogs twice. Done!
  8. Decide what to do about some of the clothes in my closet I will probably never wear. Done! I’ve listed a bunch of them in my shop for super cheap.
  9. Add five new things to my shop. Yup- see #8.
  10. Do not keep shoveling food into my face at Tracy & David’s BBQ this Saturday. Done! I actually did really well here and didn’t overdo it too much while we were there. Of course it helped that I was exhausted and had eaten a burrito before we left.

This week I will try to:

  1. Finish reading Burning Chrome.
  2. Vacuum the house twice.
  3. Brush the dogs twice.
  4. Lose 1.5 pounds.
  5. Finish sewing two new projects.
  6. Stay on target this week on eating for the rest of the week.
  7. Get to 170 Likes on my Kittyloaf Designs Facebook page. *nudge nudge*
  8. Sell something.
  9. Try one new recipe.
  10. Catch up on my blog reading.

Food Tuesday was so-so. I had no idea that a Drumstick had 10 Points+ in it or I wouldn’t have eaten it. Ugh. Still, it was good though. Other than that I stayed on track and didn’t screw up, despite the carrots we had at dinner being almost dessert-like with how I prepared them. Here’s Tuesday’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Cherries 0
Coffee w/Coffeemate 1
BBQ Chicken Thigh 5
Carrots w/Butter & Sugar 4
Rice-a-Roni Creamy Four Cheese (½ Box) 11
Drumstick Vanilla Fudge (1) 10
Food Totals 37

Nothing else for today, so going to hit post and see you all tomorrow!