Wednesday Day 599 Food Diary

I have a rant for you today. Its a silly thing, but its still a  rant and I still want to say it. First though, some stuff about the day in general and I guess I’ll toss in a food diary too.

Mattie’s back has been really hurting him the last few days, so about two hours after he got to work today, he came home. After a few hours, we went out and got him a heating pad, a well as a few other things he needed, picked up his comics for the week, and came back home. The heating pad really seemed to help his back, and after a few hours we drove over to his dad’s new place to give him a copy of the key and then decided to all go out to dinner (his brother included). We ended up going to a BBQ place, and I had a pulled pork sandwich, and some potato salad. I really don’t believe my Points+ were as high as I wrote them down, but you never can tell with eating out, and there was no nutritional info available and I had to add it up from basics in my food diary lists. The sandwich was good, and it really filled me up, which was surprising because it was a lot smaller than most restaurant portions are. The potato salad was good too, but a little bland- it could have used some mustard.

His dad also commented after we got back to his place that I am looking really good lately, and its funny to see me in something besides black. Being more colorful and more expressive in my clothing is a big thing on my personal wants right now, so that felt good, but of course because its me I downplayed it, made a ridiculous comment, and turned the compliment into a disgusting train of thought. Its just what I do. I totally and completely suck at compliments. For the record, today I wore my reversible pink on pink skirt, a black top, and black espadrilles. I wore lime green polka dot glass earrings, and my hair was in its ever-present ponytail. Its always in a ponytail.

After we got home, we opened a bottle of wine and we each had two small glasses before Mattie slipped off to bed. I had a box from waiting for me when we got here, containing some stuff I ordered to pad out my wardrobe with some basic staples to wear often and with lots of potential combinations. Some of the fabrics aren’t quite as pretty as I’d hoped but as the quick glance I took at the box, I’m not disappointed in any of them. I’m also going to try my first stab at lingerie. That’s one you will not see my modelling on my sewing blog- I’ll leave that to my dress form.

I also got a request for some earrings from Tracy, which sent me out to my craft room to retrieve a few supplies, only to discover… something. :angry: About a week ago, I had finally convinced Mattie to let me throw out a ratty old table we had in the living room near the front door. It was ugly, badly built, flimsy, and just an eyesore. Richard saw it in the backyard and wanted to “save” it- repaint, and put it in “the back room”- my craft room. I didn’t want it in there because its ugly and crappy, but even more so because there is no room for it. As I let myself in this afternoon, I saw the table in the middle of my craft room floor, upside down, taking up almost all of my floor space. :angry: Not happy. I cut fabric on the floor and I barely have enough room as it is, and I just ordered a new shelf to put on the back wall so I can store for sale patterns, sewing books, beading catalogs, and hang up all of my works in progress, clothing for sale, and clothing that need repairs and get them all off of my sewing table. I am trying to de-clutter, not add more to it.

I picked the table up, carried it out the door, around the corner, and in going around the back, caught one leg on the wall and literally ripped it right off. This wasn’t like a hard impact. This was like a bump and it just ripped off. I then spent five minutes tearing the table the rest of the way apart with my bare hands and throwing it in the wood pile. You might think I used my feet and kicked it apart or maybe used a hammer, or maybe that I am freakishly strong- I was barefoot, did not use either foot even once, and literally pulled the other three legs, the shelf on the bottom, and the top surface apart with my hands with almost no effort. This is how badly built this table was. The drawer I didn’t bother with, and pitched it all in the wood pile. It just made me so mad to see it in there after throwing it out and saying it was garbage in the first place. Ugh. :getlost:

I also can’t remember if I mentioned this, but over the weekend I sold two orders of hot pads to some lovely ladies I know from Twitter and blogging. They both got their packages today, and loved them! That makes me feel good! I also picked a pair of hot pads out of the back room to give to Mattie’s dad as its one of the things he needed for his new place that no one thought about, and I had a matched pair that are fairly masculine in color- one side plain brown, the other side brown plaid. I promised him no pink polka dots or other girly patterns… hehe. :tongue: Those will go over on Saturday along with some other things we have for him here when we take him grocery shopping.

Tomorrow I will work on Tracy’s beading order, grab a few supplies she suggested to try something with to help make the earring designs more rigid, and maybe do some sewing if I get all of my new fabrics pre-washed before the day is over. That alone will make most of a load as I have two boxes of fabrics that need to be laundered before I can use them.

I’m rambled enough now though, so here’s today’s food diary to the best of my guessing.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 2
Pulled Pork Sandwich 19
Potato Salad 9
Wine, Red 1
Food Totals 36

I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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  1. Yum Yucky

    I still tend to lean towards black clothing. It’s a habit I need to break. Back pain really sucks. I hope Mattie is doing better now.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      LOL Black is my comfort color. I almost always fall back on black when in doubt of what to wear or how to wear it.

      His back is feeling better today, though I think he’s a little sore still. The weekend will be good for him so he can rest it up. Thanks. :)

  2. Donna

    You go, girl!! Doing the Stomp The Table dance. Wish I could have seen you tearing up that table.

    So you prewash your fabrics, eh? Even the ones for quilting?

    Glad Mattie is ok. My hubby told me yesterday he pulled a muscle in his stomach and groin. Then within 10 minutes he was out cutting the grass. WTF!! I guess he really hadn’t pulled anything. Except my leg.

    1. Deb (Post author)

      LOL Yeah!

      I didn’t use to prewash everything, but had some things shrink up a little funny due to different materials and different shrinkage. Figured its a good way to ensure that doesn’t happen again. :)

      haha Shame on him! You just can’t trust them! :p

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