Sunday Day 603 Food Diary

I know, I’ve been terrible at posting the last week or so, and even worse at tracking. I’ve lost my mojo somewhere, and am trying to get back on track but its not as easy as I wish it was. I do have a food diary for you today though, and I did track everything as best as I could, though some things were probably tracked pretty roughly as we went to a housewarming party today and it was potluck- tons of delicious homemade foods, store-bought treats, and tons of meat. I didn’t make fantastic choices, but I did manage not to stuff myself silly, limited myself to one beer, and even though I had a slice of apple pie at the end, I did not have any ice cream with it. Compromise! It was really fun seeing Kim and seeing she’s finally had some good come her way- her new place is fantastic and super nice, and I have some major kitchen envy going on. Hell, I have bathroom envy too.

I’m glad before we headed out, I had only had some eggs for breakfast and coffee, and hadn’t started rummaging for lunch. I did enough damages with the cheeseburger and the pie! If I had been thinking, I would have either skipped the bun, or had steak or chicken instead, but no… Not this girl. Burgers all the way!

fauxtiesBefore we headed over there though, I managed to stitch up one mushroom earring, and do a little sewing. I stitched up the bow parts of four new faux-ties, but still need to do the neck straps for them. The faux-ties are super easy to make- I might go over how to do them on my sewing blog in the next few days. You can also go check our my latest creations over there anyway- I put together two new tops in the last couple of days, which fit and look great, and even better they are super basic, really versatile pieces I will get a lot of wear out of.

I was hoping to finish the other mushroom earring when we got home from the housewarming, but I was so tired after being out in the sun for most of the day that I literally curled up in bed for a while with a book, and then came on here to goof off. I was productive this morning and that’s all I had in me after the day’s heat.

I’m hopefully going to spend some time with Tracy this week following her doctor’s appointment, and maybe we can go thrifting or craft store exploring among other things. I haven’t been in a thrift store in literally years!

Anyway, not much else to say here tonight. Here’s today’s food diary, with all its warts and crustiness.

What Points
Eggs, Boiled (4) 7
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 2
Pepperoni Pizza (1 Slice) 5
Cheeseburger 12
Macaroni Salad (1 Cup) 8
Beer (1) 2
Apple Pie 8
Food Totals 45

So, 15 Points+ into the weeklies today, but its a lot better than it could have been. I can live with that, and tomorrow should be even better. I’m going to get my shopping list together and set this to post. See you all tomorrow!