Ten Things Tuesday Day 605

tenthingsLast week I had this great list, with quite a few easily attainable items on it. I was going to do better than last week. I was going to kick ass. And did it happen? No, not really. I mean a few of my goals I really went beyond, but there were others I missed by miles and I feel like I didn’t try very hard on some of those. Anyway, here’s this week’s ten things Tuesday.

  1. Finish reading Brave New World.
  2. Vacuum the house twice.
  3. Brush the dogs three times.
  4. Lose 1.5 pounds.
  5. Finish sewing two projects.
  6. List 6 new things in my shop.
  7. Stay within my Points+ this week and don’t go over.
  8. Get to 170 likes on my Kittyloaf Designs Facebook page. *nudge nudge* If you’re unaware, I make beaded jewelry, sewn items like purses and household stuff, and I also do graphic design.
  9. Don’t have to throw any veggies away due to going bad this week.
  10. Read all the blogs I follow at least once.

I think most of those should be attainable, I just have doubts about staying within my Points+ allotment for the week as tonight’s dinner really burned up a lot of P+ without me realizing it. Calzones were nowhere near this many Points on the old system! Holy crap!

Here’s how I did with last week’s list.

  1. Finish reading Burning Chrome. Done! And I started a new book.
  2. Vacuum the house twice. Done! The house is still furry as all hell though thanks to shedding dogs.
  3. Brush the dogs twice. Done! I got a new shed comb which the dogs hate, but I love.
  4. Lose 1.5 pounds. Um… I’m going to venture a guess and say not because I haven’t been eating well nor have I really seen the scale in recent weeks.
  5. Finish sewing two new projects. Kwik Sew 3740 View B & Kwik Sew 3740 View B with View A neckline. I also mostly finished 4 faux-ties, sewed a new plastic bag holder, and re-sewed an old one.
  6. Stay on target this week on eating for the rest of the week. Haha. Funny. Last week was a food train wreck.
  7. Get to 170 Likes on my Kittyloaf Designs Facebook page. *nudge nudge* I made it to 166. Wanna give me 4 more today?
  8. Sell something. I finally got paid and shipped out the item I had waited 9 days for payment on after I filed an unpaid item dispute against the buyer. Does that count?
  9. Try one new recipe. I tried something new with eggplant. It was gross as hell and I threw it away and had a salad instead.
  10. Catch up on my blog reading. Yeah, I did this late last week but its time to do it again.

So that’s 7 out of 10 (counting two as ½’s). Not great, but its better than some previous weeks, that’s for sure. I’m really hoping next week I will have a better report to give than this week.

Now let’s talk about food today. Food. Was. Horrible. And I had no idea it would be. The last time I made calzones, I think I was following the old Points, not Points+. I think dinner ended up being about 25 Points or so, if memory serves me correctly. Tonight I made calzones, and the damn thing was 45 mother fucking Points+!  Holy hell! How does that even happen?!? Add in some cheese I snacked on, and two cups of coffee, and I was already 8 P+ beyond where I normally would have been on a typical day. Of course my dumb ass didn’t add any of this up until after we had frozen yogurt too, so the end result is a horrendous amount of P+ for the day, leaving me in the hole for the week.

What Points
Banana (1) 0
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 2
Cheddar Cheese (2 Oz.) 6
Banana (1) 0
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 2
Pepperoni Calzone 45
 Frozen Yogurt
Food Totals 69

I will not make this mistake again with the calzones! I know better now, and next time I can always just do cheese for mine instead of pepperoni- it will be just as good and a lot lower on Points+.

I also spend some time in my craft room, resewing one item that just wasn’t very neatly done, and working on finishing four others in the process. I should be adding them to my shop shortly!