Thursday Day 614 Gone Shoe Shopping!

shoesI may or may not have gone shoe shopping today. I may or may not have ordered 4 pairs of shoes, two of which I am absolutely in love with- can you guess which two they are? If you guessed the boots and the wedges, you’re right. :heart: I saw some other shoes that were really cute, but it seems like all of the other ones I really liked were either pink (and while I do have some pink in my closet, I do not feel like I need pink shoes) or grey, and I already have three pairs of grey heels in my closet. Seriously. Right now I have 3 pair of grey heels, a pair of black espadrille wedges, and a pair of super high platform wedges that are black with cherries printed on them. I have one pair of athletic shoes (grey and lime green), one pair of black winterish boots, black flip flops, and my pair of patent leather thigh high boots which don’t leave the bedroom unless they are part of a costume. I also have a pair of black and white patent leather platform oxfords at my mom’s house. I sent her an email asking if she could have a look for them when she gets a chance. Speaking of, I need to se if there is a way to clean dark scuffs off of patent leather.

I also got to spend a little time hanging out with Joann today and she had Persephone with her. I can’t believe she’s already 2. Crazy! Its so cute to hear her say her name because she can’t say Persephone, so she calls herself Sephie instead. Sashi was very disappointed that I made her stay outside the whole time they were here because she’s an attention-crazed moose and I didn’t want her to knock Persephone over, especially not the first time she’s ever seen her. That’s a lot of dog and a very small person! :sideways:

ww-06202013Food today was a lot better than it has been. I stayed on target, actually quite a bit below target, and through some miracle stayed just under my absolute maximum allowance for the week by one Point+. One.  :pinch: Obviously this has not been a good food week, but really its not been a good 6 weeks. Yes, six. I just went to make up my weekly wrap-up graphic for this week and I have not done one of these since May 11th, so that means I have not tracked everything I’ve eaten since then. And I wonder why I’m not on track and have been bouncing around the same 4 pounds or so for weeks!
I am going to do my best to record every freaking thing I put in my face this next week. Every. Single. Thing. I’ll make notes of all of it in my phone if I need to to get it done. Here’s today’s food diary.

What Points
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Coffee w/Milk & Sugar 2
Nectarine (1) 0
Peach (1) 0
Homemade Bun (1) 7.6
Cottage Cheese (1 Cup) 6
Fish, Whiting (2) 2
Fudge Pop (1) 1
Food Totals 25

I don’t have much else to report for today, other than I spent some time attempting to sew something for Mattie’s dad which so far has been a disaster. I have a rough “draft” of the item, but there are so many problems with it right now its insane and some I am not sure how to fix. He basically wants a little pouch to wear around his neck to keep his phone in, which is simple enough in theory, but not so simple so far to execute. I need to make narrower straps, which need to be padded, and reinforce the fabric where the magnetic snaps will be mounted to open and close it. I honestly don’t get why this is being so difficult, but I’ll mess with it more tomorrow.

See you all then!

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  1. Grace @ Grace Dishes

    I love shoe shopping. The ones you picked up are super cute. I especially love the white sandals. Super versatile!

    1. Deb (Post author)

      Thanks Grace! The blue ones ended up getting cancelled, but I love the rest! The boots are so comfortable too!

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