Friday Day 622 Weigh and Measure

wm-06282013What?!? I’m up 1.4 pounds in today’s weigh and measure? To be fair, that’s up 1.4 pounds from two weeks ago, and honestly, the scale has been slowly moving downwards again. I expect it will be a few weeks before its where I want it to be again, but it is moving slowly in my favor, so maybe not the best report, but I really am trying hard to get back on track again.

This evening marked the first part of Mattie’s birthday celebrations, and we went out to dinner with his dad and brother to Black Angus. I attempted to look up the menu ahead of time to figure Points+ and make an educated decision, but their menu doesn’t give fat, fiber, or protein information- just calories, saturated fat, and sodium, which is pretty much useless to me.

When we got there, I ended up ordering the grilled salmon, and a garden salad with Italian dressing and wild rice for my sides. They barely put any dressing on the salad, which was nice, and the rice was good. The salmon was so moist that I seriously suspect it was actually baked in foil and not grilled at all. I honestly believe the grill marks on it were artificial. Either way, it was really, really good. After we ate, they brought out a fresh warm cookie with a scoop of ice cream for Mattie, and we shared the cookie. Yum! :wub:

polar06282013Before we went to dinner though I got in an okay workout by playing DDR for 30 minutes, which included me running in place for about 90 seconds twice during songs I absolutely could not do. I stopped after 30 minutes because its been super hot today, and despite having had the cooling running non-stop, it was still 110° this afternoon, which means even with the air the house isn’t super cool. That and I was drinking too much water for all the bouncing around and was getting a sloshy tummy…  :sick:

Still, 30 minutes is better than nothing, and I felt good about getting it done. I actually wanted to go to the gym but its so inconvenient Friday through Sunday because they close at 7pm, and I’ve never been good at morning workouts. :getlost:

Not much else, so here’s the Points+ report card for the day. Remember, my week starts today! :cheerful:

dd-06282013I used up all of my dailies for today, plus 2 of my weeklies, and I earned 5 APs. That leaves me with 47 of my weeklies left till, which I will burn through a few tomorrow for sure as we are going out for fish and chips for dinner, and depending on funds remaining, either a movie, or a few beers at the brewery. I might also offer the option of frozen yogurt to him, which might be the most likely as I really don’t know how much cash I will have left after the dinner.

Anyway, that’s all for today! I hope those of you at FitBloggin are having a great time!