Saturday Day 623 Splurge Day!

dd-06292013Today was my day with Mattie to take him out, and do things he wanted to do since Sunday is his birthday. It was also a big-time splurge day as far as food goes. I slept way too late, but we weren’t planning on going out until late afternoon, and we started our day with going to the movies to see Word War Z. While it wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, it was good, and I do recommend seeing it in the theatre. There were a few scenes that just would not have the same effect on the TV at home, though I do agree with where ever I saw that the movie is largely scenes of Brad Pitt sprinting around killing things. Mattie ended up paying for popcorn, but I bought the tickets to the movie, and he only bought the popcorn because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough to cover it all plus dinner.

After the movie, we went over to York Shore House and ordered dinner- fish and chips for him, and fish and cream cheese-stuffed, deep-fried red peppers for me. So good, but far form healthy. We followed dinner up with some shopping, and after that came home. A little while later I went out to pick up froyo, and we ate that while watching Dredd, which was one of the gifts his brother got for him the night before.

While I was getting froyo, there was a woman in front of me, there with two friends. She was about 4’10” and easily 400 pounds. Her friends were trim. Now the “small” bucket for the froyo holds about a pint and a 1/4- its a lot of froyo if you intend to eat it all at once, and I know I for one could not eat that filled to the top. This woman held up the line for about ten minutes, arguing with her friends that the large bucket (which probably holds about 3 pints) was too small for her and she needed more. They were not buying it to take home- they were buying it to eat in the shop. She then held up the line even longer as she put some of every single flavor into the bucket, and then proceeded to pile on the toppings. Normally I would not have even blinked at someone filling a large bucket, or even getting some of all of the flavors, but this woman was rude- like nasty rude and she made me want to say something really rude. It made me glad I did not waste my breath complimenting the very pretty dress she was wearing. The general populace continues to disappoint me a little more every day.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up the day. I’m glad Mattie had a good birthday Saturday, and he can do whatever the heck he wants Sunday as that’s his actual birthday. See you all later friends!