Sunday Day 624 Somebody Had a Birthday

dd-06302913Today was a pretty good day on food, and a pretty good day overall. Somebody had a birthday (Mattie! :wub: ), so while he did whatever he wanted to all day, I attempted to clean up the house a bit. The heat was horrible again today, with it being 110° at 5pm still, so I brushed the dogs inside the house (which means a colossal amount of hair everywhere), and vacuumed afterwards, going over everything two or three times, and having to empty the vacuum cleaner four times. I will never understand how the girls can shed so much hair and not be bald or at least have bald spots. :shocked:

Dinner was green beans that we got a few weeks ago (and were amazingly still good and snappy), chicken breast, and mac n cheese, using up the last of the Velveeta we had. The dogs ended up getting a few bites of chicken Mattie didn’t eat in their bowls with dinner.  As you can see, I stayed pretty much on track, despite sharing some popcorn after dinner and also having an apple. I’ve got 23 of my weeklies left to last me through four more days. I’ve got this! 😎

We watched a lot of stuff today, a Ralphie May DVD, A Good Day to Die Hard, and we finally finished Django Unchained, which we started several weeks ago but got tired midway through and had to turn it off to finish later. I actually really like that one, and the latest Die Hard was pretty good too. I also did two loads of laundry, one of which was entirely new stuff (new sheets and clothes) and the rest was normal laundry. The amazing thing is I actually got almost all of it put away before Mattie went to bed, so I’m going to say I did get it put away the same day and mark it off on my Ten Things Tuesday from this last week.

Tomorrow I will be doing some minimal grocery shopping- mainly just Mattie’s lunches, yogurts, a flat of water, and some lunch meat, and aside form that, I don’t have anything planned. I still have sewing I need to do, but as hot as it has been and will be for a few more days, I don’t see myself going out back to do that any time soon. When the weather is like this, I last about ten minutes back there before I have to get out of the heat. I am looking forward to a workout tomorrow though!

Anyway, that’s all for today, so see you next time!