Monday Day 625 Working It Out!

polar07012013See this title? “Working it out” This is the part where I tell you I went to the gym after not going for so long I can’t even remember and now only did I go to the gym, but I kicked butt and did an hour of cardio without too much cajoling to myself to keep going. The actual break down of what I did was 35 minutes on the treadmill, where I walked 1.6 miles and ran 0.4 broken into 4 1/10th mile intervals, and I did 25 minutes on the bike, finishing almost 7 miles. I’ll probably be feeling it tomorrow but that’s tomorrow. Right now I feel tired but good. Of course when I came home, my shirt was literally so wet with sweat I could have wrung moisture out of it because I swear my gym does not believe in A/C in the summer time so I was soaked. The first thing I did upon walking in the door was strip off my shirt and bra. Yuck!

Food today was good, with me barely crossing over the line into the weeklies today, despite consuming some junk I did not really need- namely milk with a bit of coffee in it for flavor, and a little ice cream. Still, I’m really happy with today and would only change it by adding more fruits or veggies to the day.

dd-07012013I’ve got 3 days let in this week, and still have 22 of my weeklies left over. The plan is to get in a workout every day this week (I can take the weekends off) and still try to stay no more then 2 Points+ into the weeklies at the ed of each day, and try not to eat my Activity Points while I’m at it.

Tomorrow the plan is to vacuum the house, brush the dogs, and do a little dusting. I’m also planning on doing Jillian Michaels’ yoga workout again as it really is a pretty good workout and doesn’t take a long time.

Alright! See you all tomorrow with the follow-up from last week’s Ten Things Tuesday & the new week’s list!