Wednesday Workout Day 627

dd-07032013Four out of the six days in this week that have passed have been fantastic on food, with me going no more than 2 Points+ over my daily limit. Unfortunately the other two days this week have been pretty awful. My saving grace? Even though I’ve used 51 of my 49 weeklies, I have earned 32 Activity Points in that same time frame. I don’t want to eat all my APs, but apparently this week its how things are going to go. Tomorrow we may or may not be going to a potluck (early) dinner out at Mayflower Gardens (that’s the retirement community out here- its rather nice) so I’m not sure how eating is going to go because I have no idea what anyone will bring to it or even what we may bring to it. I’m also not sure if I will get a workout in, but I’m going to try assuming Mattie gives over the TV (he’ll be off work tomorrow for the holiday) so I can do a video or something or I am motivated enough to get to the gym in the afternoon as they are closing early tomorrow evening.

I didn’t do much today really except watch one really bad movie, and spend a lot of time talking to Verizon’s customer service online before making a purchase decision. Basically, I have two phones in my possession, both of which frequently turn off for no reason, not always turning back on, and the one I stopped using also has a habit of freezing up frequently and you have to take the battery out to reset it. I finally ended up upgrading my phone to a smart phone, after years of hemming and hawing about it, but while it’ll be cool to do more stuff on my new phone, I’m not particularly pleased about the increase in my phone bill. Luckily for me, the Verizon website is horribly ambiguous, and the increase will not be $70 a month with the upgraded phone (because ha! Like I can afford that!) but only $30. or maybe its $20. I wasn’t entirely clear on that front. Either way, I am manage to swing that for a fully functional phone again.

Why did I get a smart phone if I was worried about the cost increase and if I really didn’t want to go that route? Because Verizon basically offers non-smart phones in two categories- Phones I have personally used and hated, and phones with no qwerty keyboard. I send about 4000 texts a month. I need a keyboard, even if its virtual, though that will take some getting used to, too.

polar07032013After dinner I went to the gym to my my workout when my horrible movie was over and I did a combined 35 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the bike. There was a brief 90 second bit of jogging, but otherwise it was all walking, which was fine as I did some hills in there too. I honestly still hurt pretty much everywhere after hitting the weights yesterday so wanted to take it fairly easy. Sashi sat on my earlier today and even that hurt because it made sore muscles move in a way I was apparently avoiding. Its not an injury type of hurt though- just a “you used me in a different way than usual” way.

When I came home I ended up eating two peaches which were ripe, and I called it good. I needed a snack but I didn’t want to eat anything substantial because it was after 9pm by then and I try to avoid eating late at night if I can. That, and the huge amount of Points+ I’ve already eaten this week. That stopped me too.

Okay, enough for tonight! I’ll see you all tomorrow!