Sunday Day 638 I Found The Ultimate Burger Place!

Okay, so I actually found the ultimate burger place ever yesterday, but I didn’t blog yesterday so telling you about it today. Yesterday, Dan, Beth, Tracy, David, Mattie & I drove down to Santa Monica and spent the day at the beach. Before we went to the beach we stopped at Panera Bread for lunch, which was good, but nothing all that special. Mattie and I both got the steak and cheese panini, which was good because the steak was still a little rare, and it was very juicy. I’m not sure about the horseradish sauce they put on it but it was still tasty. Once we got to the beach, I rolled up my jeans to the knees, and plopped down on the sand to soak up some sun- too much sun as it turns out because I look more like a lobster than my lobster earrings do today! The aloe vera gel is helping, but I know the itching is going to be horrible tomorrow. Still, it was so worth it to lay in the sun, listen to the waves crash, and smell the salt air. There was a parasailer floating around overhead, and there were numerous boats on the water, which made me ask Mattie to buy me a boat. He pretty much laughed at me.

After we left the beach, we walked around the promenade for a while, and then we drove the painstakingly traffic-filled drive to Alhambra where we pulled up to this place. Grill ‘Em All- a heavy metal themed gourmet burger joint, and OMG was the drive worth it even though we had to make multiple detours around accidents on the freeway and it was just slow to get there.

The clientele there ranged form long-haired obvious metal fans to a tiny little rather preppy looking Asian girl who weighed less than the burgers we were about to be served. I ordered the Napalm Death, which had pickled jalapenos, jalapeno poppers, habernero aioli, and cream cheese, and the Primate fries, which are the same as In n Out’s Animal Fries but so much better. Mattie got the Behemoth, a bacon cheeseburger burger made with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, and an order of regular fries. He only managed get down 2/3rds of the burger and it was kind of a crime to leave some behind.

The place is pricey for a burger joint (we spent $40 for our two meals) but if you have the cash, its worth it. These were probably the best damned burgers we have ever eaten and we’ll be going back if we’re in the area again.

We eventually made it home and we pretty much went right to bed. I had a hard time sleeping from eating so much and my skin being so burnt (my face, arms, shoulders, lower legs, back), but eventually I made it to sleep.

Today I got up around 11am after sleeping late, but went back to sleep later because I just felt like crap because I slept so badly because of my sunburn. There are very few positions I can sit or lay in right now, and it sucks. We’re also going down to Zuma beach on the 3rd, and that led me to checking out my swimsuit and beachy stuff, and deciding I don’t really like my swim suit I have now even though its nearly brand new. I bought it about 4 years ago and I just don’t like it now. I’m honestly contemplating a bikini that I found on eBay. The only reason I am considering it is it is high waisted, and comes up to the navel, so my fat would be largely covered and hidden. Anyway, enough of that. I’ll figure it out eventually. :smile:

Today we took Mattie’s dad shopping for groceries, and while he was shopping, I got a few items for us as well, and Mattie picked up some aloe vera gel for our sunburns. I spent $10 getting apples, oranges, a mango, bananas, and a sweet potato, all organic except the potato. Vons actually has a small but decent selection of organic produce, and the prices are pretty fair for most of it. Its more expensive then traditionally produced produce but its cheaper than The Whole Wheatery’s produce. Vons is just kind of out of the way for me to go to on a regular basis.

Before we went shopping though, we went to a little pizza place called Riga Tony’s in Quartz Hill where I ordered a sausage calzone and probably ate way more than I should have but it was so crazy good. Luckily for my Points+ counting, I barely ate earlier in the day, so I was only over by a few Points+ at the end of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get any fruits or veggies in today at all but I am planning some serious healthy snackage tomorrow and keeping my meals on target. Tomorrow is shopping day too so can hopefully stock up on delicious healthy options as well for the week.

dd-07142013Anyway, I don’t have much else to share with you tonight, so that’s going to be it. I’ll be heading to the gym tomorrow after shopping to get my sweat on, and I’m looking forward to it!

I’ll see you all tomorrow with my shopping haul, my P+ usage, my gym workout, and whether or not I decided to buy that suit. I’m probably going to buy it though. Its so freaking cute! I just don’t know if I’m ballsy enough to rock a real two piece or not.