Wednesday Day 662 In Search of?

dd-08072013Today I went out in a third and fourth attempt in search of Mattie’s lunches. I tried Food4Less and they had nothing. I probably read twenty-five boxes and nothing was even close to fitting the bill. After that I went to Ralph’s, where amazingly, I found two options, and grabbed two each of them. That will have him set for lunches through Wednesday I think. I still don’t know how this is even going to work on weeks I don’t have extra money because what he is eating now is three times the price of what he was eating before. There are going to be a lot of weeks I just won’t be able to afford them, especially this month because of the crazy high phone bill. Next month I will probably be fine as I can shift some money around a bit, but this month is just bad. Seriously, a $315 phone bill is never fun to have to pay! (Its not due to being over minutes or anything- I got a new phone last month and had it billed) Anyway, finding frozen meals with under 20 grams of carbs is hard!

I’m also considering cancelling the produce box because if we are going to do this low-carb thing, between 1) Mattie has yet to ever eat a single piece of fruit out of the box, 2) I can only have one piece per day to stay on track, and 3) half the box when it comes in fruit, we’re going to be throwing most of it away, and I don’t like wasting my money on food we’re not eating. And if I cancelled the box, I’d have more money for other things we can eat and enjoy, like better lunches for him, more “real” meat for meals other than dinner, and maybe some extra treats.  I’ll have to discuss that with him this evening when he gets home from pool league.

I don’t have a lot else to discuss tonight. I stayed on track with food today, and even had a little treat (Firecracker popsicle thingy- I bought them while I was looking for his lunches) and while I wouldn’t turn away a snack right now, I’ll be fine until tomorrow when I can fix up my new favorite breakfast- a cheese omelet. I’m actually started to develop skills in the arena of folding eggs in half. :sideways: I’m not entirely sure if this is something brag-worthy, but whatevs. It is now.

Anyway, plans for the rest of my night are to turn off the TV and finish reading Black Beauty. Yeah, I’m totally reading a kid’s book and I don’t care. The last time I read it I was about 9, and oddly enough I remember everything. Its still a good, but sad, story. Not sure what I will read next, but I’ll worry about that when I finish this. Alright! See you tomorrow!