Thursday Day 663 Moving Along

dd-08082013Today was another good day on food, but it nearly wasn’t. I started my day with a cheese and mushroom omelet, which was delicious, but the real problems started when I I went to get some coffee- Richard has apparently used all of the sugar unknowingly to me, so I had three options- coffee with milk only, coffee with some of his creamer (that I don’t really like), or coffee with milk and Hershey’s syrup. I went the Hersehy’s route, which made my coffee go from about 4 grams of carbs to about 24 grams- 1/3rd of my entire day. Add in it also didn’t even taste very good, and it was just a disappointment all the way around. Still, I feel good about this week and I think things are moving along nicely. I think the scale should be down significantly tomorrow as well as I had a huge BM earlier after not passing much the day before. That always helps the scale. :happy:

I feel like I am cheating a bit today saying I had three servings of vegetables today. I had an entire can of Ro-Tel tomatoes in my dinner, and both breakfast and dinner had lots of mushrooms, but I’m not sure mushrooms are really veggies. They’re not starchy though so I am going to say they are. :angel: I don’t count things like potatoes or beans as veggies because they are starchy.

Not a whole lot happening today. I added an item to my friend’s benefit auction she is doing to raise money to help her mom out, and hopefully I will have more info on that for you later. I also had a lot of stock form my Etsy store expire and have moved it all into my shop on the Kittyloaf Designs website. If you’re unaware, besides being an awesome graphic artist, I also make fantastic handcrafted jewelry and do some sewing- things like clutches, purses, clothing. Check out my shop. Buy something. Help a girl pay her bills a little easier- I have lots of items under $10. :wub:

I’m also almost finished watching season 2 of Lost. After the episode I am watching now, I only have one left before I can move on to season 3. I’ll get that started tomorrow while I’m making a beef roast for dinner. I know there will be lots of carrots with it, but not sure what else. Maybe I’ll fix the asparagus I bought to go along with it too.

I am pretty sure after the produce box we get on next Tuesday I am putting it all on hold for a while. I talked it over with Mattie and it really doesn’t make any sense for me to be paying $28 for a box of veggies that all we can use out of it is the salad stuff- I have been throwing away almost all the fruit for the last 3 weeks since we started low-carb, and that leaves salad stuff and potatoes, the latter of which we’re also not using. It just doesn’t make sense to keep doing it.

Alright, that’s all for today! See you all tomorrow!