Saturday Day 665 & Sunday 666 A New Week


Saturday 8/10/2013

Sunday 8/11/2013

Sunday 8/11/2013

Last week ended on a bad note, which I am pretty sure put the scale up this morning but I didn’t get on it, so who knows. We went out for Mexican food last night with Mattie’s dad, and I did not make good decisions. Add in going out for froyo afterwards, and the day was way fucked. I almost didn’t even eat my froyo because my stomach was upset, but I ended up just eating it later when my stomach had settled some. Starting a new week, today was a lot better, coming in at a whole 62 grams of carbs for the day and I ate reasonably well, despite a fair lack of veggies. Most of today’s carbs came in the form of three tiny baby potatoes and a cup of carrots that went with the beef roast I fixed for dinner.

I also managed to be somewhat productive today and reconstructed a skirt I took apart weeks ago, only to find that between the fabric and the awful style, a trash bag would have been more flattering. I ripped out the zipper and stuck the whole thing into bag of scraps I will send to Donna eventually (Donna, are you out there? I haven’t heard from you in forever!) along with some other large-ish scraps I really don’t have any use for. Of course I really wanted something new in my close today, so later on I went back out and cut out a ½ circle skirt out of some black fabric I’ve had forever with bright reddish orange poppies on it. Its a very pretty fabric and I am still way in love with the ½ circle skirt. I have plans to make two others soon.

I did the laundry this evening and actually put it away the same day, and I have a fresh batch tea brewing in the fridge. Tomorrow I am going to see about making a purse out of the leftover fabric from tonight’s skirt, and maybe see about doing a zippered pouch out of some old vintage pink fabric scraps I have. That’s the plan anyway.

Not a lot else to say here tonight, so gonna hit the magic button and head to bed. See you tomorrow!