Wednesday Day 697 Old Points?

Gimme Your Best Ass-Kicking!

If you’ve gotten into the habit of wandering around the actual pages of this site, you’d see I have not updated my monthly weigh and measures since June. You’d also see I was really close to breaking into the 170’s at that point. You might also have noticed I haven’t really posted any weigh ins or measurements in months, or at least weeks. You most likely know that Mattie and I tried low-carbing it, and while he dropped a few pounds, I actually gained 12. 12 freaking pounds in about three weeks! I didn’t track Points during that time, and was starving all the time. I kept my carbs low, and we did find some new recipes we liked, but when I went back and counted Points on a few days later on, I saw I was eating over 70 Points a day, and pretty much felt like crap between being hungry all the time, and having no energy at all. I went back to counting Points+, but I’ve having trouble sticking with it, and I’m honestly not sure the Points+ are really working for me right now. I think the free fruits and veggies is giving me too much wiggle room. I don’t mean to say I am gorging myself on fruits because I’m not, but I think I need to go back to old Points and count everything.

I also think I need my ass kicked and to get back on the bus! The problem is because of the backslide from our low-carb experiment, I feel like I can’t get back in control again. Have you had a slip like this? What did you do to get back on track? Did you have outside help? What kind of support did you need to get it done? I would love to reach goal before my next birthday (Jan. 28th), but to do that I need to get back on track in a serious way.

What I Ate

Today was kind of all over the place on food. I started the day off with cottage cheese mixed with fruit, and some coffee. I was hoping the coffee would wake me up a bit, but it didn’t, which sucked because I woke up at 3:30am for no good reason. I wanted to go back to sleep but you know when you’re so tired you literally can’t sleep? That was me today. A nap would have been amazing, but it wasn’t going to happen. Ad of course being so tired all day, I wanted to fix the problem with food. I had 2 kiwis and a banana sliced up, and later a few slices of turkey lunch meat.

Dinner was Sweet Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken, which teased me all afternoon. It smells delicious, and tastes just as good. I did serve it with a little rice, but in hindsight, there would have been plenty of food without it. I ended up a few Points over for the day, but not too badly.  I think what really put me over was the rice- I can’t bring myself to blame coffee and lunch meat.

I’m Exhausted!

I actually woke up today at 3am, after falling asleep at 12:30am. Two and a half hours is not enough sleep for anyone and especially not for me. I spent the whole day feeling drunk-tired, and will hopefully make it to bed and to sleep soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this video. Cat Friend vs Dog Friend