Sunday Day 701 A Good Day

What I ate
dd-09152013Today was way better on food than I had expected it to be, after a kind of rough start. Mattie woke me up to tell me he was making breakfast and was I going to eat. If he’ cooking, I am eating. He fixed bacon and eggs and gave me too much of each but it was good- the bacon was really thick, and I ate it all. That alone used up about half of my points for the day so I was determined not to waste any more of them. After I ate I was still tired so I went back to bed.

Shortly after waking up again, I got cleaned up a bit, and Mattie’s mom arrived. She got here about 3pm, we had a fudge pop, and later went out to eat at Texas Cattle Company. They had points values on part of their menu selections, but I honestly have no idea if they were old points of points+, and nutritional info itself isn’t available. Anyway, they gave my dinner as being 8 points, and I also had a side salad, so I added in another couple of points in there as well, and 3 points for the beer I had with dinner.

After dinner, I had some ice cream at home for dessert.

What We Did

While Mattie’s mom was here, we watched part of numerous football games, and went out to dinner. Then we came home and played a game of Super Scrabble where Mattie annihilated me, and kicked him mom’s ass pretty well too. Scores were like 270, 330, and 400+. Mattie always seems to win at Scrabble, but I manage to beat him at other games.

After that, we dropped his mom off at her friend’s, and settled down for the night. I never made it to the gym because I had planned on going at about 3pm, not realizing his mom would be there much sooner than I expected. Still a good day though. :)