Monday Day 702 Gone Shopping!

What I Ate

Food was not so good today. It started out well enough, but after having a really early dinner, I was starving by the end of the night while we were at pool. I ended up having some nachos, and two apple ales, which were surprisingly good. Of course that put me way into my weeklies, leaving me with ten for the week now. I’m planning on buying myself some wiggle room with the gym this week. I’m thinking after dinner workouts might be best as I’ll be less likely to eat my APs afterwards then.

Grocery Haul

Today’s grocery haul was a good one in the sense that I got lots of tasty foods. Mattie told me he was nearly out of popcorn and could I get more, which means a trip to the hated Wal-Mart because only they have the brand he likes. Everything else I got at Winco though, and gas at Chevron since my gas station of choice is now something else. I noticed after I had left the store the cashier had rung up my oranges wrong as something more expensive, but I didn’t feel it was worth going back over about $1.50. Here’s what I bought today.

Fruits & Veggies $16.59

  • Fruit Cups (3 packs @ $1.98) $5.94
  • Oranges (wrongly rung up as tangelos @ $1.68/lb) $3.18
  • Cucumbers (2) $1.16
  • Broccoli ($0.80/lb) $0.78
  • Cherry Tomatoes $1.98
  • Salad Mix $1.58
  • Apples ($0.98/lb) $1.97

Meats $14.73

  • Ham Lunch Meat $6.16
  • Chicken Breasts $8.57

Dairy $14.69

  • Cottage Cheese (3 @ $2.58) $7.74
  • Umpqua Ice Cream $2.98
  • Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sanwiches $3.97

Frozen Foods $14.00

  • Lean Cuisines (5 @ $2.80) $14.00

Carbs $7.64

  • Popcorn $5.00
  • Brown Rice (2 @ $1.32) $2.64

Other Stuff $7.24

  • Baking Soda $2.94
  • Apple Cider Vinegar $2.82
  • Alfredo Sauce Packet $1.48

Total Haul $74.89

I’ll have to go back for milk in a few days, but otherwise I think we are good for the week. :)

Working Out!

polar09162013I made it to the gym today between shopping for groceries and Mattie getting home from work, spending almost an hour at the gym. I did 25 minutes on the bike at 25% resistance,  then switched to the treadmill and walked hills for another 28 minutes. I started at 1% incline, and after each 3 minute period, I increased incline by 2% until I reached 9%. Then I worked back down to 1% and then 0%.

I did the whole time on the treadmill at a low pace, only 2.6mph, but the hills made it serious work and I was definitely sweating it up. I thought about doing more, but I decided against it. Tomorrow I’ll head back over again after Mattie’s mom stops by to grab some stuff she accidentally forgot here.