Friend Making Mondays – This or That?

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Its been an eternity since I’ve down a Friend Making Mondays post, but felt like jumping in and doing today’s just the same. Let’s see what the questions are!

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This or That?

  • Meat and potatoes or pasta?
    Pasta! There’s no competition in my mind on this one. I don’t really like potatoes save for a few preparations, but pasta is almost always amazing.
  • Do you prefer Apple or Android?
    Android. I was an Apple fan until they started gluing hardware into their computers to force you to buy a new one rather than just replace or upgrade a component. Sorry Apple, but that’s some shade bullshit! I also just got my first smartphone about 2 months ago, and love the Android system.
  • Do you kiss and tell, or do you keep it private?  
    I keep it private. I might make a half-revealed comment during conversation with a close friend, but the gritty details are between me and him!
  • If you had to choose one, would you choose Facebook or Twitter?
    Twitter. I am disliking Facebook more and more as time goes on as the quality of posts gets worse and worse. I really only use it to talk to my friend Tracy. :sideways:
  • Christmas or Valentine’s Day?
    Um I’m not really a fan of either one, but Valentines at least means a quiet night with the man I love, so I guess I’ll pick it. We don’t do gifts or anything- the most that happens is cheap flowers on the table and a slighter nicer than usual dinner, still made by me… lol.
  • If you joined a band, would you prefer to do vocals or play an instrument?  
    Since this will never happen, I’ll live in a complete fantasy for a minute and say I’ll sing. Understand I refuse to do karaoke, and I don’t even sing when I’m alone though.
  • Hot weather or cold weather?  
    Cold! I hate wearing layers, but here in the desert, when its hot, you just can’t cool off.
  • Calorie counting or tracking points?
    I’ve done both but I always go back to tracking points.
  • Yoga or kickboxing?  
    Yoga though right now I’m really loving working on those tiny little muscles of mine!
  • East Coast or West Coast?   
    Since I’ve never been to the East coast, and I live on the West one, I guess I’ll say West coast.

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